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Haven't you noticed that out friendlist is limited?? That is F2P friendlist can only have 100 friends whilst the P2P friendlist can have 200 friends. Sometimes you need to check whether there are empty spaces for your other friends. But sometimes you won't notice that your friendlist is full already. And if you want to make sure it's full already, check out the friendlist limit counter.




The friendlist limit counter shows you how many empty spaces left. Like this: 0/100 indicates that the friendlist is empty(for F2P), 134/200 indicates that the friendlist has 66 spaces left(200-134=66)(for P2P). The counter will be placed in this position:






When your friendlist is empty or have friends, the counter will show in green:


34/100 (F2P)


128/200 (P2P)


When your friendlist have only 50 spaces left, it will show in yellow:


75/100 (F2P)


188/200 (P2P)


When your friendlist is full or have exceeded the limit, it will show in red:


100/100 (F2P)


105/100 (P2P player in free world)




If anyone have any opinion, please let me know.

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