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The absolute fastest way to degrade your Crystal Shield


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The other day I accidentally chose shield when recharging my crystal seed into a crystal bow. Needing my bow I was posed with buying another one (900k) or buying another seed which I couldn't find available from players. Left with no other option but to degrade my crystal shield back into a crystal seed again, I started to melee creatures knowing that I needed 2500 successful hits to accomplish this. I did the math and lets just say it would take a long time. Then I remembered this one time when someone tried to scam me by luring me into the Mole holes in Falador Park/Gardens and getting me to extinguish my light source. I was on to this scam but played along discovering that there are insects there that attack you when your light source is extinguished. They do 1 damage to you and hit you about 3 times a second. So what I decided to do was this...




1. I took a light source, crystal shield, spade, tinderbox and went down the Mole hole in Falador Park/Gardens.


2. Extinguished my lantern/candle. It took 81 hits off my shield in about 30 seconds (varies depending on your HP lvl).


3. Died I turned on Prayer to save extra item near death.


4. Respawned in Falador. It would be considerably longer if you don't have Falador park respawn.


5. Equiped my shield and lit my lantern again.


6. Ran back down to Mole hole.


7. Repeat.




Did it about 30 times in an hour and viola....a crystal seed. :thumbsup:

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I just finished doing this to get my bow to 180k. Also, people with lumbridge respawns can use the hole in the castle basement. You could bank at the chest if you want to use food to last longer. Sorry if this is bumping an old post, but I found this through a link...

Barrows: 9~2 V Brass,V Flail,2 Dh Plate,V Helm,V Skirt,T Legs,Malevolent Shield DKing: 48~6 W Ring,13 A Ring,8 M Staff,9 S Ring,7 B Ring,3 Seercull
Dragon Drops: 476~50+ Med,26 Axe,3 Chain,12 Legs,9 Spear,2 D2h,8 L Half,49 Boots,2 DDs,9 Lump,9 Claws,50+ Dagger,14 Visage,50+ Mace,4 Scimitar,5 Hasta,Baxe,50+ Long,29 Royal,2 Kite,Ward,Plate,Staff,Hammer,Limbs,Mattock
GWD: 154~4 S Staff,50+ Shard,9 B Tass,13 B Plate,5 B Boots,6 A Plate,11 S Sword,8 A Hilt,3 A Skirt,9 A Helm,S Hilt,3 B Hilt,B Glove,2 A Buckler,Z Ward,Z Garb,2 Z Boots,B Shield,B Helm

Corp: 3~Elysian,2 Sp Sh Nex: 3~Torva Legs,Cere,P cowl + GWD2: 9~2 Glaive,Wand,2 Crest,Blade,2 Essence,Core Araxyte: 5~Web,3 Pheromone,Fang + Raids: 4~3 Codex,P Boots  + Trails: 1~Bob Shirt

Etc: 63~3 Sceptre,B Mask,16 Whip,2 Focus Sight,5 D Bow,7 SOL,Ragefire,2 Steadfast,Arma Staff,6 Rider Armor,4 Vine,2 Razorback,2 A Wand,Abby Orb,3 Blood Shard,6 Hydrix,Gland,Asc Xbow
[spoiler=Capes]Quest Cape Aquired 12-7-07 ~ Level 93 + + + Completionist Cape Aquired 5-22-15 ~ Level 138
Hitpoints Cape Aquired 9-21-09 ~ Level 131 + Magic Cape Aquired 9-24-09 Attack Cape Aquired 3-5-10 ~ Level 135 Summoning Cape Aquired 3-12-10

Strength Cape Aquired 6-1-11 ~ Level 137 Fire Cape Aquired 6-23-11 Defence Cape Aquired 7-5-11 + Ranged Cape Aquired 8-1-11 Kiln Cape Aquired 2-26-12 ~ Level 138
Dungeoneering Cape Aquired 4-22-12 + Slayer Cape Aquired 6-25-14 ~ Level 200 + Herblore Cape Acquired 12-9-14 ~ Level 138 Prayer Cape Acquired 12-20-14
Agility Cape Acquired 1-4-15 + Hunter Cape Acquired 1-30-15 Construction Cape Acquired 1-31-15 Crafting Cape Acquired 2-22-15 Thieving Cape Acquired 3-18-15
Runecrafting Cape Acquired 4-14-15 Mining Cape Acquired 4-19-15 Fishing Cape Acquired 4-25-15 Firemaking Cape Acquired 4-26-15 Woodcutting Cape Acquired 4-26-15
Cooking Cape Acquired 4-26-15Smithing Cape Acquired 4-28-15 Farming Cape Acquired 4-29-15 Divination Cape Acquired 5-3-15 Dungeoneering Mastery 5-4-15
Fletching Cape Acquired 5-4-15 Max Cape Acquired 5-4-15 + Invention Cape Acquired 11-9-16 Invention Mastery 5-16-19 + Archaeology Cape Acquired 10-30-20

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Moving to Player Made Guides.


571st to 99 Fm Nov. 4 '06 - 315th to 99 Crafting Mar. 3 '07 - 3410th to 99 Fishing Sept. 18 '07

26378th to 99 Cooking Oct. 16 '07 -.- 99 Thieving Dec. 29 '07 - 1343rd to 99 Farming June 5 '08

1807th to 99 Agility Nov. 8 '08 - 3094th to 99 Smithing Feb. 14 '09

2012 total - 91 combat

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There's a guide like this somewhere already in lumby caves which is better. But this is an old guide, so who knows... This could've been earlier.


-3,940 to 99 Cooking~3,366 to 99 Magic-

-1,241 to 99 Thieving~7,501 to 99 Ranged-

-14,608 to 99 Defense~17,528 to 99 Hitpoints-

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Yeah, there is already a guide like this.




Lumby is better since bank is close, aswell as a death respawn spot


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

I'm faster than bots at Sorceress Garden.

PM me if you want to chat. My PM is always off.

My keyboard is on fire. Want some?

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Umm just to let you know. This doesn't work anymore.




You can not turn off your light source in the mole tunnels. It can not go out on its own. And you can not go down without one anymore. No, you can't alch it either.




I tried when I was bringing dharoks to go after the mole. However, the lumbridge tunnels should still work.

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