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The Empire: Chapter 1-3

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This is my third at attempt at trying to write this thing, and hopefully this time I'll get enough time to finish it (though thats doubtful, I know it is going to be VERY long.)












King Roulde IX sat in his throne impatiently looking down at the poor peasant that kneeled before him. The starved farmer was rambling off to his king about "a lack of food" and "constant danger from raids". It was always the same, and the young king could care less. Ever since the barbaric nation of Falnn'ar had attacked, food was in short supply for the outer farming villages. Even Roulde himself sometimes had to skip his mid-morning snack.




Roulde thought back to the times when he was just a little boy. All his life he had dreamed of the day he would finally take over the glorious title of King in the island nation of Karin. But his dreams were shattered when Falnn'ar attacked. At first the armies of Karin underestimated the power of the barbaric nation. Several small armies were sent out with orders to engage the enemy until their spirit was lost and they retreated back to their own land. Roulde's father led the largest of these forces, and at first victory seemed near. That all changed when a messenger arrived carrying a peculiar package. When the little prince opened the chest that he was sure held some great treasure from his father's victories, his spirit was crushed and his childhood dream was turned into a nightmare. Contained withing the ornate chest was a severed head and a small message congratulating King Roulde IX on his new kingdom.




Roulde was almost ready to dismiss the peasant when the large oaken doors leading to the chamber was forced open. A bloodied soldier, barely alive by the looks of him, stumbled in with the help of two guards. The man looked up at the king, made a bow, then promptly fell dead. Seeing that his position was clearly unimportant with the sudden emergency, the peasant stood up and ran out the door. Roulde looked down at the body, then issued his order.




"Get that thing out of here before he rots. And tell the cooks to begin preparing my meal"




As the guards began to carry the body out, a note fell from its limp fingers.




Roulde noticed this and quickly made another order.




"Wait, what does that note say?"




One of the guards let the body down and then walked carefully over to it. As he read the bloodied paper, his face began to drop. He looked up at his king.




"They're coming."




"Well then, as soon as you get that body out of here, ready our defenses. I have already prepared a ship to escort me and a select few citizens out of the city" replied Roulde.




The other guard dropped the body and scowled at his kings evident lack of care.




"Sir, I mean no disrespect, but you don't seem to comprehend the situation. The enemy is knocking on our door, and soon they will force their way in. As our king it is your responsibility to lead us to victory, to inspire hope in the hopeless. Please, I beg of you, do not abandon us in such a dire situation."




The king scowled back at the guard.




"You have your orders."








Alex woke up with a start and bumped his head against the bunk above his own. He rubbed the new bump and cursed the warning bells under his breath. This was the third time someone had sounded the bells on a false alarm. With the recent war, people were becoming paranoid. Anytime someone saw a shadow that looked out of place, they rang the warning bell. Alex climbed out of bed and straightened his shaggy blonde hair. Looking around, he noticed that he was not the only one to be awakened by the bell. The barracks soon filled with the sounds of men moaning in drowsiness. Alex, who was used to waking up early by now, decided to go ahead and get ready for the day. As Alex was donning his patrol gear, a sergeant plowed through the barracks door and began to shout at the sluggish soldiers.




"Hurry up! This is not a false alarm, the Falnn'ar army is attacking! Get to your posts immediately!"




The barracks were suddenly filled with the sounds of soldiers rushing to get ready for battle. Alex went into the armory and began putting on his armor. As he donned the elegantly trimmed armor, Alex's drowsiness left and he became fully aware of the situation. This was it. He was finally going to fight, and it would be for this very city. Alex snapped back into reality when another soldier's shield smacked him in the ribs. In his hurry, Alex almost left his shield and mace.




A few minutes later Alex and the rest of his unit were waiting just inside the tightly sealed gates to the city. Their captain had positioned the unit into lines and then began briefing them on the situation




"Alright men, this is it. This is the final battle. Defeat is certain. Our only chance is to hold off the enemy onslaught long enough for a fleet of ships filled with civilians and our king to escape. With that said, our job in this madness is to defend this gate as long as we can. If we are overrun, I will signal the retreat and we will regroup at the docks. From there, be prepared to defend the ships with your life. Because I trained you all to be the best sons-of-[bleep]es in the king's service, I know that you will not dishonor me or the king. Failure is not an option. I will not lie to you, you will most likely not live through this day. Be contempt in the knowledge that if you succeed, your king will live on safe from the evil Falnn'arian armies."




The men all looked down as if a dark shadow had just passed over them. They all thought about the end, wondering how it could all happen this way. Alex himself was overcome with emotion as he listened to his stalwart captain telling all of them the bad news. But the shadow soon passed and Alex suddenly raised his head. If he was going to die, he would do so with honor.




Two hours later, Alex stood in position, waiting impatiently for the battle to finally begin. The enemy had arrived long ago, but they had yet to begin their assault. Reports from the walls told everyone that the enemy was setting up catapaults to bombard the city before they charged. A few minutes later a ball of flame flew over the wall and crashed into a nearby house. Screams were heard as the occupants of the house were burned alive. Alex hoped desperately that he would not meet the same terrible fate as the poor souls who were in that house. Then a second ball of flame soared across the sky and crashed into the tallest tower of the castle, which collapsed into itself and brought down the whole building. The unit of soldiers looked in awe as the castle that had served as the home to their king for centuries was buried into the ground. Alex knew this would be a horrific battle.




The ground shook as the battering ram bashed away at the gate. Little by little it was cracking and breaking, and it would not last much longer. Small parts of the gate fell away and the enemy could be seen outside. One more hit and the gate splintered into a thousand pieces. Several soldiers were killed as the splinters flew through the air like arrows. As the dust cleared, the enemy warriors charged through the gateway into the startled soldiers. Alex put his shield up just as an enemy swung his axe towards his face. Alex then countered with a strike from his own weapon. The mace struck the enemy directly in the face. Blood flowed from the holes the [bleep]ed mace had left in the enemy's face. No amount of training could have prepared Alex for the horror this created. Alex bent over to vomit and failed to notice another enemy coming up in front of him. Before the axe came down on Alex's head, the blade of a sword came out of the enemy's stomach and the impaled body fell to the ground. There stood the captain, blood dripping from his sword. The captain looked around at the sad assortment of soldiers still clinging to this piece of ground. He signaled for the retreat.




A few minutes later, what was left of the city's defenses were lined up in front of the dock. Some of the soldiers had managed to retreat while the enemies were regrouping, and they were all standing in their last line of defense in front of the docks. Behind them the citizens of the city were busy loading the ships that would take them to safety. Alex turned back around to face the front of the line just in time to notice a few more stragglers coming to join in the defense. Alex moved to his left to make room for his friend who was among them.




"So you made it Karamir? I was beginning to think you had died."




"Yes I made it, although just barely. Our captain died in the beginning, so we had no idea when to retreat. Luckily, a few of us were able to slip away while some brave bastard fought them off. I fear that they were not so lucky."




Karamir bowed his head in guilt, as if it had been his fault that the man had died.




"Don't worry about it, I'm sure he was glad to sacrifice his life so that you could help us in our last defense."




Alex's words seemed to help, although Karamir still held his head down as if all hope had faded from him. As he waited, Alex looked up into the sky. It would have been a wonderful day. There was not one cloud in the sky and the sun was shining brightly. Alex cursed Falnn'ar under his breath and spit on the ground in front of him. How dare they ruin this perfect day with their evil conquest? He would have to make them pay dearly even if it took what little life was left in him.




The angered boy stood in line with his shield upright, ready to defend himself from the enemy charge when it finally came. Falnn'arian soldiers stood not a hundred feet away yelling their lungs out. They had regrouped long ago, now they were just waiting for the opportune moment to strike. The shouts and cries of the civilians could be heard as they and all of the city's needed supplies were hastily loaded onto the ship. Then, without warning, the charge came. Alex held up his shield as an enemy soldier rushed up against him, putting all of his weight against it. Severely outwieghed, Alex fell back against the man behind him. After regaining his stance, Alex slashed at the enemy who had just charged him. The man dodged Alex's blow and countered with his own. Alex felt a burning pain against his face as the enemy's sword just barely scraped against his cheek. Alex looked down for just a second to see his own blood splash onto a body lying next to him. He looked at the face, and to his horror saw that it was his friend Karamir. That was the first time that he felt it. It took over his body, that feeling that was so unrecognizable, and refused to release its grasp. Adrenaline pulsing through his veins, Alex charged at the enemy like a wild animal. His mace came down on the poor man's shield over and over again. Alex had never moved so fast. The shield was finally splintered and tossed out of the enemy's grasp as Alex did one last swing. Lying on the ground before him was not the enemy, buy a man, cowering in fear yelling "Please no!" But Alex didn't care, he held his mace above his head, and then came down on the skull, cracking it and splashing blood all over the ground. There was that wonderful blood that it loved so much, turning the stone a dark red. But it wanted more! Alex began swinging his mace wildy at the enemies that stood before him. A group of them stood cowering in fear, looking down at the man Alex had just slain, and then back to Alex's red, blood-stained mace. "Who wants to be next?" Then Alex charged the group and swung his mace against the heads of several of them, just missing the rest by no more than an inch. He then turned and saw an enemy fighting with one of the men in his unit. "I geuss that answers my question." Alex ran towards the man and slashed his mace against his back.




"Thanks, he almost had me beat Alex."




Alex was about to reply when he saw his friend suddenly engulfed in flame. As he fell, Alex saw a man dressed in long, dark robes with a large wooden staff that seemed to be made out of an old twisted tree branch in his right hand, a black book in his left. Alex had heard about this man. He was what his people called a "mage". Men who could control the elements to do their bidding. They were also said to be almost impossible to kill, but Alex ignored that fact. Revenge was all he could think about now. But before he could run towards the mage, a strong hand grasped


Alex by his collar. "There is no point in wasting your life fighting that mage Alex. Now come, we must retreat to the ship."




"No! I will kill this thing even if it costs me my life, not that I have anything to lose anymore, for they took it all away!"




Alex tried to escape the hand's tight grasp but he was pulled back towards the ship. As he was being pulled away he noticed all the bodies, laying dead on the ground. The horror of the battle was finally coming to him and he could not take it. Then he saw the man he had slain, laying dead with his hands still covering his face. How could he have done such a thing? Even though these men had committed the first act of evil, it was a terrible crime to kill them so cruelly. When they finally got to the ship, Alex took one final look at the last few soldiers desperately trying to keep the enemy from advancing. Alex ran on board and kicked off the boarding ramp behind him. He vowed to return one day and take back the life he had just lost. He never did.








Three hours out at sea and the retreating ship was still not out of danger. The enemy had quickly prepared its own vessels to pursue the refugees. Being expert seamen, it was only a matter of time before the enemy ships overtook them.




Yet another restless hour passed and Alex heard the order to get ready. He looked over the edge of the ship and saw that the enemy was almost directly beside them. The general on the ship yelled at the archers to prepare a volley.




"Fire only on my command!"




A few more restless seconds passed.




"Just a little longer!"




Alex noticed that the enemy could not be seen from his own ship. Soon a gangplank was thrown across the gap and the enemy finally revealed themselves, including the mage. At that second, the general gave the order to fire. A volley of arrows flew towards the mage and Alex thought for sure he would be killed. But the arrows did nothing. They all simply bounced off of the mage as if an invisible shield was blocking them. Then another ball of flame came flying towards the ships hull. Time seemed to freeze as the ball hit the ship and the wood beneath Alex's feet exploded, shooting Alex high into the air. He looked down and could see the ship with a big chunk of the hull missing. Time sped back up to normal and Alex felt the air go by as he plummeted back towards Earth. Alex landed head first onto a plank of wood. Suddenly everything went blurry and all Alex could think about was getting revenge. One day he would become stronger than that mage, even if it meant learning the art of magic himself, just to watch him die the most painful of deaths. Then the world went black.












Alex woke to the sound of waves pounding against the beach. He could feel the cold water flowing around his body and the muddy sand sticking to his armor. A sharp pain went through his neck as he tried to lift his head. Ignoring the pain, Alex lifted his head to see that he was on a beach with a forest directly in front of him. Where was he? What had happened? Alex searched his mind for the answer to all his questions, but no matter how hard he tried he could not remember how he had ended up on this beach. Then he looked once more towards the forest, and then left and right along the beach. It seemed he had three paths to choose from, the left or right beach, or the forest. He chose the forest. Pain once again struck his body as he tried to stand up. He let out a scream and a group of birds fluttered out of the trees in front of him. Each time he took a step the pain racked his body. As he went further he started getting used to the pain. Soon he was inside the dark shade of the forest. As he mustered his way through the trees the pain slowly died until he could no longer feel it. Time went by and it seemed like hours until Alex finally reached a clearing. The sun had stopped coming through the trees long ago, so the clearing should have been a welcome site, but for some reason the human skull stuck on a spear made Alex feel unwelcome. Inside the clearing was an old, run-down looking shack. At first he thought that maybe there was someone there that could give him food and shelter, but then he remembered the skull that was not ten feet in front of him. That was when he heard the man. It was only a soft whimper at first but then it grew to screams. Alex could tell that it was coming from behind the shack. He maneuvered himself through the dense forest around the clearing until he had a good view of the back of the building. It was a gruesome sight. A man with long dark hair and scroungy clothes was hanging from chains attached to the wall of the building. Cuts and bruises covered his body so that it looked as if someone had spent hours beating him. By this time the man had gone back to a soft whimper. Alex was surprised when he heard the man talk.




"Please help me, my parents are royalty and can pay you a fair amount of money if you release me."




The voice was very calm and soft. It was easy to tell this man had gone through terrible pain in the past few days.




"I will help you, but it is not money I seek."




Alex rushed forward out of the forest and quickly fumbled with the chains.




"I don't know if I can get this chain off, it is too strong for my bare hands to break."




"Oh no, he is coming, don't worry about me, go back into the forest and hide. Quickly!"




Alex could hear a man coming around the side of the shack. He rushed back into the jungle and hid in a nearby bush. A few seconds later, a man dressed in black robes walked around the corner of the shed. He carried with him a metal staff with a clear, yellow tinted crystal orb attached to the top. The mysterious man stood in front of the prisoner and looked at him for a few moments. Then he raised his staff into the air and chanted soft words that Alex could not hear. A bolt of electricity ran from the orb on top of the staff and into the prisoner. The man screamed for what seemed like forever before the bolt finally stopped.




"You better hope your parents decide to give me the money soon, 'cause I don't feel like keeping you around much longer."




"They will come, along with the ransom you ordered, you just need to be patient."




"I have had patience for a while now, but it has finally run out!"




The black robed man once again raised his staff and sent electricity into his prisoner. The black-robed man reminded Alex of something, though he did not know what. A feeling of anger suddenly rushed through his head and he could sit around watching no longer. Grabbing the mace attached to his back, Alex rushed forward out of the forest and attacked the man. With one quick swing of his mace, the man was dead on the ground, blood streaming out of the holes left in his back. Alex swung his mace at the chains hanging the other man to the wall and he quickly fell to the ground. The staff on the ground suddenly caught Alex's attention. An urge came into his head, telling him to grab the staff. He followed this urge. The second he touched the cool, metal surface he no longer felt tired or hungry, and he felt more powerful than he ever had before. The staff must have been magical. The soft voice of the tortured man talking awoke Alex out of the trance the staff had left him in.




"That staff is worth a lot no doubt. Probably an enchanted staff. You feel more powerful right now don't you? If you like it you can keep it, I will never have use for something like that, and you were the one who killed him after all."




"I believe I will keep it, but that is not important at the moment, we need to find our way to civilization, do you know the way?"




"We need to head that way," He pointed deep into the forest. "and we should eventually come to a road. From there it wont be hard to find our way."




"Well then I suppose we should go as soon as you feel you are ready, but first I suppose I should introduce myself."




Alex offered his hand and said "My name is Alex, what is yours?"




"My name is Paulus Revarius Mundagus V, but you can just call me paul if you want."




"Do you think you can manage the journey through the forest, or should we wait here for a while?" said Alex after they had finished introducing themselves.




Paul, who had been leaning against the wall of the shack until then, tried to shift his weight onto his right leg and take a step. He fell flat on his face. Alex helped him onto his back.




"Is there a bed in the shack? Maybe we could take shelter for tonight and start our journey tomorrow."




Paul sat up and set his back against the wall again.




"Yes I think that would be best. Maybe we can also find some food, I haven't had anything to eat in over three days."




Alex nodded and quickly helped Paul onto his feet and into the shack. Inside they found that it was like any peasant home. It had a single bed, a table with two chairs, a small fireplace, and a cupboard with plenty of food.


Alex helped Paul onto the bed and then began to search the cupboard for something to eat.




"Looks like we'll have to survive on naught but bread and dried meat, though I'm not sure what animal this comes from."




Paul laughed "I think it might be best to not think about that. It does not matter however. In only a day or two we will be feasting in my fathers palace."




"Who is your father then?" asked Alex.




"You have not heard of my father? Paulus Revarius Mundagus IV, the King of Falmoria? What rock have you been living under?"




"I'm not sure, the only thing I can remember is waking on the beach and finding you here in the forest."




Paul gave a questioning look and stroked his stubby beard with his hand.




"Hmm, thats very interesting. Say, why don't I take a look at your armor and see if I can recognize any of the symbols on it?"




Alex looked down at the armor he wore, guilded green with unfamiliar symbols etched into the surface. In the middle was the likeness of two green dragons on their hind legs, front legs locked in combat. Alex then began to take off his armor and set it down on the bed next to Paul. After a few minutes Paul shrugged and shook his head.




"I have never seen any of the symbols in my lifetime, so they are certainly not from anywhere around here. The dragons however, seem familiar, though I can't place them. Maybe once we get back to my home you can search the library for some of these, if you don't find it there I doubt you will anywhere."




"Well I suppose I will have to do that, but first we must get to your home, let's eat and get to bed, we have a tough journey through the forest tomorrow."




An hour later they had both eaten and Paul had fallen asleep. Alex lay on the ground on a spare blanket he had found on a shelf. He could not sleep however, because his mind was overflowing with thoughts. Where was he? How had he gotten here? He sighed and turned over. Maybe when they had reached Paul's home he would find all the answers he was seeking, but only tomorrow would tell.








That night Alex had a strange dream. He was walking along a street corner at midnight. With him were two other men dressed in black robes. They walked down the street for a few minutes until they stopped at one of the houses.




"Sir, this is the one." said the man to his left in a low whisper.




Alex felt himself walk down the narrow path to front door. When he got to the end he reached out his left hand and knocked gently three times on the cold wooden surface. Alex saw that his hand was bony and white. The three of them waited there for a minute until the door creaked open an inch.




"Who is it? What do you want?"




"You know who we are, and you know what we want, so open this door immediately or I will have to open it myself."




Alex felt like trembling as he heard the cold words come out of his mouth. He could feel the evil pouring out of this man like a waterfall.




The man behind the door hesitated for a minute and then slowly opened the door. Alex rushed through the door and turned back around to his guards.




"You two wait outside. If you see anyone coming kill them."




The two men nodded and Alex could barely make out a cold smile on their faces. Alex felt himself slam the door behind him and then turn back around to the frightened man.




"Well then Dontovan, let's get to business shall we? Where is your son? I would very much like to meet him."




"Right this way sir."




Dontovan led Alex down a hallway to the left of the door and then into another room. Laying in a bed was a small child, no older than 10.




"So this is the one who was seen with strange...'powers'?"




"Yes sir, I don't know how it happened really, I'm very sorry but please don't sentence him to death like the rest. I promise I'll make sure he never uses them." Dontovan got down on his knees and began to cry into his hands.




"That won't be necessary Dontovan, I won't kill your boy. Rather instead, I will give him eternal life."




Dontovan looked up and had a confused expression on his face.




"But how would you do that? I didn't think even the High Mages had that kind of power."




"They do Dontovan, though maybe not in the way your are expecting."




Suddenly Alex felt for the first time a metal staff in his left hand. He held this up in front of him and began to speak words he had never heard before. A light came from the sleeping boy and slowly drifted its way up to the clear crystal ball at the top of the staff. When it got there a great light erupted from the ball and both Alex and Dontovan were forced to cover their eyes. When the light had gone, Alex saw the the ball had changed from clear to a light yellow color.




"Well then Dontovan, I have done it, your son's soul will be forever alive inside my staff, but I'm afraid you won't have that same privilege."




Alex pointed the ball of the staff at Dontovan and streaks of light came out and hit him in the chest. When it was over, the poor man lay lifeless on the cold stone floor.








Alex was forced awake by the terror of his dream. Everything had felt so real. He could feel the coldness of the stone floor and the hardness of the wooden door, but most of all he felt the metallic staff that was clenched tightly in the bony white hand that did not belong to him. When he had taken the soul of the boy, he was sure it was the soul, and it entered the staff, Alex could feel a sudden warmth in it. An unnatural warmth. The same unnatural warmth that he could feel in his own staff. What surprised Alex the most was that when he awoke, he was standing over his new friend, staff clenched tightly in his hand, ready to unleash that devastating power on the helpless target. This scared him so much that Alex stumbled backwards, tossing the staff across the room. The sudden separation cut off the powerful feeling and left Alex with nothing but tiredness. He walked back towards his blanket on the floor and went back to sleep.








Alex again woke up, but this time lying on the floor under a blanket. Paul was already up. He was looking through the shack for anything that they might have missed the day before.




"Have you found any sort of pack? It would be useful for carrying everything" asked Alex.




Paul jumped back from the cabinets he was ransacking and turned back around to the speaker.




"Oh, I almost forgot you were there. I did find a few sacks that could be used."




"Good. So how far is it to your home? Do you think we'll meet any trouble on the way there?"




Paul tilted his head and closed his eyes as if thinking.




"Well, I can't be sure, but I don't think that man took me more than a few miles on his own. And I think I know what forest we are in."




Alex began to gather his equipment together and put it in a large sack that Paul tossed to him. He kept his weapon out just in case. Meanwhile, Paul gathered some of the food into another sack. When they were sure that they had everything, they went outside.




Alex asked "So which direction should we go from here?"




Paul looked around, scanning the forest, and answered.




"Well, I believe we head that way."




He pointed into the trees.




"You go ahead and start walking that way Paul, I forgot something inside."




Alex ran back inside and stood above the staff. He wrapped it up in a blanket then put it in the sack slung behind his shoulder. Surprisingly enough, he could feel none of the power he had previously been haunted with. After pondering this for a second, he ran back outside to catch up with Paul.








They were out of the forest by midday and were immediately greeted by a road. Paul immediately recognized it and, after a small lunch, they headed down the road towards the city. As they left, Alex thought he saw something moving in the corner of his eye. He turned around and looked deep into the darkness of the forest from which they had just left. A feeling of power could be felt emanating from the darkness, and Alex was sure he would have to enter that forest again one day, though he knew not why. With that thought, Alex left the forest behind him and began the trek to an unfamiliar city and the beginning of his new life. As his head turned back towards the road however, Alex clearly saw a silhouette of a man; a man dressed in black robes and a black hood. He thought about turning around once again but put it out of his mind. It was probably nothing.














A bustling city could be seen up ahead. Merchants were flowing in and out of the gates like a colony of ants. Many rode on wagons pulled by horses; others used donkeys as their means of transport. Atop the stone walls guards were stationed, each one carrying a longbow. Only one building could be seen over the walls. It's modestly decorated roof was the only part visible, but the mere fact that it was visible gave up the fact that it was where the king resided. Alex took in the sight with awe while Paul merely smiled at the sight of his home.




"What do you think of her?"




Several seconds passed before Alex realized that he had been asked a question. When he finally took notice, he still took a while before he knew what to say.




"Well, its uh... well. It's beautiful. I can't remember ever seeing a city like this."




Paul merely nodded and continued on towards the entrance. As they approached Alex took notice of green banners that hung from the sides of the gates. Pictured on the banner was a battleaxe with a snake-like wyrm wrapped around the hilt. It's head was pierced through by the sharp tip between the two blades. The gory scene seemed like a strange symbol to represent a city, but Alex decided not to ask questions.




Once inside, the travelers continued their journey to the large structure Alex saw earlier. Paul led him down several streets, taking special care to stay away from any crowded squares. After a few minutes of wandering through maze-like neighborhoods and down cramped alleyways, they finally reached their destination. Alex was surprised to find that the structure was not as big as he expected. Although definitely larger than any of the others nearby, this particular building only went above the wall line because it was built on a hill. Still, the architecture was more decorative than the others, and the surrounding area consisted of extravagant gardens. Paul led him to the front and then walked over the bridge that went over the small stream surrounding the building. Alex followed unquestioningly.




Upon crossing the bridge, two guards equipped with chain mail barred their way and commanded them to halt. The guard captain walked over to them and began to question.




"What business do you have at the manor?"




Paul just smiled at the guard. It only took a second for the three men to realize who it was that they were talking to and they promptly bowed.




"Very sorry sir, but we did not expect to ever see you again."




"I was only gone a few days. Surely you didn't give up all hope in such a short time?" replied Paul.




The guard captain looked up with a confused look as if something Paul had said was insane.




"What did I say that makes you so confused soldier?"




"Well sir, you see... with all due respect, you've been gone far longer than a few days. I believe two years is more accurate" answered the captain.




Paul looked at the captain with a confused look etched across his face, then he shoved his way through them and into the manor. Without being questioned, Alex followed.




Inside the manor all activity was stopped once Paul was inside the doorway. No one seemed able to believe that the young prince had come back alive.




"Where is my father?" asked Paul in a deep voice that did not seem to fit his small appearance.




A short, balding man dressed in elegant green clothes walked gracefully over to Paul. His face appeared sad as he tilted his head down towards the floor.




"I'm sorry boy, but your father died over a year ago."




Paul fell to his knees and lowered his head, tears beginning to form in his eyes. On the verge of breakdown, no one wanted to disturb him. A few silent minutes passed before Paul scraped up what little strength remained with him. He jerked his head back up and wiped the tears from his eyes. Upon his face was a scowl.




"Can anyone tell me what the hell has happened here?" shouted Paul at his subjects.




No one seemed willing to answer him. A few people in the back tried to sneak out of the room while those in the front merely stood still as if they had been turned to stone. Paul looked around at the silent room as if looking for someone to punish for this tragedy. Finally he stood back up and began to walk towards the stairs at the opposite end of the room. Halfway up the marble steps, he turned back around to issue an order.




"I am ordering a council meeting in an hour. In the meantime, every single one of you will write a small report on what has happened since I left. Nothing too detailed; I only want the basics."




With that said he continued his climb up the stairs. Alex, who had yet to come more than three feet into the room, stood by the entrance. He was unsure what to do. One of the passing nobles noticed him and stopped.




"Perhaps you should follow Paul. I think he might need some help adjusting to the new situation."




Alex merely nodded and then made his way through the room to the staircase. Like Paul had done moments ago, he ascended the marble steps to the upper level of the manor. He wondered what surprise would await him next.














End of chapter 3 for now, probably add more later.

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not bad, as usual, I await the new chapters of authors,




you seem new here, so, welcom to the library


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It's Xewleer: ZEW le ar, got it memorized?

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No its well over a year since they joined...and since they posted here...My post stands testement to that.




Anyway I am reading it, and I do really like it. So there isn't alot I can really say. :wall: Oh well keep up the good work. :D

Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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Bump again, gonna make large edits and hopefully get the next chapter up tonight.




EDIT: perhaps just edits, major ones at that. Was I really that bad at writing 2( or maybe 3) years ago? High School English helps alot.




Also, I know its been like 2 years, but I figured I'd respond to your comment.




Hmmm seem to rememeber this from somewhere...
Heres the original posting of this story: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=436517


As you can see, you read this and even replied to it. Then a while later I edited it and posted a new topic (this one). Now, 2 years later, maybe I can get more done. Already finished doing quite a bit of editing, especially with the prolouge.

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Well it is a testement to the goodness of the story that, despite only one reading, I can still vaguely remember it ::' .


Anyway I am wondering if you are going to write more or if we are going to have to wait with baited breath for another few years!

Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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definitely gonna write today. Meant to make the next chapter last night, but I did alot of editing instead. Since I got two more days off from school and no homework, I'll have time to put something up.




EDIT: okay next chapter is up, though It'll definitely be edited later. And I'm thinking of Combining some of the chapters together.

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bump. Next chapter is up, I'll probably add more later. Btw, does anyone happen to know the character limit on posts? I'm thinking eventually I'll have to put the story in a new one.




EDIT: COME ON PEOPLE! If you read this tell me what you think. I don't care if you spit in my face and tell me its a pile of [cabbage], I want to know. :thumbsup:

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Well I am about to print off the size 6 in monotype corsiva version, its still 10 pages


Ok strike that, size 6 in monotype consiva, single line spacing and no shading...it is 4 pages. If my eyes forgive me I will type a response tommrow.




As to your question on post limits...I have just posted a 19 page, 11,200 word message so you have just under double to go. :thumbsup:

Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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Sorry for the lateness, a cross between exams and having typed out a long responce and (I must have closed before it posted) posted it but it isn't here.




Basically I thought that the beginning was good but after he loses his memory it becomes a very 'OOO magic lets do that' sort of story...where as before that you could sort of relate to him.


Its ok overall...just needs a bit more nitty gritty stuff...There is a fight scene but it not a tough fight it is torture and then knockout...not TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE TENSION TENSION TENSION AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....



Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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but after he loses his memory it becomes a very 'OOO magic lets do that' sort of story...where as before that you could sort of relate to him.


I think I understand what you are saying. I was actually trying to avoid it, but magic was going to be a major part of the plot line. I have been thinking of ways to take out magic as much as possible. Next time I edit I'll see about taking out some of it. What I need to know though, is whether I should take out all magic or just a little. I'll probably not allow Alex to use it, but is the flashback/dream scene alright?




There is a fight scene but it not a tough fight it is torture and then knockout


I'll add some more detail in there next time I edit. For now I skipped out a little on making the fights long because I want to put some of the story out there. Either way though, there will be a lot of fighting in a little while.

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The dream...Well it was sort of a story within a story within a story...since we have the overarching siege-regaining memory story, along with the rescue and within that the killing dream...


I don't know, it was not my type of story, at that point.

Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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I think my problem is that I am attempting to put too many ideas int here at once. I am about to do something drastic...I'm gonna split this into two separate stories.

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