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goons secret thread. if ur name isnt goon then buzz off. also no cows allowed.


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goddammit will you guys get out of here. this is secret



This thread is purrfect. Also: my name isn't Goon either :rolleyes: :D


- "I am willing to die...I mean try" - Jewelfire (Want to go bossing?)
-"we tried, we cried and we died!" - Limparse (What happens to old farts and tarts on monster-hunts)
- "...and we found out that there are as many ways to get to warriors guild
...as there are elders trying to get there" - Lysi
*snods agely* sorry... *nods sagely* - Brammy

-"Equality is being treated the SAME as everyone else;

not having special treatment and unique things added in to everything." - Sy_Accursed

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I've reached my like limit, but I would like to note that I like the remaining pictures. Thank you for posting them, Goon.

Same, even though, mysteriously, I am unable to see any actual posts in this thread. It's very strange

My skin is finally getting soft
I'll scrub until the damn thing comes off

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