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Blazin PVM Recruitment

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Welcome to Blazin PvM!
We are a Runescape 3 clan. 
    We are laid back and love to teach all we know! Although we are a mostly pvming clan, we hold some skilling events.
We are looking to build our own Beastmaster and Yakamaru team. Nothing we do is a requirement, but it is highly
encouraged as it helps bring us closer as a clan. Feel free to guest in our clan chat to see if this is the clan for you!
Hope to see you become a part of our family!
Homeworld: 9
Citadel: Tier 7
Motto: Smoken grass, Making Cash
Requirements: 80+ combat
Clan Discord available
Owner: J4ck Fr0st
Deputy Owners: 1twiztid, Ystin, KatieKat27, L yn
Overseers: soulbane 6, Lil Ninja
Coordinators: DestroyerLv, Miner Zeus
Organizers: hobodabber, Red Blood
Admins: 1youngwicked, Elijah A, jbtheman, MinerHera,
StarryEyes, TheWizeOne, Zeiq
Clan Rules
1. All Jagex rules apply
2. No begging, scamming, hacking, or luring
3. Keep clan business in the clan
4. Respect all clan members
5. No PKing clan members
6. Keep all drama out of clan chat
7. No talking about religion or politics as it can lead to fights
8. No racial or sexual jokes as this can lead to fights
9. When bossing, there is always split at the end (gp or items), unless agreed upon by all parties involved beforehand.
10. Being a Member is a must, but we understand that time goes by quickly. All clan members must maintain their membership, with a grace period of 1 month. After that month, members will be deranked by 1 rank for every month they are not a member, and will have to earn their ranks back.
Note: If you have an issue with another member, keep it to personal messages or report to an admin+. Failure to abide by these rules can lead to demotion of rank, kick/ban from the clan, and/or reported to Jagex.
Discord Rules
1. Be respectful; We are a multi-cultural clan and all who participate are expected to respect others and their beliefs.
2. Use channels as labeled.
3. Drama is kept to personal messages or in Private Chat voice chat.
4. Music is ok in the General voice chat as long as it's agreed by everyone.
5. When bossing, there is always split at the end (GP or items), unless agreed upon by all parties involved beforehand.
Failure to abide by these rules will result in being kicked from the discord.

Ranks and their Jobs
It is requested from all clan mates to place their clan vex whenever possible. Only Admin+ are required to cap weekly at citadel, however we hold a 10m raffle weekly by selection of a random winner. Those who cap must tell an admin+ that they have capped in order to be entered into the raffle.

Recruit: This is our probationary rank. When you first join the clan, this is where you will be for 48 hours to test to see if this is the clan for you. After
that you will be promoted. If you are inactive for two months, you will be demoted to recruit until your third month and then you will be kicked from the clan.

Corporals-Generals: Our beginning ranks. Those interested in promotions must participate in clan bossing events and help others when possible. All good deeds are noticed.

Keeps clan chat moving. Monitors clan chat and handles any disputes when they arise. Utilize discord apps and record all clan members that cap at citadel.

Organizers: Monitors clan chat and handles any disputes when they arise. *Organizes clan events and broadcasts it throughout each day until the day of the event.*

Coordinators: Helps Organizers make events and
broadcasts it throughout each day until the day of the event. Duties include taking on the role as Bossing Instructor/Mentor. Coordinators will work along side Organizers to set up events to take new clan mates and show them the ropes.

Overseers: Leads all lower ranks and assists with event organization. Monitors forums and is in charge of recruitment. Duties include being first called upon to diffuse
situations, unless the situation is escalated and therefore requires the attention of Dep Owner/Owner.

Deputy Owners: Work with Overseers as well as all lower ranks. Sets up citadel every reset and monitors forums. Helps Overseers with recruitment.

Owner: Has
final say in any argument or changes within the clan.
Failure to meet job requirements or are inactive for three months or more can result in demotion or kick/banned from the clan.
Instructions: Copy and paste the application with your answers into the proper field.
1. What is your total combat level?
2. What is your highest combat skill?
3. What is your favorite combat skill?
4. What bosses have you done?
5. What is your favorite boss?
6. What bosses would you like to learn?
7. What is your total level?
8. What is your highest skill level?
9. What is your favorite skill?
10. Are you willing to cap?
11. Do you have any event suggestions?
12. Have you belonged to a clan?
13. What was your reason for leaving/being kicked?
14. How did you find our clan?
15. Do you understand and agree to follow our Clan and Discord rules?
We encourage all inputs from all clan members. None of our skilling events have skill requirements. Some pvming events do have level or gear requirements. No drama or bullying is tolerated. We all understand that above all REAL LIFE COMES FIRST!!

            Happy 'scaping Everyone!!!!
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