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Robin Hood Jr: The Rise of a Legend [Pics-Videos-Guestbook]

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I have just recently started a new character with the name R0binhood Jr. He looks just like a runescape version of RobinHood with green clothes, orange hair, and a red cape to complete the look. Maybe I will buy a Robin Hood Hat and Ranger boots later.




For ages I have wanted to get back at pkers for always pking me whenever I stepped into the wild. Be it collecting herbs at chaos druids, buying runes at Zamorak Mage, getting lured :? , or any other misdeameanors. He will be main Range and Mage. I will train him to 70 range and magic on f2p first and then switch to members so I can do some of the better ways of earning expirience. I will eventualy get him 70 fletching so I may make yew longs and alch them.




July 8th:


Wen't to chickens to collect feathers. Got 20 range as well. Sold the feathers I got for 10 gp each. Bought some more bronze arrows and a willow shortbow. Then I wen't north of faladore and started ranging goblins. Got quite a few minds out of it and I started collecting goblin armours (300+ now in bank). Helaed myself with cakes when needed which I got from a "good friend" of mine :lol:. Stayed here until 50 range.




Going to train magic now casting 15,000 fire strikes, which according to the tip. it calculator should get me up to 60. I'm training at the minotaurs behind the fence, and behind one of the dead bodies as safe spots. Gotten quite a few iron arrows so far so I think I will stay here for a while.




Here are my current stats using the exact method I posted above.






And heres my equipment for maging: WHEN STARTED






Heres my Outfit I wear for everyday skilling,questing,fighting.






Close-up of me






BANK PIC (this will be updated every day)
























I started with 7k iron arrows (they fell from the sky O:) and got all the rest from minotaur drops. Got quite a few right skull halves from them as well.




Day 1




Right now I am just fire striking away in the Security Stronghold against minotaurs in my favorite safe spot. The minotaurs drop a lot of arrows I need so I think I will stay here for a while. I've also been eyeing those fancy boots and will go get them as soon as I train a bit more. Sorry about my horrible cropping skills and the bad quality of the pictures for some reason as its crystal clear on my screen when I play.








Missed a few lvl screenshots so I guess I will just post the next one I get here. Its already getting a bit boring training here as I have to wait for a minotaur to step inbetween me and horizontal column of the dead body for me to attack it safely. I found a new training spot with a fence that serves as a great safe spot. The minotaurs are only lvl 12 so the xp I get from the spells is wittled down a bit but now I don't have to wait for them to move into a certain position. Got quite a few skull pieces already and a lot of iron arrows so I'm happy. Only 30 more levels till 60 magic.




Ended today with 50 range and 40 magic. Not too bad. I'm going to go for 50 magic tomorow and possibly if I have anytime left after that train my range to 55 on minotaurs as well. I made 3 new friends today just by training at the minotaurs. One who I just found speaks German like me, another who just needed some help with his sceptre, and another I just had a fun chat with while training. Newbies these days aren't as annoying as some put it to be, they're actualy quite "nice" in the fact that they strive to acomplish everything, and are very supportive of others. Much rather have them around than the lvl 80's bragging they got a santa


hat telling me I will never make it to 85 magic :?.




Oh and I finaly got my fancy boots \'








Day 2




Want to train to 50 magic today. Got another 1k iron arrows from the minotaurs. I tried maging some hill giants, and although the drops were nice it was just too crowded and I kept on getting beat by archers. I will try this place again once I train my archery again which will probably be tomorow. I have 42 right skull halves last time I checked. Dunno, I will probably never use them but its always nice to see half of a decayed human head lying around in your bank right :lol:. I got my goal of 50 magic right before going to bed so I had no time to get those extra 5 range lvls I predicted. I want to get my range up as fast as possible now because I just heard an-kous drop noted ADAMENT ARROWS. That would be awesome since there's a great safe spot, and I wont have to buy my adament arrows for pking. The nice mix of death runes from their drops will help when I want to show off with magic too 8-). Might be a while before I train there though. I see a lot of "newbie pures" ranging hill giants at lvl 20 range. I mean like wtf? They're hitting 0's, 1's, and 2,s. Don't these people know that they get same amount of xp for killing a goblin than for killing a hill giant and that it only matters how high they hit? Oh well let them train the long hard way. I will start training there at 55-60 range and collect some big bones which I will LATER use to get 43 prayer once I want to do desert treasure, and not a second before! :shame: Time to call it a night as I have to get up at 7 A.M. tomorow for work :evil:.










Day 3




Well, I have soccer practice today and tomorow which made today's magic leveling kind of hectic. As I'm writing this I still have 54 magic (806 fire strikes until 55 magic) but I am sure I will get it by the end of tonight. My sister is getting 7 teeth pulled tomorow so I guess when I hear her bickering I'll be able to get a head start in the early morning instead of sleeping in until 12. As soon as I get 55 magic I think I will start training my range at hill giants to 60 or 65. Then I can head over to lessers and start alching rune med drops. Today I also decided that I want to eventualy get 76 fishing on this account as well. I'm going to merchant a ton of money and then buy 100k feathers with which to powerfish with (w/ cooking though). I'll save it for a rainy day though when I get sick of training magic and mix up the boring routine a bit. If I keep this up I will have 85 mage in 24 days. But since I am going on vacation on the 17th until late August I will probably start fairly late again and leveling will be fairly slow due to school starting again. I'm hoping to have achieved both of my goal at the latest by December though (I know its far off but I have soccer tournaments 5 weekends in a row in the fall). Let's see if I can effectively use my time and get it as high as I can now that I have time all day to play.




As for today, nothing much happened. I met a really cool guy called xdemonrune and we started chatting. Training went buy fast having someone to talk to and he gave me a ton of stuff to including lots of trout to help with my training as well as a rune long. Felt kinda like a leech but he said he honestly didn't need it. Some day I will pay you back since I don't like being in debt to people even when they say free. Not used to getting free stuff as im the richest of my friends (they're kinda poor) and I always end up giving them stuff. I got a ton of skulls today, and quite a few iron arrows hiring my total to 18k iron arrows. I got some iron armour for training my melee stats. Want to get 40 attack and 50+ strength, but this is unimportant and will merely be used as a diversion just like fishing when I get sick and tired of training magic and range.


As I said, didn't have much time today. Does anyone know a really fast way of rasining crafting IN F2P? Money is not an issue but speed is a necessity. I wouldn't mind being able to make strength/power ammies to make a bit of cash on the go when I need it. In a way it's not really for cash but more of conscionce that I have a high crafting lvl and don't need to be dependant on the merchanters of the day. The pride of self sufficience. Thinking of going pking for first time when I get 59 magic for fireblast. I won't be the lowest lvl with fireblast since range got me a few hp levels, but it will still be very effective.




UPDATE: Right before I got my 55th magic lvl guess who pops in and surprises me! Love this random event. Hope I get the full set soon. I only have the top on my main and now the legs on my pure.
















Day 4




Today I decided to train on hill giants in the safe spot on the far east side of the dungeon. Met 2 new friends there who are archers like me. Xdemomrune also stayed there for a while to keep me company while I trained. He also gave me a rune med for FREE because I wanted to do my very first High Alch. Too bad bad I missed the screenshot =(. Oh well it was a memorable moment none-the-less. I trained range to lvl 55 by 3 A.M. and I was honestly too tired to write one that late so I apologize for writing this blog a day late. I'm saving up all the big bones I get so once I go member and need to get 43 prayer I will be able to just bury all the bones at once and get 43 prayer instantly. Got a few limpwurts to for once I go member and need to raise my herblore for heroes quest. Tomorow I'm working so I dont think I will be able to raise my levels too much. Mabybe 58 or so.










Day 5




I wanted to get up early today so I could get a headstart on training but I overslept till 12. I'm working today from 3-7 so I might not be able to achieve my goals today. I gave my friend 2 mil for a Dragon Hatchet because hes currently trying to get his woodcutting up, because hes the nicest person I've ever met. I swear someday hes going to be a player mod. I got soccer practice later so I'm not going to have much time to train today. I also want to buy 100k feathers with which I am going to powerfish at the barbarian village. Not much to say as the drops are pretty much the same from hill giants besides the occasianal nature runes that I will use for alching. Peace.




Me giving my friend demonrunex enough money for a dragon hatchet












Day 6 [Returned 9/10/06 after break of rs]




I took a LONG break cause I was mad that I got all my stuff stolen.


But anyways I dont have much time to play runescape anymore because of school so its just mainly the weekends that I will be updating this blog.




I just finished the waterfall quest so I could train on fire giants, because I have no money and arrows aren't free. Since I can't do the ardougne teleport spell yet because I need a quest to do it I have to run a long way from cammy to get to the falls. I swear I must have run back at least 6 times because I either; forgot the ammy, forgot rope, forgot tele runes, forgot food, forgot to take of all armour and weps. Then once I did gain the privelage to face them I got really confused on how I should safespot them. Many people suggest ranging over the table, but that doesn't work since there are fire giants on either side that will attack you unless you have a super high combat level. After many "close deaths" with idiots who thought closing the door on me while I got attacked by a firegiant was funny, I managed to learn that there is a nice safespot right next to the door in the central corridor. I'm having some really good luck as most of the local servers with good ping have almost no one else training there. That's good and bad because I have no competition for fire giants and people wont steal my arrows. The bad news is it gets awfully lonely and boring down there. The drops aren't as good as I'd hoped besides the occasional mith sq to alch and the 1 rune scimmy I've gotten so far.


Heres hoping for many good drops to come.




Updated levels yet again. Sorry no pics other than the levels. Might make one if I get a good item drop from a firegiant tomorow. Had some fun today with my friends Xdemonrunex, Doom Leader1, Dead Aim 33, and Pure3 666. Got a bit crowded near the end but I think we all managed ok, especialy dead aim who got 4 scimmies and 100 + run arrows. I think my ring of wealth is broken as it hasn't been doing much lately. I'm thinking of starting a rune scimmy count to see how many I get from fire giants. I already sold 1 so maybe I will restart the counter tomorow. Anyways itss 1:22 in the morning and I'm tired, so good night.




-Robin Hood








[Day 7]




I didn't have that much time today to play rs due to me having a ton of hw for school. But I managed to get some good rs time in because I kept on pushing my homework aside. =/ can't say im proud of it, but at least im dedicated. I bought 1500 Tanned hardleather hides for 50 each from my friend xdemonrune. That got my crafting all the way up to 48. I'm going to try to get 50 or so before I go f2p so I can craft strength ammys for money. OMG I can't believe I forgot to mention this. My membership is running out in 9 days, so I have to get a lot of training in so I can make some money from those fire giant drops. I just started organizing my bank and put some markers in for when I go f2p.




Today I did the Grand Tree Quest which helped my agility a lot. I then went over to Brimhaven Agility Arena to try to raise it there, but due to it being my first time, I had no clue what I was doing. I didn't thinking of finding a map of tip it until after I had wasted an hour there =/ and even then due to me not being able to cross the level 40 obstacles getting tickets was a horrible job on my part. I did however manage to get 25 so I got some decent xp out of it. Im surprised how much xp we get for a ticket. I'm completely addicted to agility now, even though I hated training it at Brimhaven. Maybe once I get 40 it will get better. Trying to get 50 agility as a sub goal before my membership runs out because it carries over to f2p. Oh, and I also did the Plague City quest so I can finaly tele to Ardougne instead of having to walk from Seers Village to Fire Giants every single run.




Sadly I just remember that I won't be able to visit my beautiful house anymore that I had spent so much money and time on once I go f2p. I'll post some pics in the coming days of it as a momento, and MAYBE I'll throw in a little drop party. At then end of the day (at around midnight) I went back to fire giants since I haven't trained my range all day (shame on me). I got 2 fire battlestaffs within the first 10 minutes so I was convicned my horrible dry streak from yesterday was over (I swear my ring of wealth is broken), but as time went on I didn't get anything good besides herbs which I leave on the ground anyway because I can't id them and chances are they're a bad herb. Might add some pics if I have time.






Me at Fire Giants all alone =/










Today was more of a badluck day. I logged in at fire giants still having the same drops on me that I had yesterday since I was too tired to bank. Well I kill a few more giants and all of a sudden get a surge of blood runes. While talking to my good friend D3vilbro (rsn:Xc3ssiv) I fail to notice that my character somehow stepped out of his safespot, and got koed by a fire giant in 5 hits =/. When I respawned in lumby I had my Ring of Wealth, Rune Scimmy, and Fire Battlestaff on me. I lost 25k worth of blood runes, 30k worth of D hide Armour, 37k worth of arrows, and about 75k worth of other drops I had gotten. It was a pretty bad expirience knowing that I had just lost more money that I had gained since all my training at fire giants, just because I was talking to a friend. The bad part was having to get all my supplies again as well as the Amulet required to get into the Waterfall. It really cut down on my rs time, so I pretty much made no progress today. Thankfully my good friend Dead Aim 33 jumpstarted me with a magic shortbow (ok I bought it from him but he was nice about it), 1800 bronze arrows, and ammy of accuracy. In total I had about an hour of training today which is not too good considering I was on for 2 hours today. I can now finaly hit 9's as a max hit with iron arrows and as soon as I hit 73 will start hitting 10's with iron, or 10's with stee at lvl 65. As promised I will post some pics of my house today or tomorow, as I might need some extra time to get the angle just right and crop them all. It's not a special house with me having only 36 construction, but I want a memoir of it for when I go f2p.




Today I also read up on a really good guide in the Archive of Wisdom concerning training magic and making a profit at the same time. Very interesting guide. It shows the cost of runes needed to get a certain number of points, and then how much profit you will make by cashing them into an affinity item and selling it. Obviously by spending more hours at the Mage Arena you can get the better items which in turn give more profit. Affinity boots being the most common to earn and sell. I've always liked the look of affinity armour, but it always seemed so expensive. Well by slaving away at my computer for 50 hours I can get the entire set for only 2.5 million coin spent in runes, and I get a ton of magic xp to boot. I encourage everyone to check it out. As for me I'm going to try to rebuild a small fortune by fighting fire giants in my last 8 days of members. *Hopes for a D med*.




*Was to shocked when I died to take a pic sorry guys









[Day 9]




Well today I didn't have that much time to train much either. I got 1 half key drop and a rune scimmy, and ended up banking with 1800 fires. I got my range lvl to 65 and then met up with my friend Dead Aim 33 who had previously pmed me saying he had won 100k range staking. I head over there only to find that everyone is at the least 5 combat lvls higher than me, and because of their combat also have about 10-12 range lvls on me. I ended up funning a few fights won some due to luck, lost a few due to bad luck. Learned that Rune Knives are a must in the Duel Arena, while they suck in wildy, and that Rune Arrows are a must in the wildy but suck in the Duel Arena. Wildy is all about hitting high. Duel Arena is hitting high and constantly. Still perfect my spec- switch to rapid - fight button - and rune arrows for the ko (caise im to cheap to use them for the whole fight =) ) So anyways I did a few fights with him and him being 3 range lvls higher and using rune knives, while I was using steel , meant he won most of the fights. I ended up winning a lot near the end, which led me to start staking big money as shown in the pic below. Got 56 hp as well which was a nice +. Still hoping of getting a d med or left half dragon square at fire giants, so I can finaly get over my stubborness and go train at the Brimhaven Agility Arena. Meh, maybe this weekend when I have some more time.




1gpstake.pngRate or Hate lol, it was fast xp and we had fun so it's all good.








[Day 10]




Remember when I said I forgot to take a pic? Well someone must really want me to post that pic of me dying, so here you go.








I can't believe this. I died again at firegiants in matter of 7 seconds. All I did was open up a word document, and click file - print - ok and back to rs screen. I saw me just as I was about to die on the last hit (ko of 11 =/)




I honestly can't believe what the chances are that I died in those few seconds, as I made sure to stand in the safespot before i switched windows cause I remembered last time. Well I'm pretty mad right now, mainly at me though for letting something like this happen again. I had 200k in loot that trip, and lose most of it. Kept Rune Kite, Rune Scimmy, and Ring of Wealth.








Thankfully one of my good friends Xc3ssiv helped me through this phase and gave me 4k bronze arrows, 4k iron, 200 mith, 27k cash, and green d hide in exchange for 296 big bones. I swear this guy has helped me out so much, one day I'll repay him. Even though my opinion doesn't matter, I believe he is one of the few people on rs mature and nice enough to be a Player Moderator.




Anyways thanks again man your awesome. I need that kick in the nuts every once in a while when I'm down and out. Only 5 days of membership left. I was hoping to get 70 ranged by that time but now I'm not so sure. I might still be able to though with the weekend prividing a lot of time to train. I'm now eying to go members again around christmas time as I have somehow become addicted to the Mage Training Arena (above duel arena) and read a guide on here how to gain a ton of magic xp, and now just break even with cost for runes, but even make a better profit than Firegiants (at least at my rate of damage). But that's just all visions and the thought of training there, not accounting how I will actualy feel when I start to do it for 55 hours to get Full Infinity.








[Day 10]




Well I forgot to post a blog the other day (how could I forget). I was kinda frustrated at the time because I had died again, this time because of lag. World 23 is situated in London so I didn't have very good ping, but it was the only empty world at fire giants. So anyways I'm back on track and got quite a few ranged lvls and hp levels. I thought I only had 3 days of membership left and was already planning to go F2P but try and get Range 70 by Monday at which the subscription would run out. Somehow out of the knocked up side of my head I forgot to cancel my subscription and found this morning that I had an extra month credited to my account =/. Anyways I'm still going to go for 70 ranged but I'm hoping I could get it as early as tomorow even. After that I think I'm going to read the Mage training Arena guide (above dueling arena in al kharid) again and then try it out as I want my lvl 56 magic to catch up to my range. I got 2 rune scimmies today and haven't died yet, so we'll see if my bad luck streak of dying once a day is going to continue. I'm so scared of dying (I've gone through red set, blue set, green, set) that I'm now ranging in just regular cowhide leather lol.






A nice visit from my favorite random - of course I always put it on hp xp since its the only skill you can't train by itself, it can only be raised by training other skills




Anyways once I get 70 I'll buy a black set. Also since I have this extra month of membership now I'm also thinking of raising my fletching as well as Agility, but of course Range and Magic take priority first. Thank You to my wonderful friends for their awesome support in my goal, be it positive or negative you guys make my day interesting to say the least. - Well it seems my bad luck streak continues. I have died 4 times in the last 4 days, once every day. Kept most of the valuable things, but I was mad again that I had wasted another 1,000 iron arrows XD.






I know its same pic as yesterday, but I forgot to take another one. Take my word on it or don't, I don't care!


I don't need nor want your sympathy, I am merely stating what happened on that day.








[Day 11]




Today was a great day, in that I got a lot of things done. I got my sub-goal of 70 range in the late morning! Got a rune scimmy and 10 rune javelins. Rune javelins weren't worth much, but I'd never gotten them before. I got 2 half keys and combined them to form a crystal key. Went to Taverly CHest and got an Uncut Dragon Stone (duh) and 3 Runite Bars. After I got 70 range I got my black d hide, and checked out my new look. I bought a light blue magic hat from the guy next to the fishing guild who sells them. I then proceeded to world 2 where I bought all the runes I would need to get the points needed for Infinity Boots in the Magic Training Arena (NOT WILDY ONE). I quickly found that alching was fun, telekenetic is boring, enchanting is boring, and graveyard is fun cause it keeps you on your toes. I got my magic from 56-61 today so I think that was some great progress. Instead of going for the infinity boots and selling them for profit like I had origonally planned, I think I will instead get a few extra points and get the BONES TO PEACHES SPELL. There are three reasons behind this. First, the graveyard portion of the magic training arena is very slow when done with bones to bananas, because you have use them to heal and they only heal 2 each. Second, I would get more xp from using this, but it also costs 2 nats per cast, but thats ok to me. Third, it would enable me not to bring food when fighting monsters by instead using peaches (heal 8 each), and would save a lot of inventory space. Here are some pics of each event in the Magic Training Arena. I don't have one of each yet but I'll try to add them later on.










Alchemists Playground






Telekenetic Maze




ENCHANTMENT - *coming soon*




GRAVEYARD - *coming soon*




Tomorow I have school again so I won't be having any drastic training like I did today. However I am going to do a bit of Magic Training Arena everyday and I'm hoping I'll have the Bones to Peaches Spell by Friday along with a few magic lvls =). After that I'm going to attempt the Magic Arena in the wildy so I can use the god spells and get a god cape. In terms of rune cost I would be choosing Zamorak, and his staff looks the best. However I think I'm going to take Saraman because his cape looks the best, and his staff looks halfway decent. Anyway my first attempt will probably be next Saturday morning, which to me is ages away lol.








Well guys, I got really impatient so I bought some sharks, made 2 rings of recoil and head out towards the mage bank. Carefully switched to world 66 hoping no pkers would be there. Just my luck, it was silent as a mouse. I try to leave the portal when it hits me, DOH! forgot my wc axe to slash the webs. Alright go bank and come back. Go to bank get out my mage robes, mage hat, 25 sharks, 2 rings of recoil, and runes for 60 fireblasts and fight him, Blah I die halfway through the final form. But I will not be silenced, I will have my Revenge! I got catherby and stand there for 15 minutes yelling at the tops of my lungs "Buying 28 sharks."


Of course everyone ignores the level 49 noob. Eventualy though I find a seller. On my second attempt I am delighted to see that I get to kill him from whatever form I left off! I quickly pwn him and have him bow down before me. (See Picture).






Bow down before your superiors omighty best




Anyways I go to the statues of the gods, and can't decide Sara or Zammy. I <3 the Sara God Cpae lol, but I <3 the Zammy Staff. In the end I decide to go Sara, because his cape looks the coolest, and in the end I can always go and buy a Zammy staff to cast his spell. Anyway here's a pic of me bowing down before the gods.






All Hail Saradomin!






And here is my super cool cape that I risked everything to get (I wish I could stack these in my bank =/)




BTW Updated my bank pic, its a little different now because I just spent a ton of money on cosmics, laws, and nats, but its ok as its way more updated than the old one.








[Day 12]




Today, I had a bit more time to get on since unlike yesterday I didn't have to stay up till 1:00 AM doing homework for school. Anyways my origonal goal was to get enough Pizzaz Points for Bones to Peaches by the end of the week. Today however I completed 3 of the 4 mini-games for pizzaz points I need.




As of now:




200/200 Telekenetic Pizzaz Points


2,000/2,000 Enchantment Pizzaz Points


200/200 GraveYard Pizzaz Points


180/300 Alchemist Pizzaz Points.








Today I also got 61 Magic, and right after 62 because Alchemists Playground is excellent Magic XP (around 60-75k an hour!). I still have 120 Alchemists Pizzaz Points to get but I think I will be done much earlier than my prediction of the end of the week. Time permiting, maybe even tomorow. If I do manage to get Bones to Peaches and still have extra time, which I find highely unlikely but possible is to cast Saradomin Strike 100 times in the Mage Arena so I can use it in the outside world. Hope I don't die at the hands of those Zammy and Guthixian Mages.










[Day 13 + 14]




Sorry guys I was a little bit busy yesterday and could not post a blog, so I'm mixing it in with this one. Todays rs times wasn't exactly big as well so dont expect too much just because its a double day.




Anyways, I got Bones to Peaches yesterday (9/21/06).






Exactly enough for Bones to Peaches




All I did was get the 120 more alchemist points I needed, which also netted me a ton of magic xp. Enough to get me to level 63 and 64 in less than an hour =). I ended up using a lot of nature runes so it was in no way cheap, but I was surprised how fast the levels went buy, hope that feeling never gets old. Today I started doing Wcing and Fletching, I have decided to do them as a pair, as they fit perfectly together and go hand-in-hand, plus it will benefit me later on. I'm hoping to start making yew longs soon and alching them for "free magic xp" in the fact that it covers the materials cost and more importantly the nature runes cost! But first I have to get that fletching level which might become a pain to do, but will be worth it in the end.




I got from level 6 Fletching to level 20 today, The first few levels were really slow as 10 xp per bow isn't a lot. Oaks will go quicker since a tree provides more than one log and I won't have to run around waiting for a tree to spawn the whole time. Then I will be cutting willows until 60 fletching and 65 or so woodcutting. I am currently 44 woodcutting and 20 fletching, but I hope to change that drasticaly in the coming days.




Due to this being a major skill raise I decided I'm going to make an entire new level category for them. And since I have been wanting to do Agility as well I'm going to add it to, to get me motivated a bit. I might be doing some more reformatting in the coming days as well, so stay tuned and add my blog to your favorites *I'll give you a free cookie!*








[Day 15+16]




Alright, sorry I have forgotten/been to tired to post a blog every single day now. Sometimes I got school work or I'm very tired. I do however promise I will combine days when I next write my blog so you guys don't miss a second.




In case you guys don't know, all I did this week was WoodCut and Fletch! I started cutting regular logs, made into shorts then longs. Then I made Oak short then Longs till level 40. After 40 All I did was power level on willows. My method is very simple. I cut 27 willow logs at Draynor, with last inventory spot for a knife. When I'm full I click on bank first, then I click on knife and whittle my logs WHILE IM RUNNING TO THE BANK. This may not seem like much time saved, but when you do thousands after thousands of willows it adds up. I currently during the entire weekend made 5,500 Willow LongBows (Unstrung). I went from lvl 6 to 52 fletching on Saturday, and then 52 - 60 Fletching today (Sunday). Woodcutting also went from level 44 (I got wc levels while cutting oaks when I made my house) all the way to level 66. I'm quite happy with the levels that I earned, as I am looking to make this account my new main, and am trying to get each skill above my main one by one. Anyways my goal is 70 woodcuting, which I will then use to cut yews, and 65 Fletching which I will then use to fletch my yews into shortbow, and later Longbows. I'm hoping this will pay-off in the long run as I have heard this is a good method of getting Free Magic XP without having to go in negative profits.




I got a ton of randoms today because all I did was Woodcut and Fletch for 7 hours straight, meaning I am now an autoer suspect and get bombarded with randoms [(not a bad thing =)]. Alright I'll break the news, I got Freaky Forester Event Again, and got Lederhosen Hat which is now a permanent part of my skilling outfit!














And here is me with my favorite random again. Of course it always goes on hp as stated in my previous blogs, but I'm starting to think it would be better suited on Magic. Tell me what you think.










Genie Lamp X 4 Today!






I think I will have my 70 woodcutting and 65 Fletching by the end of next week (Friday) and then next weekend will start Fly Fishing at Barbarian Village until I am 76 fishing! Why Barbarian Village? Because I haven't done first Recipe of Disaster so I can't use lumby chest bank, and I haven't done Shilo Village so I can't use that. I would love to use Shilo, but I have to do that require quest for it with the require herblore, and I have no will power at all right now to level herblore.




Since I got my 60 fletching, I am making about 2,500 adament arrows by buying the arrow heads for 40-68 each in the Rangin Guild. Might get me 61 fletching.




Persuade me please, I'm begging you, call me a noob for being to lazy to get Shilo Quest done, I just remember how much I hated that quest when doing it on my main, even though I know I should for those gem stone rocks.




Any guys, please post. I have a lot of you guys reading my blogs everyday, telling me you've bookmarked it by pming me on RS. I find that great guys, but what would really make me HAPPY is if you actualy posted, so I don't have to make up excuses to bump my blog.












Honestly, I have been having so much schoolwork, cross-country, and soccer get in the way that I have alomst no time to play rs. Most of my stuff is accomplished over the weekend now. I'm thinking of changing the blog to make updates every time something eventful happens since I can't keep everyday excited with new stuff when all I do is say chop 5k willows.




Anyways in this semi-long period of time I chopped 11k willows and fletched them into willow long bows (u), which got me to level 72 woodcutting. I then bought the 4k rest willow logs that I needed to get 70 fletching for yew longbows. After I got the fletching level I went to world 1 f2p to buy yew logs cheap, and ended up almost getting scammed by someone who switched yews with willows,but I noticed on second screen.




Not much to sal really, strung them all, and then alched them all which got me to lvl 66 magic. After alching them all I have 1.4 mil gp again which was nice to see (nice even number).




I also had a few conversations with my threads, which made me decided to clean out about 3/4's of the names on my friend list. For some reason if I have more than 15 names on my list, I will like think that all these people can't really be my friends and start weeding out the good from the best. Don't hate me guys, I just can't have 10 people begging me for stuff everyday.








On a brighter note I also started the Recipe of Disaster quest, after nearly killing myself trying to find out how to make glass, I have too much pride to check tip.it, but that doesn't mean a friend can't check for me =).








Just bought 2k more yew logs from world 1 f2p with no scamming, and got the full 2k yews in one trade in less than 5 minutes. Woohoo, now I just need to find time to fletch all of them. I'm going nonmembers in 9 days, so I have to hurry up so I don't end up with 2k members objects in my bank.




I'm thinking of starting to powerfletch/merchant for a santa as that has been my goal for almost all of runescape. Last time I ended up getting hacked of 4k d bones =/, but I shall rebound and finaly conquer this obstacle. Besides the Tip it Planners are showing some really nice Magic Levels for the excessive fletching I'm planning on doing. Now I'm just worried about the Hitpoint XP that I am not getting from alching, which I will later earn back by playing pest control.




I tried killing firegiants with a rune halberd in the same spot I used with range with 31 STRENGTH, yes you heard me Fire Giants at 32 STRENGTH! Needless to say besides the halberd being utterly slow, I barely hit anything besides 0's because I have exactly 40 attack, and when I did it was low even though I was using spare strength pots.




I'm also thinking of making this into a staker instead of a pker. What I mean is a Range Staker by having high range (99 - I wish lol) and high def (99 - I wish lol). That could translate directly to a Range Tanker in PK terms meaning I could probably do both. I'm thinking of raising my magic fairly high as well since it's useful for many different things, attacking, crafting, teleporting, enchanting, ect. But I still have a lot of time to think about the defence for staking, or the no defence for pking question since first no matter what I'm getting 85 range. This seems like a nice even level to stop, and this is the exact level where prayer cb lvls give more range attack bonus than getting the same # of combat levels by training range, which would also take about 50 times longer.




But since my membership runs out in 9 days I'm going to fletch my yews and alch them quick to get cash for f2p merchanting. Once I'm f2p I'm going for 76 fishing by using the new lumby banking to my advantage to bank my salmon. If I get that done, and it seems like I would waste membership credit by going members on that same day because of vacation and holidays, I might chop yews for fletching in members for later.




I really like the fast skilling idea of just focusing on one skill instead of evenly trying to spread it out. Woodcutting went over pretty much although I'm still bummed I didn't continue chopping until I had 75 wc, but I guess that's for another day.




Wow this turned out to be long, but I guess it ought to be due to this being almost a week of unactiveness, please continue showing support by posting here or pming me in-game, although it may not seem like it, it really brightens up my day.








[First half of October]




Well I've just been doing quite a few quests and re-organized my bank, which took me an hour. I'm just preparing to go non-members in the 4 days that I have left. I won't be on during the week month so the weekend is my last day of doing some serious dirty work. I also did a bit of staking on saturday and sunday. On saturday I did 3 duels, staking 10k each time, and guess what I LOST ALL OF THEM. Then the same guy wants to stake me 50k, his taunting comments are starting ot annoy me, so I accept. I showed that noob and got the 50k. Then he doesn't believe it and stakes me 70k this time. Beaet him again =). I guess I'm just lucky that way. Then today I won a few 10k stakes, then someone staked me and in a matter of 7 duels completely rid me of all my rune scimmies. We did a few more duels and I won about 7 of them back, He stakes 100k I win, we stake 100k again, I lose, and then we stake 100k again and I win. Knowing when to quit while your ahead is one of the hardest things in the duel arena since your always tempted to try for more. I however managed to make a profit both days.




I'm almost ready for my fishing spree to 76 fishing in lumbridge river, and banking at new lumby bank. I'm also going to start mining 20k iron ore so when I go members around November/December-ish that I will be able to smith 20k iron darts/knives (undecided).




I also managed to finish casting sara strike 100 times so I can now cast it outisde of the mage arena. I bought the zamorak staff, but ran out of bloods so I couldn't do the required 100 casts.




Have 68 magic now which I guess is alright, and im planning on continuing yew lonbow fletching + alching as that has worked really well in gaining me fletching + magic xp and still managing to make a profit which I thought was never possible.




I also got influenced to start playing guitar again, and my dad is pressuring me to stop playing rs. While I have no intention of stopping rs anytime soon I am however planning cutting down my time to accomodate other aspecs of my life such as school work and my social life. Don't worry you guys won't notice a thing and I won't be skimping out on the quality of my blogs either. They're a good way to record my thoughts and practice my presentation of writing. Ahh, I'm rambling on again. Anyways hope to have achieve my goals soon, because I'm really going to miss staking in duel arena.








































































































































































Missed pic for 55 Range =/


Missed pic for 56 range =/












































































































































































































































Here I will list the stakes that I win and their rewards. Please note, yes I also lose a lot of stuff, but I only post the fights that I win. No none of these are faked, if the pic looks the same I just staked same amount. Sorry I can't prove it with the chatbox cut I cut it off to make the images smaller. I don't care if you believe me or not this is just a gallery for me and anyone else who cares.
























































Pictures of My Awesome House (Construction currently at 36). Even though my level doesn't show it construction is one of my favorite skills at the moment.
























*more pictures coming soon.












Xx D3ad Pl0x Memorial, Last Day of Runescape.




We just hung around for about an hour. He said he didn't want to make a big deal of him quitting, so he just posted his entire


speech on page 5 of my blog (check it out!). Anyways we went back and explored the best and fun aspecs of f2p. Be aware I edited


a lot of the pictures (very poorly lol) to make the text context fit in. He told a ton of stories (died, and got all his stuff back.


He Fireblasted almost everything we saw lol. Alched a ton of stuff like RUne axe and Rune Dagger. We even bought a Bronze Dagger


for 50k from some noob, and made him very happy. See were not such bad guys we just helped a noob =). We went to mage tower lesser


and got a rune med on first kill =). We went and collected the newly instated NOOB TAX lol. Slayed some newbs who didn't want to


pay up (don't worry just a photoshop), and the crowd goes wild. And some cool moves to finish it off.













Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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You just had to point that out didn't you.....well its a long story but I went to a drop party from a friend of mine :lol:




Edit: quick question does anyone know if the drops and drop rates for minotaurs lvl 12 and 27 are different or the same? Thanks

Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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Just finished day 1's entry.


Finishing up day 2's right now.


Looks like I will be getting my goal of 50 magic after all.


Posted a ton of more lvls to.


And got 42 total right skull halfs! (ill post a pic of em)

Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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good luck with that! i use that place for range trianing cause you showed me a safe spot :3> . although..i moved spots..but you still inspired me.... :oops: anywho, goodluck with your goals, 85 mage will take a bit of time, but stick to it and you'll get there :)

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good luck with that! i use that place for range trianing cause you showed me a safe spot :3> . although..i moved spots..but you still inspired me.... :oops: anywho, goodluck with your goals, 85 mage will take a bit of time, but stick to it and you'll get there :)




Your welcome, and thanks.




Just updated some of the old pics of mage and range equip, as well as my safe spot to higher quality pictures. I found out the reason they were so low quality before was my computer was saving them as .GIF and not .JPEG :wall:




Edit1: I left the origonal stat picture though cause I can't undo levels. :shock:




Edit2: Just added a bank picture.

Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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Very well written blog! I like your way of training, not sure if you drop traded or not though :? Either way good luck!




Sort of in a barely sort of way. As I said 7k iron arrows just feel from the sky :D. The rest is all gotten from monster drops or selling monsters drops (feathers, cowhides, iron arrows, essence).

Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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Just added a list of people that helped me with my goal. Be it some free food, encouragement, or just keeping me company.




If you want to train with me I will be in world 13 at the Security Stronghold at the minotaurs. Might make some screenies if we get a few people there at once.

Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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I have a question. How did you get those runes with oviously no way to make them with RC, and no skill levels to make any type of money?
Drop traded. He has left tons of clues...


Drop trading is illegal in Runescape, be careful.




Good luck.




I started with 7k iron arrows (they fell from the sky




Helaed myself with cakes when needed which I got from a "good friend" of mine :lol:




drop party from a friend of mine :lol:






Btw, to make your pictures look better save them as .png, it also saves space.

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Thanks, xdemonrune is keepin me company so time just flies by.




Edit: .Png it is. From now on all picture will be in .png.


Maybe I will repost the ranger and mage equip pictures as I did when I switched from .Gif to .JPEG.




:evil: You try getting your range high with those 30 chopsticks they give you to start! I didn't know about minautors back then :? .

Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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right halfs not lefts =) and if you like that I will update the bank pic right now.




I now have 64 total right skull halves and 18,423 iron arrows :shock: :!:


I also got some minds runes, iron arrows, trout, and a rune long from xdemonrune, thanks for all your encouragement and training with me man. The items helped too. Just hope I wasn't a leech.

Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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Just started training range again. Goal will be either 54-55 range by end of today since I have soccer practice as well today.




Hill giants aren't that bad to train once you figure out the best square to stand when attacking them.

Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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What do you get off the Freak Forester? And nice blog I'm gonna keep updated most definitely




Lederhosen items (short, top, and I think hat)




Nice name d00d, good luck on your goals. 8-) 8-) 8-)





Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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I love it when its late at night and you can start doubling up on hill gaints and killing 2 at once. 6k xp away from 55 range. Have to go to bed soon so I might not have time to write a blog tonight but I will post it tomorow.

Looking for someone to teach me how to Armadyl farm - pm me

10,200th Person to Achieve 99 Magic on 1/10/08

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