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Read Me! - Forum Guidelines

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About This Forum


  • This forum is a place for you to advertise your events or search for a group or team. Examples include looking for a monster hunting partner, looking for a mini-game group, or looking for someone to complete any kind of activity with you. However, if you're looking for a PKing partner you should post in the
Graveyard forum instead.


Tip.Iters Events Guidelines


  • So you think you're a good party host? You might think it's easy but there are a few things you need to know to ensure your event is a success and that everyone has a great time. So before you run off to write your own event topic make sure you read all the information below. If you violate any of these event rules your post will spontaneously combust...or possibly just get locked or removed. Either way it's not a pretty sight so pay attention. :wink:


Additional Rules:

  • Deliberately not showing up for your own event is very aggravating to the guests. We understand that real life things happen so make sure you post in your topic before the time of the event if you can't make it.
  • Creating fake events is not allowed. So if you're planning a drop party post a screen shot of what you're dropping so there are no false claims of dropping party hats and other expensive items.
  • There can be no admission fees or payments to attend any event on this board. The purpose of these events is to have fun, not to profit.
  • Don't complain if your event gets crashed. Since so many people will read the events here there are bound to be people that show up that you might not want.
  • After your event is complete edit the title and put [OVER] at the end.
  • Certain topics may be stickied based on the quality of the event and the time and effort put forth in planning it. Don't ask to have your event stickied, that will almost guarantee that it will not be.
  • All other forum rules apply.


Post Format:

  • Every event MUST have the following information at the beginning of the post. Make sure you include the time zone. You can post and pictures, maps and any additional information after this.
    Copy & paste this into your reply, then add your information:
[b]Description: [/b]
[b]Date: [/b]
[b]Time: [/b]
[b]World: [/b]
[b]Location: [/b]
[b]RSN: [/b]
[b]Contact info: [/b]


Halloween Party
Description: I'll be hosting a Halloween party in Edgeville at the bank. All Tipiters are welcome to come but make sure you dress in something scary.
Date: October 31, 2006
Time: 5PM EST
World: 99
Location: Edgeville Bank
RSN: the tallest1
Contact info: Just leave a post here if you need to ask me anything.

Last edited on September 24, 2011


571st to 99 Fm Nov. 4 '06 - 315th to 99 Crafting Mar. 3 '07 - 3410th to 99 Fishing Sept. 18 '07

26378th to 99 Cooking Oct. 16 '07 -.- 99 Thieving Dec. 29 '07 - 1343rd to 99 Farming June 5 '08

1807th to 99 Agility Nov. 8 '08 - 3094th to 99 Smithing Feb. 14 '09

2012 total - 91 combat

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