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Training Range

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Well, I am currently 72 Ranged, and am looking to train to at least 80, and probably higher.




What would you suggest I train on?


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depends on if u want just xp or cash too,


ranging firegiants will be pretty good xp and drops should cover the arrows u use




blue dragons are good for money

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Blue drags for cash.


Ogres in the King's training guild with bronze arrows for afkability.


Cannon/knives at dags under the lighthouse for insane speed.


Rock crabs for cheap and fast xp.




Pest control with Affliction for the best xp (provided you are combat 90+). The link for their site is in the pc guide in my sig.


PM me in game to use some skills of mine (glories/potions) free or to ask a question.

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This may help you btw im almost 94 range




70-80 firegiants close to 33k xp an hour and the drops will more than cover for arrows




80-99 caged greater demons great for money and xp clues are excellent source of income




never used knifes they hit to low but they are fast same with drats.


I stick to the good ol fashoined Magic bow and arrows




70-80 arrows I used steel mostly in this range lvls But depending on your money you might wanna go with addy.




80-99 arrows to use-I use bronze but you could use iron but anything higher would be a waste if you were goin to kill caged greaters.




Goodluck and you will become very very bored in ranging.But you get to search the forums alot.If you have any problems or need some more help add me rsn:fercho7

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