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guilded alter question


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according to tip it guide mahogony burners and marble burners give same exp boost....




is this true?




cause i was looking at putting in a guilded alter and if i could save almost 1.3mil by putting in mahogony instead of marble this would be great




if this has alrdy beed asked could someone point me to the discussion of it plz





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There is an important extra feature to the altar. Dependant on your altar and the amount of incense burners you have lit, you will be awarded more prayer experience for the bones you offer.


Please note: These values are based upon having the best burners. If you have lower level burners, you will find there is a difference in the experience you will receive.




The values show up to 350% with a Guilded Altar and two burners, so based on the above statement, I would imagine that mahogonay burners give <350%.

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