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original idea for anyone who wnats it


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well u know who pixles are going through a glamore phase? everyone wants full dragon with a fury ammy and a whipz0r..well i have an idea that noone has ever done lol......how aout a noob piixles? like a dude in iron plate legs bronze chain, bronze med and a wooden sheild standing in from of a display case including his "rares" like a dragon fire sheild, the christmas hats and scarfs....and an iron battle axe. then he has a alut that is crackd open revealed like a pile of 1000 coins and 10 bronze bars. Also throw in a post saying " WANTED: someone who can fix my bronze axe..no scammers pelase :cry: " anywho if any one wants the idea use it.....ima try it out although im not too good....

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