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Combo Skill Items (Armor Subsection)

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From the official forums, in the stickied thread "High Lvl Ideas-No weapons/armo" in suggestions








Mod Craddock




Jagex Mod












07-Nov-2006 03:08:40




Nuke Marine: ~~The Dark Tree~~








Level 80, to keep it seperate from magic trees only those with 80 slayer know how to attack the tree to get the logs (the dark-axe has a 80 slayer, 81 woodcutting pre-req to use, 80 attack to wield).








Found only in the swamps of Morytania.








Yeah, yeah, I'm trying my combo-skill idea more and more. I'm adding to the idea posited by Hellsing by the way.












Not bad. I like the skill combo theme you've got going. :) The idea of the tree being a monster that needs to be defeated just to get the wood also works.








On this theory, I'm posting this and will copy it over to the official thread once it's unlocked (it gets locked when Mod Craddock takes his 2 days off).








~~Combo Skill~~








This theory is that to fully create an item, you'll need 2 or more skills at appropriate level to make the completed item via intermediate steps or using items that require the multiple skills to use.








Theory: A skill requires ~double the experience to reach 7 skill levels above your current level. Two skills at the same level you could say has same experience as 1 skill seven levels higher. Using this theory, a combo skilled item can lower the number of player capable of producing an item.








Plus, as most items will be multi-step, that creates a tedium that adds to reducing amounts of items made in bulk.








~~High Level Armor Creation~~








Rune Weaponry, though a low level 40 item (need level 40 defense or attack to use), requires a high level smithing (85-99) to create. Seeing that creating higher level armor at the same skill level is unfair, let's use the combo skill idea in this area to bring about higher level armor and weaponry.








All these armors/weapons will at least require 85+ in smithing. In addition it requires the equivalent smithing level in the other skills listed. Example: a Granite Full Helm will take crafting and smithing of 92 to fully create.








~Granite Armor/Weapons~








Level 50 item.




Skills required - smithing and crafting.




Items to make - giant granite, runite bar, hammer, chisel, blue tanned hide (for armor only)








At the granite mines (Enakhra's Lament), there's a 1/300 chance of mining a Giant Granite piece (approximately 4 every hour of digging) which is tradable. Using this granite piece on an anvil with a chisel and hammer in your inventory brings up the armor menu. To make the item you'll need the same number of granite, blue dragon tanned hides (armor only) and runite bars in addition to the skill level to make the item. Example: Granite Full helm will need 3 giant granite and 3 runite bars.








Animation involves chiseling of granite, stretching of hides, hammering of bars, combining into one item.








The stats of Granite Items are not within the scope of this thread, discuss in another.








~Obsidian Armor/Weapons~








Level 60 item.




Skills required - smithing, mining, firemaking and crafting.




Items required - obsidian ore, magic logs, hammer, tenderbox, pick-axe, red tanned d'hide (armor only)








Inside Tzaar cave are obsidian rocks that require level 85 mining to mine. It gets an UNTRADABLE ore called obsidian ore. Within Tzaar is a special smithing area. Player must have magic logs, runite bars, obsidian ore, chisel, pick-axe and tenderbox in inventory.








Use magic logs (upto 5) underneath the anvil, light the logs, use obsidian ore on anvil bringing up armor screen. You must have the same amount of logs, obsidian ore, runite bars and red d'hide (armors only) to make the items in addition to the same skill level requirement in ALL four skills.








Animation can be blowing on the fire, picking at the ore, hammering the ore and making the item.








Again, stats of the items not the purpose of this suggestion.








~~Draven Armor/Weapons~~








Level 70 items




Skills - Smithing, Woodcutting, Slayer, Firemaking, Crafting, Magic




Items - Dark Wood (from the Dark Tree), Black D'Hide (armor only), Runite, Blood runes, Cosmic Runes, Soul Runes, Death Runes.








At this point, it needs to have multiple steps with trips to different areas of Mort'on to complete. Use dark wood to create an untradable one-use mold using the dark axe and chisel at the Draven Tomb which holds all variant's of Draven's ancient armor and weaponry (same logs as bars needed per mold). This is the Crafting and Woodcutting check. Use magic pyre logs on shade crematory, use mold and rune bars on top. Once you light the pyre, you get a dark armor or weapon but unusable and untradable for now.. If you're making armor, use d'hide on the armor. Finally, take this item to Canafis slayer. He'll give you the one use spell sheet for that armor so long as you have the magic and slayer level. Take the spell sheet, armor and runes (10x number of bars needed) to the Vampire fortress, where inside you can cast the spell to create the tradable Draven item.








~~Elven Armor~~








Level 70 items




Skills - Smithing, Woodcutting, Agility, Firemaking, Crafting, Fletching




Items - Pure Crystal (bought from Elf), Black D'Hide (Armor only), Magic logs.








Not sure if needed.








~~Level 80 Armor/Weapons~~








8 skills required








~~Level 90 Armor/Weapons~~








10 skills required


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I like it because I am mainly a skiller, but i think the rate that you get giant granite is somewhat low for the number of pieces it takes for basic items. The idea is great though, the stats had better be good with that much work to make them....


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Pure genius. That actually opens some doors where jagex can expand player abilities without ruining the game. Way to use your head =D>



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You know what really makes me mad?




you lol, it doesn't give suggestion critiquers such as myself much to work with -.- , yeah i really like it good one...You consistantly have really awesome suggestions. keep it up! :thumbsup:

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