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Type your fourum name with your elbow!


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a last try wit the thin(other hand's) elbow:


abv dussarrfar


omg! thats sooooooooo close!! :shock:




I'll do that, too. Before was left, now is right










OMG!I only got 3 letters that weren't supposed to be there

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Before: Strago Magus




After:Strago Magus




Took forever to type this out by elbow. I did this by elbow too. 8-)

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that was closeeee!!!!






attempt #2










almost the same, 1 more try!




















i did it? wow? this time i used my right elbow, theres a bump on it. <3:








this 1 i did with my nose:







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Z.lxcloool bnoyu




Now that stinks






I am thinking i'll try it with my nose like one of the people before me said.





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