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Hi im life mage12 ("life" is ok with me) and, I had this idea for a game your welcome to play if you want to, anyone can join at anytime.




i'll start with the basics and move on




there are five races they are: elfs, dwarfs, humans, vampires, and undead.




there are classes for each of them, you may choose one.










magic user


























mech. desiner






blood suckers






half & half (as in half human)












animated corpse (like a zombie but your controled by a wizard and can talk good and stuff)




btw I am aware vampires are undead but, just work with me here.




The classes describe what kind of you are. In the game the job would be picked out for you from the day you were born but, i'm leting you pick.




next is where you start out, there are 6 locations:








sea (on a boat)


island (i'm sure i spelled that wrong)






grassland (like the plains but not as dangerous) and more dark




now onto what field you work withen:






white mage:human,elf


dark mage:human,elf


mounted force:all races


footman:all races


sword fighter:human,elf,vampire




metel workers:dwarf only


army tech:human only


mankind tech:human only


vampire slayer:human only


undead hunter:human only




two things left, first the stats hp stays the same the rest will verry besides luck.


































































you'll be puting the info here:














starting location:












(make it as if your wrighting a book)




now for me
















starting location:forest


backround:Aiedail is from a poor family, his father was assanated at when aiedail was almost 5, his mother died of a heart attack when he was 17. His brother and sister were killed fighting when humans invaded their village, the humans slaghterd most of the elfs there by surprise, a handfull survived in that village, and went seperate ways.


apparance:5'2, black hair, leather top and bottem


wepon(s):bow, sword, posioned darts


pet:dragon egg




there was something i forgot to put in but, i rember now.




you can have 1 pet, it can be killed too.


the pets you can have are:


colt (baby horse)


dragon egg (u'll have to wait for it to hatch which takes about a month)








you can have anything related to the things above but, it will have to be in it's baby form. There is no way to make these things grow faster.




dragons grow a few days after they have hatched but they don't grow in power until about a month. You can shild your pet but do it wisely.




your pet gets these stats every pet gets the same stats when there are fully grown. you can't attack them until they are fully grown.
















you can increse your stats by training that stat as well as your pets stats, but you can't train more then 1 stat at a time. If you go into battle with someone you can't strike two times without him posting before your second attack, if you don't follow the rules you will be destroyed and, the other person will suffer no damage. Like the battle never happened.






also you can't do anything to big like




"I destroy a god with one blow" if you say you do the gods will atomaticly kill you (basicly u'll be booted out of the game)




and finaly the game time table




1 day - half a month


2 days - 1 month


3 days - 1 and a half months


4 days - 2 months


5 days - 2 and a half months


6 days - 3 months


and so on




and the world map






you'll notice the map has a key for the "P", that is just saying the map is you "key" to the world (and to make the game seem more realistic)




beond the rules there is no restriction, if you have just skiped down to this part GO BACK UP AND READ IT!!!!!!!

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starting location:forest




weapons:katana shortbow ninja gear


bio:? dosent liketo talk about it


lookes:black poney tail green eyes has red eyes in blood lust


pale skin


note he can be in light but he gets tirerd faster

pruis morie guam fidem farlle

solu crus does cave

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2 more ppl and we'll start




and yha the vampires in my story can come out in light,they don't get tired from the light but the're weaker in a battle.




a vampires stats in light are















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kinda vague




make it as if your wrighting a book








On the run from the humans that were persuing me I get tired and find a cave for the night, I set down and start to close my eyes. When I wake up I find myself in a human jail, knowing that i need to break out quickly I pick the lock, I grab a sword off the wall (off the deceration things) and start slaghtering them, after that i go up a lvl and make my way to a room, while looking for a way out i find a store room. I take my sword and bow, loot the room for anything valubale and make my way out of the town. into the mountains.

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finally i get out of the forest its night time and i see A INN IN THE FAR


DISTANCE i get to the inn as fast as i can when i get there i order some wine there when i bump in to somebody he got mad i said i was sorry and sat down i took a sip of my red wine he came to my table telling me how i was so disrepectful i could tell by his clothing that he was one of the rich kids who thougt they were better then every one i took another sip of wine

pruis morie guam fidem farlle

solu crus does cave

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then he got so mad becuse he couldent stand that i didnt care he said were takeing this out side we whent around a corner no one was watching he and his posse took out there weapons they came at but i just tore there necks out sucking them dry of blood


i check there pockets for money not sure how much there were thou

pruis morie guam fidem farlle

solu crus does cave

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In the montains I knew I woulden't hold up for long, my only hope was to go south to the plains for it was almost winter and i'd spend a whole winter on that rock, "this isn't good" I thought to myself. as i was lost in my thoughts i noticed a row of men barley visable to my eye. "S*** I don't have good luck." seeing the mountains will slow them down I had to flee to the plains or seek shelter with dwarfs which live in the mountains, but that might take weeks, so I head forward into the danger of the plains, or "the void."

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name: Arya


age: 19


race: (forest) Elf


class: Mage


field: White Mage


starting location: Forest


backround: ill get back to you when i have time :-X


apparance: tall, thin, white hair down to my waist. tan skin, saphire-blue eyes


wepon(s): bow and arrows, magic staff


pet: Star Dust- Silver dragon, some magic powers













.::Dare To Dance::.

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name: Arya


age: 19


race: (forest) Elf


class: Mage


field: White Mage


starting location: Forest


backround: ill get back to you when i have time :-X


apparance: tall, thin, white hair down to my waist. tan skin, saphire-blue eyes


wepon(s): bow and arrows, magic staff


pet: Star Dust- Silver dragon, some magic powers













nice for someone else to join, you can't have a fully developed dragon only the egg, even if it is from eragon, anyway...




As im going to the plains my pocket starts to shake, I dig in there and find the weird black egg I found peeling slowly. As I find a cave I go into it, after my egg hatched I saw a black dragon there. Then I feel a blow on the back of my head, as my vision gets darker, I see myself start to rise. Then black, pure black. I find that my bow is gone and my sword too. I see it on the floor beside me. I reach for it and remove it from the case, just as I am about to swing I feel a sharp pain in my arm as if it was geting cut off, then pure darkness.

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after i killed the brat and his posse i clined up my face and left as if nothing happend i whent back into the inn to get a bed for the night i got one whent into the room and whent to bed

pruis morie guam fidem farlle

solu crus does cave

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I wake up and find myself back in that human prison. I had a diffrent cell this time, 2-inch thick, magic resestant bars, 10 inch thick walls, and no other prisoners. "I've been placed in high sucurity" as I thought my escape routes, someone came in and set my food down on the floor.


Before I tasted it I smelled it, then split it open, listened for anything crawling around,then stared at it for awile, then pushed it away, it was posioned! seeing my dislike the person took it away, I stoped him, looked at him and noticed he was an elf, I looked at the guards, they too were elfs. "the food must have a mind control serium or something."I thought to myself. As I stood around for a little while thinking it out i started to get tired so I wen't to bed for the night.

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only the name and the fact that she's an elf are from eragon ::'




ok, so i have a silver-ish dragon egg

ok start when ever you want








since I was in maximum sucrity i had to wait so i could break out, seeing there was no decerations for wepons, and i was dealing with elfs i was in a little trouble, counting there were about 12, 3 white mages, 2 black mages, 4 fighters, 1 sword fighter, 1 gunsman, as I looked at the last one i noticed it wasn't an elf, but a human. "If I can get to him I can kill him with my fists, and if im lucky he'll be the guy casting this spell over them." as I thought that to myself he came in, he looked like an herblist, I noticed an vial in his hand, orange liquid in the vial. He tried to force open my mouth, I resisted, hiting him in the chest, again I hit him this time in the leg, again and again I hit him till I heard something break, the vial he was holding broke on the floor, the others came runing, I desided that it was better to leave him alive, I ran outside the cell then my legs colapsed, I was taken to a room with a single hand tie at the top, they tied my hands and whiped my repetedly, again and again the stinging peice of metal came, each time the screams of pain could be heard through out the whole prison, when they got done with me they put me back in my cell. Before i passed out I heard a conversation.


"that herblist died of to much blood loss, what will we do?"


"I don't know yet."


"you know the elfs will begain to think without the potion."


"thats not what has my thoughts right now."


"what is?"


"that new one, he was smart enough to know what was in the food, he's the smartest one we've got yet."


"isn't that a good thing?"


"if we could get him to eat, yes."


"if we can't, we'll be in deep s***."


"hmm we'll talk about it tomorrow, they say that general sarah will be in town."


"isn't she an elf too?"


"yes, but shes sided with us, we'll watch her just incase."


And then I passed out.

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you'll notice i have made a world map, thats to help you see the world where this takes place, i'll think of a name for this place later, do you have any clue how hard it is to take a bunch of pixels and place each one exactly in the right spot, it's hard and time consuming.

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i wake up that morning whent ate some breakfest.


after that i drank some more wine in the tavern .


after about a few hours of drinking and talking


the hole bar was in a fight peaple throwing themselves at each other .


i took out a few guy then got out of there as soon as possible hoping that i might not go into a bloodthrust rage and let out my secret.i stared wandering the town for something to do or get into

pruis morie guam fidem farlle

solu crus does cave

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Just entering town was a millitary, horse drawn, carage. behind it 30 human foot solders were following it, in it was a woman, leather top, leather bottem, steel boots, black headband, and gloves. on here she had a sword, a gun, a bow, and a pouch full of shurukens (throwing stars).


at the entrance of the prison she steped out of the carrage, and was met by two human guards, i was watching out my window. "show me the elf!" she demanded the 11 elfs steped out, standing silent as she inspected them. "Not these elfs, the one you captured." without a word one of the two humans gestered his hand while the other one went ahead."


when they got to my cell she said "open it up!" as the gate opened she steped in and demanded "stand up!" I tried but my legs were weak from the beating the night before, they just colapsed, seeing i coulden't she turned and said "what did you do to him,are you tring to kill him?" She leaned down inspecting me, she was inspecting my left hand, over and over again, she was looking for the symbol of the elf clan i was born into, nothing, not even a dot. she walked out and said "close the gates." her voice was more calm this time, that left me relived, i could tell she had no intent on harming me. "Ma'am," said one of the humans "he had a dragon with him when the dwarfs got here."


"what did you do with this dragon?"


"we rushed it to the center of the empire right away."


"I supose you relied on the dwarfs to do it." she sighed


"No we personly rushed it there."


"atleast your good for something."


"i'm taking him back with me, he's more use to me then he is to you."


"ok, theres another matter though."




"what sould we do about the herblist, the elfs will start to think for themselfs if we don't do something."


"that's your problem, if your slaghtered by 11 elfs rebeling then you should have been more careful."




"it was your idea to try and control them, you'll sufer the resalts by yourself."


"yes ma'am."


"I have to be back in two days i'll visit tomorrow, tonight im geting a room and im taking the elf with me."


"is that wise?"


"you could never know as much about elfs as i do, what woulden't be wise is to leave him here with tweedle dumb and tweedle dee."


"yes ma'am, open the elfs cell!"he shouted


the guard pulled a lever that lefted the cage, two people rushed in and helped me out of the cell, we got in the carage, and i blacked out.

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if you haven't already noticed i have edited the time table so the game wont go by to fast, oh and this is a world were you don't die of old age, only if you or someone kills you

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as a i wandered threw the city i saw a horse drawn carrige where some gourds were pulling a elf and a women in front of him i followed the hoping for some good blood,pleasure,money

pruis morie guam fidem farlle

solu crus does cave

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