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Christmas 2005 marrionette glitch


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Yes, its a bit late to ask, :-P


But does anyone else have 2 marrionettes like I do, I got one from the chest not realizing that i should have gotten it from the tree


Now, this couldnt have been bug abuse, I was not aware at the time(I regret not reporting it, didnt know at the time)




So, anyone else have 2?

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There used to be an easy way to colect duplicates of the marionettes, even of different colors, but now they 'bind when picked up' and cannot appear on the ground.




Before, you could grab a marionette, die, run and find another, then get your first one before the minute was up, and could get up to 28 of em.




I got all 3 of them once, but Then I dropped em and they fixed the bug. Boohoo...


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Yeah, that was a lot of fun, come to think of it. Which is weird because it wasn't much different from most RS minigame event things. But, there was just something about it that was unique.


I hope Jagex is able to recapture some of that this year.


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I didn't do last years Christmas event. Now I wish I had.




PS: if you wanna bring back memories of Christmas, go to the music player and find "scape santa."

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