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Thanks, I trained about 200K with chins. :D


Thanks, totally looove my sig and avvy now. Like yours too. :D




aww thanks, the signature I made myself, the avatar I didn't unfortunetly, my other laptop isn't working at the moment so I can't use fireworks.




Oo I should use chins if the exp is that good, though I'm currently working towards using my crystal bow, sitting in my bank gathering dust!!

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Dang! Nice thieving lvl there :P Grats!


Thanks Vold! :D




<3: <3:<3:<3:<3:






You are very fast at levelling. When I get back from Florida I wont be surprised if your already 1850 total <3:


Not sure if I can make it, but I will sure try! :D <3:


Fanx for teh repleyez! :uhh: :D


Credits to Skully Sc for the signature.24picns.png

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I don't get it what's your goal :oops: . 99 Thieving? Well gl, I might join you Thieving for a day or 2, I need to get 80.


2146 overall - 136 combat - 6 skillcapes


Plus I think the whole teenage girl thing will end soon (hopefully), because my girlfriend is absolutely in love with him(she is 18), and im beginning to feel threatened by his [Justin Bieber] dashing looks.

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Time for some Deekaying and Agility :P.




Keep it up!


Indeed, time for 80 agility, Dk's for some money-making and Slaying for 99 defence, 10k off 75 Slayer!@ :D




Nice Robz0r, and nice thiefing <3:






Thanks Collie! <3:


Credits to Skully Sc for the signature.24picns.png

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Wel after a few days of planting some seeds I got from slayer.


This was the result.








J00 g00d...only i dont plant the seeds i get from slayer on the the right side :wink:





CLICK - 770th to 99 SLAYER 2/4/08 - 204th to 99 Summoning 7/1/08 CLICK



[Hide=List of Drops That I haven't updated in Years but want to keep in my Sig anyways...]VISAGE DROP - 12/06/07

3 Duo Sara Hilts, 3 Duo Arma Hilts, 2 Trio Arma Hilts.

Dark Bows: (11) Dragon Boots: (50!)

Whip Drops: (42!!!) Dragon Drops: (90+!!!!!) 2 D CHAINS!, 3 D Axe, 8 D meds, 7 left halfs, 7 D legs, 6 skirts, 8 Spears[/hide]

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