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Iron Choobs - [500+][Discord] #1 Most Active & Welcoming OSRS Runescape Social Clan

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\+/ Iron Choobs \+/
W477US | W333EU | W390AUS

Founded - Sept 2 2021
500 Members - Sept 10 2021

How to Get In:
Make an Invite/Rank request on discord.gg/choobs - see the #osrsranks channel.
There are no requirements to join.

Come IronScape in a non-elitist environment with 500+ members.
Iron Choobs is a helpful, experienced, and knowledgeable clan for vets and learners alike.
• Well moderated, non toxic environment
• Steady population of all ironman types
• Players from around the world
• Fully equipped tier 3 Discord
• Three home worlds
• Active at all hours

Reoccurring Monthly Activities:
• Bingo Game Contests
• Bossing Competitions
• Skilling Competitions
• Discord Movie Nights
• Discord Voice/Music
• Minigame Hosts
• Raids Groups
• Clan V Clan
• GIM Hub

NEW - Discord support for your GIM team
Private Discord team channel for you & your teammates - Just ask.
GIM Hub with 10+ GIM Teams, each with their own channel
Exclusive GIM Contest Every Month
Form Alliances & Wage Wars

W477US | W333EU | W390AU

Professionally Managed
Mature Community

30% Aus.
45% Na.
25% Eu.

A Message From Zatter:
If you ever have any questions about our community or our goals, I'm just a DM away.
To Fellow Clans: Looking to do Clan Vs Clan Content?
Reach out and we can checkout your community.
Iron Choobs#1170

How to Get In:
Make an Invite/Rank request on discord.gg/choobs - see the #osrsranks channel.
There are no requirements to join.

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 Member Reviews:


On 1/10/2022 at 2:27 AM, Pariq said:

  I've been in this OSRS clan for a little over two months now and I can say that it's been one of the most welcoming communities I have ever been apart of. Runescape is something that I enjoy a lot so having an awesome group of people to come chat with everyday & do fun activities with all the time really is something special. If you're looking for a great community to be apart of I'd definitely consider lookng into joining the Iron Choobs community! 🙂 - Pariq


5 hours ago, Wizard_of_Oz said:

Being apart of this clan in the last month has been wonderful! My sleep schedule has been a little whacky as of late, and no matter what time of the day I log in.. there’s always a full chat full of Iron Choobs to chat with and keep company! Not to mention the active discord with members who stream both chillaxing and exciting content, and the music bot is always playing some jams! Iron men, look no further! The Iron Choobs is where you want to be! - Wizard_of_Oz


4 hours ago, RyderSU said:

Solid clan to be around. I'm a newer player to Iron, and there are a ton of veteran's that help me along the way. Glad I joined the clan or I'd be lost as an Iron in RS. Always willing to help out, whether it's answering a question or just meeting ingame to show me something new! Great Discord as well to talk in with people always in voice chat. - Ryder


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\+/ Iron Choobs \+/
W477US | W333EU | W390AUS

NCY | GIM Rybena | Asmus |Goldfsh Dev | Iron 0ddish
Ryder | RP Druidie
Oi Boi Harry | Rustic Moon | Oi Boi Zyd | Oi Boi Risky | Tasmi GIM | Wizard Of Oz
HcYew | I SaltyDwarf | Oi Boi Flarg | Pariq | PhlippantPhox | Sun Beamin | WhyvernGIM

...are consistent with the rules and always focus on proper moderation.
...chat in-house daily and are always dedicated to providing you with the best clan experience.
...are balanced across all timezones - North America | Europe | and Asia or Australia!

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