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I found a use for rings (in f2p)!!


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I have an even greater idea that'll make you people all sound like FOOLS!




You give away diamond rings to chicks in-game, wether they're a gold digger or just a love-seeking girl, you'll always win their heart! :3>




Lol Necro I hope your kiding :shock:






That's a good idea, and to the dude that siad, selling items fer money, that was priceless, my hat is off to you :D



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^ capital i

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That could actually work for members too. I frequently have an unused jewlery space or two, and I always find myself forgetting something essential.




Thanks for the tip! :D

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You're so clever, selling items for money.








How dissapointing....




The following doesn't apply to everyone, you know who you are :


The man has an idea and is trying to share it with you ungrateful swine and you flame him for it. Why? First try to understand what he's suggesting before you start posting what you think are witty comments that make you appear smart by actualy reading what he wrote.




To the author of this thread, I'm sorry you had to put up with this childish behaviour, I think that this is a very useful tip and thank you for sharing it with the rest.



and I <3 cabbage. so green, and leafy, and good.

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I've actually been doing this for a while. It's the only use for gold rings as far as i know, but i prefer using saph rings. I just decided to post it now. Maybe my first post was a little vague, which would explain the misunderstandings. I may go back and edit it to make it sound a little more eloquent - not in the mood now :roll:



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This idea sucks!






















And by sucks, I mean is awesome! =D> I'm going to do this on my skill pure, even though I always carry 10k on me. :P


:^_^: I drew that smilie, btw, along with a few more used by this site.

Classic bloodveld for lyph3! Although I do like the new ones.

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BUT! I may be back! Add my new account, Dr Bloodveld!

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Lol, I would never have thought of it :D




Too bad a diamond ring is the only ring i have and it can go for 20k in varrock and 1.5k in store :P




20k!!!??? i'm lucky to get 5k off of them. Nice merching :^o



Proud owner of a Quest cape!

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Finally something to do with all my proposal rings!! :roll:








Great idea! All you flamers back off he's just trying to make life more convient. Most of this thread is flaming of his great idea :evil:




SCARY COINCIDENCE a few days ago I just pked a diamond ring after never having touched a RS ring for months..



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