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As i awoke i saw edess in the corner of my eye. As we pulled into the inn the sign said the inferno "weird name for an inn" I thought. Slowy I was geting my strenth back, I could stand and walk on my own now.though I coulden't move far without my legs giving out on me. "See this," said sarah I noded "this is more military only you'll be safe here." "Don't cause any trouble and you'll be alright, and tell no one your a prisoner, that will spell trouble." I noded again. At the counter the guy said "welcome back." that ment they were here atleast a day before the visit. "whos the new one with you?" "hes the guy from the prision I told you about, thats all you need to know." "yes ma'am, does he need another room?" "No he will stay with me, I need to question him on somethings." "Okay enjoy your stay." she smiled "think you." then we went up the stairs to room 202. We set down, across from each other, seperated by the little table in the middle.


she said "my names Sarah, what's yours?"


"Aiedail." I said


"so you do speak."


"yes, why?"


"just wondering."


"how did you get captured by those two, they must be the two most un resourful people on the whole planet."


"they got me why i was asleep."


"themselfs, are you sure your not human?"


"they got the dwarfs to do it."


"oh so..."


"can I ask some things? I don't have time for small talk."


"sure go ahead."


"why are you being so nice to me? why did you start working for the empire? what clan do you belong to?"


"one at a time."


"i'm being so nice to you because, you are a fellow elf. I can't just leave my bretheren in the cold."


"As a small child i was abandoned on the empires front step, thats all I ever have know."


"as for my clan isn't it ovious by now I do not know."


"let me see your hand maybe I can indentify you."


she pulled off here gloves and held out her left arm, no mark.


"your clan has been destroyed, when a elf's mark disapeaers that means their clan has be over-run and destroyed."


"We have a long ride tomorrow, derectly sorth-east of this town is the center of the empire, that's where we're going. We sould get some rest."


"okay general..."


"you can call me sarah :wink:."


"okay sarah, lets get some sleep" and we went to bed

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If you'll read those long posts, I said i was in the bed room








Late at night I woke up, wondering out of the room, I walked into the lobby. No one was at the desk, I saw a few people in the little dining area to the right, then I saw a pale faced figure standing in the door way. At first glance I coulden't tell what it was, I just stared then I knew it was a vampire (edess), I started back, It followed. When I got to the door I put a hand on the handle and started jigling it, it woulden't open. As the vampire got closer I relised I forgot the key. Closer the vampire got I started backing up, closer and closer the vampire came. I keep backing up till I met a wall. "damn!" I reached for my sword, relizing I left it in the room, my bow too. as the vampire got closer I asked "What do you want?"

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what do I whant I whant a friend imagine this a man that has no allis no were to hide no one to defend or talk to


I also know that your family was killed off so we both want the the same thing


( i stickout my hand for you to shake it )

pruis morie guam fidem farlle

solu crus does cave

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"I'm going to the man that killed my family, friends, and slaghtered my village,"I said "I'm not gonna give that chance up, that's the only chance i'll have to get my revenge." "I've no where to hide either, we don't want the same thing." "Now if you'll excuse me I have to go, we should live in maybe a hour or 2." "I have to get ready, you can follow if you want but, I won't take up for you." I went back to the door, I knocked and sarah opened the door. "What were you doing out there?" she asked "I got locked out, come on we gotta prepare for our trip." "yes we will leave in about a hour at 4 a.m." "why so early?" "We'll arive there by nightfall if we leave at that time." a half an hour later sarah and I came out, then a guard came out of his room, and another, and so on till we were all in the lobby. from there we ate a loaf of bread and headed outside, sarah steped into the carage, then I steped in. and we headed out. as the sun begain to set I saw the town. I grabed my bow, and readied it.


"what are you planing to do?"asked sarah


"you've known what I've be planing to do, you haven't stoped me either."


"what are you implying?"


"you want this to happen, maybe even by your own hand."


"I've been away from here so long, now i'm going back."


"I know this must be hard, knowing that this man has destroyed almost every elf, no doubt were next."


"how do you know that?"


"those prison walls arn't that thick, I overheard quite a few conversations."


"like what?"


"I overheard your arival."


there was no talking the rest of the time

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