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help with speakers and something else please


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well, my built in speakers on my laptop dont work any more, the little speaker symbol on the little bar on bottom of screen doesnt show up, when i go into windows media, i put it on full volume, doesnt work, well it does, but i cant hear it. Im using windows xp.








Also, i have a Samsung e350 mobile phone, i bought a computer/phone wire, to put music onto my phone, and i didnt get a disc or anything with the cable, just the cable on its own, and the computer cant find a driver. any ideas?












Thanks in advance.









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Kinda an obvious thing, but make sure the volume is turned up AND the wave volume is turned up.




Also, as for the phone software, it appears that it's supposed to come with the cable and isn't available for download.

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isn't available for download.




you sure?








As for your volume... Start > Programs > Accesories > Entertainment > Volume control.



Mercifull <3 Suzi

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