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Halloween Suggestion Thread, post all your Halloween ideas!


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I decided to make this thread to prevent the flooding that would soon occur as speculation over the holiday item(s) grow. So everyone post your Halloween ideas here instead of making another thread and flooding the forum mmkay? My idea is that you somehow get rid of the ghosts haunting Diangos workshop, then to thank you Diango gives you an emote, (Maybe one with your character making a scary pose yelling "BOO!!!")and a choice between two items, Demon Wings, and Angel Wings (The Demon Wings would look like Bat/Dragon wings and be Black with a red lining. The Angel Wings would look like Eagle/Owl wings and be White with a blue lining.) Remember this thread isn't about my idea, feel free to post all of yours! :)

Proud Acolyte of the Ooc

Cmon Steve you can do it!



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dude, read the update? They already know wat is goign to be and can't change it last minute. Plus it takes a couple months to make an update so i don't think you get that, they can't do an update in a day. Maybe for next year...

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He's not asking people to suggest a new idea, but guess what it might be. I think that it'll be that you have to get Diango's orders to him, then help Diango make some sort of "scary" toy. But something to do with ghosts...I can't wait...


Cenin pân nîd, istan pân nîd, dan nin ú-cenich, nin ú-istach.

Ithil luin eria vi menel caran...Tîn dan delu.

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