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Star Scape

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Ok, heres the idea. I'm planing on making a whole series of fakes based on something i like to call Star Scape. My latest piece of work "Runescapes Future Version2" kinda give me the inspiration here. Currently i have no images to show you but pretty soon you can expect quite a few of them.




The whole idea is base on one simple rule "There HAS to be someting Sci-fi in it". To help speed up this process i'd like to gather a group of talented fakers to asist in different aspects of the project. Below is a list of positions i need filling in. Thanks












Item Image Artist - POSITION FILLED!!!!




Character Artist - Again, a pretty easy job. All you need to do for this is design characters for the fakes. With this job you can be as creative as youwant. LET NOTHING SLOW YOU DOWN.




Screen Artist - Again, not the hardest job in the world. All you need to do for this job is to simply take (or make) screenshots of something YOU feel that would make a good fake










See, pretty simple there. The rest i can take care of myself. These jobs are not NEEDED to be filled, i could just as easily do them myself (its just to save time). The advantages would be the fun of it all and to be credited in the images. Plus, if any fakes win an award you eould get to use the certificate sig as well.











~~~ SAMPLE (Rate It Anyhow, lol) ~~~





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The white dot needs to be a white square btw. looks awesome though lol


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