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Good day

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Is there anyone left from the old art bazaar? I used to make signatures, banners, blog icons, PSP backgrounds, youtube banners, large art pieces and other GIMP creations here back around 2007-2013(?).


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I'm not the artsy  fartsy type, but I'mjumping back into the Tip.it community (& RS)  I happened to be looking for someone who might be willing to make me a sig.  Would you?  I'd pay very well in RS cash.

Good luck finding your old artist buddies.  My time was a little before yours, but I know they were a good bunch of people. 😊

Rule #1 clearly states, "Do NOT confuse Newpy!"

Only 19 years to get to level 99 in something.  Mining, check.

Moving right along ... Catch me if you can! 🤣

Always buying silver ore at above GE prices!

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