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Buying Silver Ore - 250 gp Each!!!

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As the title says, I'm buying silver and will pay more than the current grand exchange price.  Unless the ge price rises, I'll pay 250 each!

Post here, or send me a message on the boards or in game.

Edit:  Updated the price.  Somebody must still look here who has silver. lol


Oh yeah!  Right now I'm only playing RS3, not OSRS.  That may change at some point, but I confuse easily.  one game is enough for me.

Rule #1 clearly states, "Do NOT confuse Newpy!"

Only 19 years to get to level 99 in something.  Mining, check.

Moving right along ... Catch me if you can! 🤣

Always buying silver ore at above GE prices!

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I like your pricing for this one man. I do hope that you get the best deals out there and one can say that this is really such a great way for me and you to get more silver ores as well. That might just seal the deal for all of us at the very least if you want it.

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