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Was smithing rework just a nightmare or did it really happen?

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In January of this year I quit RuneScape and probably quit for good. The smithing rework update ruined the fun for me. The reason I liked fighting monsters is because they dropped interesting things. The rune maces, steel 2h swords, etc. all looked interesting. But it's all been ruined after it changed to salvages, they might high alch for about the same as the old items did, but they look incredibly boring. At the top of that, rune platebodies now high alch for about the same as steel platebodies used to.


I wanted for so long to fight rune dragons, in fact I was going to after I was done killing 15K steel dragons I was so close in reaching that. But since they now just drop salvages I'm not interested anymore.


Whether my issues with the smithing rework are good or not is not the point. All I wanna know is that was it just a bad nightmare, or did it really happen? I hope it didn't, since I loved fighting monsters and gathering their drops.

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What is better?


You need 99 smithing to create a platebody that you need lvl 50 defence to wear..

Or needing level 50 smithing to create a platebody that you need level 50 defence to wear?



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