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Improved looks on demons, dragons and giants!!


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I like them overall, but I greatly prefered the more draconic-looking lesser and greater demons.

I really wouldn't call it an era. It was more of a definitive time period during which dinstinctive characteristics were expressed in similar ways.


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I dont like this update, drops appear much later, takes more time to wait until i can get bones before i can attack next one




Wow, so you're complaining because you have to wait an extra second before attacking? Don't you even appreciate how much nicer the monsters look now and how much work probably went into this update? Waiting a bit longer will not kill you.



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I've been wondering what those guys have been doing instead of banning those macroers... :anxious:




Jagex has separate teams. Graphics team worked on the new NPC looks, I'm pretty sure there's a specific coding team just to bugfix, not to mention the appeal team. It's not all the same team that works together on one thing at a time.


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i haven't been able to get a picture, but the demons buildable for construction (in player's treasure rooms) look AWESOME now. i went down into my dungeon after the update and was surprised at it. i'm not going to upload a piccy of it though, my file-hosting site doesnt give me unlimited bandwidth you know. =P~

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yech :-X i hate the new updates. the new monsters look big and bulky. i like the face of the demons, but i don't like their body. i think we should go back to the old version i think that one looks a lot better :3>


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I really liked the new graphics... 8-)


Made them look less like they were put there by 12 year olds.


:shame: No offence Jagex! :^o


Pretty much what Dragon said.

Thread terminated.

I guess that means I'm the thread Terminator?


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bludragon wubs this update!!!


im slaying greens right now ^_^




and +1 on you wolfmon, i love that thing when they die.


Noted raw mackerel drop... Wtfh?

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