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Hello everyone! I am writing this post because i'm curious as to why the new, ( Smithing & Mining ) update has not been added to this website! I have been a faithful user of this website since i was 10! (15 years). I do not think i have ever waited this long for new content to be added! If anyone knows why the new, ( Smithing & Mining ) update has not dropped on this website yet then please feel free to let me know! thanks a million i love all you! Out of all the games i have played throughout my 25 years of playing video games I can honestly say that the RuneScape community is one of the, 'LEAST TOXIC' of all time!!! So thanks again Everyone i will appreciate any info i can get on this!!! <3<3<3

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I don't think anyone runs the main site anymore




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Anyone who likes logic is incapable of tacos.


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Hi Acsyio, thanks for your post. No one has made a new guide for it yet, unfortunately...which is why is has not appeared. Hopefully sometime in the future!

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