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Marketplace Rules

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Marketplace Rules


  1. The Jagex Rules of Conduct are strictly enforced on Tip.It forums.* More specifically, do NOT use the Marketplace for Account Selling, Item Scamming or Trading Real-Life Items for RuneScape Items.
  2. Search the forums before you post. Select "Marketplace" as the forum to narrow your search.
  3. Don't duplicate threads. Post only one time for your item and on one forum. If you accidentally duplicate, change your subject to "Close".
  4. Don't spam. Post to threads only if you are interested in buying or selling what is posted. Do not post to criticize, outsell or debate the values of item(s) you aren't buying.
  5. View your posts and visit your market post(s) at least daily. Respond to anyone who has posted interest and edit your initial post to make changes to quantity or price. You can help keep track of replies by using the "Watch Topic" feature to be notified of any new posts. You can configure your notifications by visiting Signed In > My Settings > Notification Options.
    [hide=Watch Topic Feature]watch-topic.png[/hide]
  6. Don't bump unnecessarily. If your post is on the first page of the forum, do not bump your thread. The bump frequency used on the RuneScape forums is not necessary.
  7. Include contact information. If you are buying or selling items/services, always include your RSN so interested parties may contact you in-game.
  8. Expiration. Threads are removed from the Marketplace forums if the author indicates that they can be locked or closed (author must edit their title to "SOLD" or "CLOSED" once the item is sold). Alternatively, if your item(s) have been bought or sold, you can also inform moderators by utilizing the /!\ Report Post feature so we can remove or lock your topic.
  9. Report bad service. If you initiated a trade in the Marketplace board and the second party failed to complete the trade (if it could not be completed in one trade window, i.e. selling dungeoneering floors) or attempted to scam you, you can report them for their bad service! Read this sticky for information on how to submit a report: Reporting Scams and Bad Trades/Services. Do not complain about the user publicly.


*All Tip.It Forum Rules apply.

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