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Miss Bad Wolf

RS3: Where are good mining spots before getting into guild?

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I have just created an ironman character and right now trying to see how fast and how high I can get the mining level up.  I got the character's mining level up to 32, but I am looking for a better mining spot than Burthrope.  I am still a F2P member so I know that will limit things until I can get a bond or find real money to upgrade, but I doubt that would be today.  The only two skills I have worked on since starting this account after lunch was Mining and some smithing but mainly mining.

I have not activated any lodestones other than the Burthrope and Lumbridge because they were already activated for me.

I am also working on my regular character on mining to reach level 80 in mining so I can use the new pickax I made.

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I need to go to bed but I have gotten to level 46 in mining in one day.  What held me back was that my smithing levels are too low to make steel or mithril.  Currently level 15 in smithing.

I need to get to bed but tomorrow I find out the limits of the metal bank and to see if I can level up smithing any faster.

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