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Do you laugh in real life when you "lol" in-game?


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I don't use Lol, because i know the reciever finds it irritating. I use hehe and haha, and instead of just saying Lol to everything i dont find interesting (because that is what it seems to be a lot of the time) i just say Ok or Oh right.

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sometimes... but only if its rlly funy :D


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I actually sometimes 'lol' when I say lol but this only happened like ONCE or TWICE at the most.




I took the insanity test and I have one thing to say to people who are afraid of insane people: Stay away from me for your own good! After about 2 minutes of laughing myself to pieces I suddenly stopped. LYk OMG iT fInAlLy HaPpEnEd I'M iNsAnE

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Generally I don't but on occasion i have found myself actually laughing at joke I read in game or something of that sort.








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Well.. this...




If someone come to me and try make joke or something, joke isn't my stuff. What kind of answer I give? "ok" or "lol" ? you decide. Any "lol" I use isn't me laughing at all.

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this is what i use: (caps don't work in RS though)


lol just for something to say


LOL is for when i think something is funny but i dont even smile


lmao is a smile


LMAO is a chuckle/giggle (pick one)


roflmao is when im actually laughing




barely ever use roflmao :|

Couldn't have said it better myself, though when actually laughing sometimes I'll say "That actually made me lol", or something to that effect.

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Very rarely do I lol when I "lol" on RS. If I'm actually laughin I'm like lolololol or lmao or roflmao or rofl, etc. :) I usually "lol" if I found it partially funny or amusing.

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I can only think of 1 instance:




I was joking with a friend when he was getting off RS and I meant to say




*A tear falls down my cheek*




But if you look at the keyboard the r key is next to the t key. so instead i accidentally typed:




*A teat falls down my cheek*




I about fell out of my chair when I realized it.



Presto instant eggs.
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Lol? Any ch00bs and lesser fr00bs say lol. DUH.




I don't use it. I prefer my own little repertoire of "faces" or emoticons. ;P Like that one. It just kinda comes after alot of stuff I wrote. It means different things. XD Is another big one. Usaully a smile or a laugh. And then the are "Lmao". I only say that when something makes me cry from being so funny. Which DOES happen. ;P




On MSN, I try to avoid talking to people who say "lol" all the time. Most of my contacts use proper grammar and the like, so it's pretty good. ;D


It really has

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i laugh usually only when someone dies or i get somethin free then if i say lol there is like a 10% chance of me loling in rl. lol. like while im writing this


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