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Rage of Fury, In a Frigid War - Poem

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Rage of Fury, In a Frigid War




Agony and hatred in my own domain


Acrimony and alienation under my own homely dwelling


Outbursts of laughtered is heard


Display of repugnance, abhorrence, loath and disgust


When mentioned




There is no safer place than my own domain


But it is that very place that deliquesces my very fragile hope away


A hope that is endured on a frivolously made piece twine




Only grief?






Merely heartbroken?






Simply misery?






Wholly isolation?




And no




How many tears have I shed


For just this?


How many days have I dread


For just this?


How many hours have I bestowed to this one pain


How many minutes have I suffered from all these chains




This rage set upon my heart is real


It rips through my essence as a finely sharpened blade


This acrimonious, acerbity rampage fumed for me to feel


Like a volcano set to erupt and rumble the earth at an unknown will


The fury of my mind appears so vivacious


An uncontrollable rhapsodical state of mind so graciously


Fueled by not only sorrow salacious


But by ferocity with an unstoppable rage




Six years I've hidden myself


Six years I've lived sheltered behind a mask


Six years of living a garnished lie


Six years of enslaving myself away from the world


Camouflaged under a frail sheer


Away from all my fears




Merely six years...


How will the years to come feel


How will the years to come wither away my very soul


How will these years perceive under my own brittle skin




Merely six years




What will come is not known


But what I feel now is no less than a needle puncturing my heart and soul




Deteriorating just a fracture more when each lie is told


My quintessence sees a wary coming


As for a future untold


It is no more, but just for now

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Wow, that's just amazing.




To be honest, I don't think you can really do anything to it. It's a fantastic poem, just one teeny-weeny suggestion; put a full stop at the end of last verse.





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Whoa this looks more like a poem than others because it's in itallics.


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