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look at it! free pixels!


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Thank you all very much!




Tomarrow will be my last post until the 15 of July. i will be off at camp for the next week. thank you all again for your support!




=D> =D> =D>




after camp, i hope to come back with some new funny stuff i hope ya'll will enjoy!

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noob player: tell me where gnome stronghold is!


munchy: er..ur way off.


noob player: just tell me!


munchy:go northwest of ardougne.


noob player: hahahah! no pay for u noob!*runs off*


muncy:...who let him out of f2p?




what happens if my battle axe gets stuck in some1 elses bones?




My guthans body makes me look fat..obviously it needs a lipo.




i think the triangle sandwich has cheese in it..




when i first saw a fireligher i was like..what with the mushroom shishkebab?




the first time i heard the word "pots" in runescape, i was like omg, what is jagex tryin to hint?!




so, im fishing in catherby and all the sudden the topic of ghostly robes comes up..


munchy: do my robes make me look fat?


player1: holy crap yes!


Player2: dude, wiht hips that big ..who needs nuclear weapons?


munchy:lol, with hips these big..why do i even need a dragon weapon..


player1:dude, get your stomach outta the water! your scaring away all teh fishes..


munchy: are you kidding me? i didnt scare them away, my stomach engulfed them.






new word: guff, infinitive:to shovel down,to engulf.




what if i had to use the bathroom while i was binded in the wildy..




i think runescape needs "mental rehabilitation centers".




night every1...(no offnese to any1 btw)

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Noob#5678: gimme your stuff!! or ill kill you!!


munchy:...i think im gonna go drink a gallon of paint..1 sec..


ah, if only i could get that as an actual rs quote/pic thingy. that'd be awsome! either way, this is teh siggied!

I couldn't care less if he was Andrew Gower himself, I just don't like arrogant smegheads.
*in the voice of the comic book guy from the simpsons* best. quote. EVER! :thumbsup:
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why can't i take a shower? i mean...i havent taken a shower since day when i was "born"...Man, no girl is gonna wanna hang around a guy the redefines "holy crap you smell like bad aspargus"...so much for a babe magnet..




how often has this happened to you?..your walking down a road..and a guy wearing dwarf clothes comes your way..and starts to follow you and hitting on you?..i have one phrase to answer that!..Gag a friking maggot.


hasnt happened to me yet \' ..Hallelujah..but what about ya'll?




one of those conversations.






noob lvl 85:I bu obby cape???


noob lvl 85: ??


noob lvl 85:?




noob lvl 85:I


noob lvl 85:will


noob lvl 85: buy ...your obby cape!!!!!




munchy: it's not an obby cape


noob lvl 85:(-_-) zzz


noob lvl 85: chill bill


noob lvl 85: >:/


munchy:...how long have you been a member?


noob lvl 85: long enough..to have lvl 91 fletching!! oo!




no-one is that stupid. Every1 know's the differance between an obby cape and a legends cape. i bet some1 hacked his account..




(not an actual suggestion)


i wish poker could be introduced into the games room..i dont know how to play it but i've heard about the famed poker face...after the cards had been dealt..a screen would pop up with all the peoples faces..well i have a solutions for it. get a paper bag..draw a smiley face on it.. poke some small holes so you can breathe...always intimidating.




why can't i sneeze in rs?




how come i can't put a head on a spear?..i know its a game for all ages but..




now it's time for munchy to turn tables and "act" like a noob.




unsuspecting player(lvl 100):hi


munchy:why is there a balloon on ur staff?(she was weilding a fire staff)


unsuspecting player: lol


munchy:ill buy your hat (its a beret)


unsuspecting player:how much you give me?


munchy: 1k sound good?


unsuspecting player no way..


munchy:..when i say 1"k" i mean 1001..


unsuspecting player: no way..


munchy:..ok..how bout..now?


munchy: oo ill give you a spinich roll!


unsuspecting player: lol


*she casts the "super heat spell"*


munchY:oo what was that ball you held in ur hands?


munchy: ..it was [bleep]y..


munchy: how do u get it?


unsuspecting player:...


munchy:Im not a noob!!!!!


munchy: my mom just says


unsuspecting player: i bet she did...


munchy: im reporting you!!!!




conversations like this make me glad im not 4 yrs old.




how come i can never get the ruby ring in the varrock basement?




stupid joke of the day:


what do you call this?


am am am am


am am am am am am


am am am am am am am


am am am am am am


am am am am am


| |




hint: whats smaller than a tree?




think about it: If a cat gets run over by a car and the cats half way on teh road and half way on the curb..is it considered roadkill?

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Verac was the fattest of all of the melee barrows brothers, they couldnt fit his stomach into a platebody, a customized one even! So they decided to give him a brassard where his blubber could hang free.



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seems logical :P






haha! it does look like you're peeing when you use the laugh emote




in fact :-k...







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for once constructive critisism..well..this is runescape..full of kid's who do stupid things..i just happen to be there when it happens..plus i havea whole week to come up with new material..anyways..cya'll next saturday!

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when they came out with the heraldry for construction,I saw people getting money symbols on their shields...i figured that they would later have a big gold, jewel infested "$"...you know to add to the bling bling.




if an easter egg can melt in my bank, then why doesn't a piece of choclate melt?




one of those weird conversations..


*killing chaos druids in taverly*


Munchy: herblore?




Munchy: cool


*10 minutes later*


player: selling unids above irits! 10k ea!


munchy: ...you just said your herblore was 28...


player: no i didn't!!!!


munchy:yes you did...and why should we buy them when we can get them for free at a fast rate?


player:*no response*


player: selling unids above irit!! 9k ea!!




why is there not a "[developmentally delayed]s guide to runescape"? :-k




why the crap would you want to eat a king worm?




why do people,usuallyage 13 and above,act like they are 3?




one of those days..


*catherby fishing*


noob1: zizmea is an auoter!


noob2: what does an autoer mean?


noob3*combat 52*: i beat a lvl 91 with full dharoks!!


munchy: at least learn to spell his name [developmentally delayed].


noob1: he could own you nuub


munchy:..why should i care?


noob4: red dragons are endangered!!save them!(ya.they just don't respawn as fast as they do anymore..)


munchy:coming here is like reading a book upside down.


munchy: the more you read it the more stupid you become..




oh, how i wish i could throw a frying pan at people.




i think a wet noodle would be a awesome weapon.




i wish i could push peoples faces onto a stove on rs.

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:lol: Good stuff.


Regarding the bathroom breaks and showers for our characters, what do you think they do when we log out? I mean, it's not like our characters cease to exist; they teleport to a special waiting room wit donuts and coffee, bathrooms, showers, pool tables and a decent arcade room. I mean, they need to do something while waiting for us to come back. Why do you think it takes so long to login after you put in your password?






Part of the Star Traks network. (^^Clicky!)


Irony: An amnesiac rediscovering they have an eidetic memory.

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i have the solution to "goblin diplomacy"...kill wartface and bentnoze.







That made me laugh hard. Thanks. It's goin in my sig now.



Presto instant eggs.
i have the solution to "goblin diplomacy"...kill wartface and bentnoze.

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