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Help & Advice Guide


The Help & Advice forum is here for you to ask RuneScape-related questions and get advice from other users on things that can't be found in the available guides, announcements and sticky threads.

For forum-related questions, read the following:

Before You Post
  • Looking for a specific monster drop? Use the Tip.It Bestiary and search for the drop you want.
  • Looking for information on a certain item? Use the Tip.It Items Database and search for the item you want.
  • If you still can't find what you are looking for, SEARCH the forums before you post.
What To Post
  • Ask your question in your subject. If it's too long, be sure that your subject makes sense. If it doesn't, it may not ever be read.
  • Provide as much background information as possible for others to provide a good answer without having to ask you for more details. This might include:
  • Whether you are P2P or F2P
  • Your skill levels, current and/or desired
  • Available coin
  • Weapons and/or equipment
  • Location
  • Reply to your post to inform others that you've gotten the help & advice you were looking for.
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