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The Mooncrest Chronicles (Chapter 7 Now Posted!!!)


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Chapter 1




From any merrymaker sitting in the bright Varrock tavern that night, you could get a pretty good description of the stranger sitting in the darkest corner, at the coldest table. Amir, the visiting jewler from Al-Karhid, claimed the stranger perhaps was related to the devil. Lyn, the barmaid, claimed the stranger sucked away your happiness if you got too close. But whoever you asked, the verdict was clear: this hooded stranger dampened the happy atmosphere of the tavern. Barmaids whispered, as men playing cards eyed the hunched figure, clothed in a hooded black cloak, as though it may jump up at any time, determined to steal your cash and slit your throat. A certain brave barmid, Misty, ventured near the table carefully.




"Um... good evening. Can I interest you in a drink?" she mumbled cautiously.




The hooded figure didn't move, but a strong female voice answered "Go away. I didn't come here to be pestered by you, girl."




Misty jumped away, as the tavern fell silent. Oad, a strong man who was the fancy of many a schoolgirl, stepped forward. Many knew he had a huge infatuation with Misty, although she wanted nothing to do with his burly gusto.




"You there, stranger! How dare you address this lady like that! I should have your tounge for such a rude comment!" A barmaid sighed and slumped happily on the counter as she watched Oad scold the hooded figure. Many gasped as the stranger stood up. Although many tried, nobody could see the strangers face. All that sat inside the hood was a blinding darkness, that seemed to have no end.




"I wouldn't be talking, sir. You're going to be sorry you challanged me." the voice rang out. Several barmaids, and a few men, ran for cover behind the bar. With a raise of its handless sleeves, the figured shouted a command in an unknown language. With a flash, smoke filled the bar. After the smoke cleared, Misty and Oad were nowhere in sight. Several people fainted, and those who were concious ran out of the tavern in a panic, screaming all over Varrock. Everybody was so frighted by the disappearence, that nobody noticed a few hooded figures running through the alleyways, all headed towards the sewer's main enterance. Only a small black cat saw the figures raise the door, and slide into the dark sewer...

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Chapter 2




Shaun woke up to the sounds of shouting, screaming, and running feet. He jumped out of his bed in the small house he shared with the rest of the Varrock Guards. Looking out his small window, he saw people running madly through the streets. Men were shouting and carrying tourches, women were screaming and children were wailing. He caught bits of hurried conversations "Waitress.. Oad... disappered... smoke... strange person..." He jumped at the sound of a knock on his door.




"Who is it?" He asked.




"It's Richard, son. Get your things. We're going to the Blue Moon Tavern. And fast!"




Shaun put on his guard uniform, and grabbed his mithril scimtar that almost cost him his life savings on a recent trip to Al-Karhid. Running out into the street, he found the rest of the guards waiting. Captain Lawson spoke.




"Boys, we've had a mysterious disappearence at the Blue Moon in. A barmaid and that Oad fellow who's always hanging around here. People said it was a strange hooded figure who did it, but there was a big bang, and smoke, and they were gone. I want you guys to guard the place while we get some detectives in. Can you do that?"




"Yes sir." The guards chimed.




The troops marched off to the tavern, where they guarded all entrances and exits. Shaun was inside the tavern when he felt a sharp tap on his back. It was Gobe, the the new recruit in from Shiloh.




"Shaun, what's that?"




"What's what?"




"Under the table. The sparkle."




Shaun peered under the table, and saw a small amulet on a delicate runite chain. "Woah, Gobe, nice catch buddy." Setting his scimtar down on the floor, Shaun lowered himself to get a better look at the amulet. Had it been dropped by the suspect? He streched his arm in an attempt to grab the cresent shaped amulet. His fingered wrapped around the cold silver of the symbol, as a small surge of power ran up his arm. He tried to let go, to no avail.




"Gobe, I think this thing has a curse on it. I can't-"




There was a flash of light, and a boom that knocked Gobe off his feet. Smoke filled the tavern, and the guard's lungs. When the smoke cleared, Shaun and the amulet were nowhere in sight. Gobe shouted, and ran into the dark street to find Captain Lawson.




"Captain... sir... Shaun..." Gobe panted.




"What is it, boy? Spit it out!" Lawson shouted. But Gobe couldn't hear him. He watched in shock as four figures in black cloaks slid into a manhole in the alley behind Lawson.

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Misty blinked uncertainly at her surrondings. She sat in a large, damp cell, and her wrists were tied tight behind her back. She slid to her knees and crawled over to the bars, her damp wool dress padding her knees from the hard stone floor. In the cell across from her, a large form was piled in the corner. She whispered as loudly as she could without drawing a scene. "Oad? Is that you, Oad?"




The form rolled over, and spoke. "Yeah... where are we?"




Misty didn't know. She looked around, and down the hall that contained the cells. At the end, in a large opening, a small metal cover dropped from the ceiling with a crash. Four figures in black cloacks, similar to the ones the stranger had worn, slid onto the floor. One cursed under his breath. All four formed a circle, and started chanting in an unknown language.




A fifth figure joined the circle, and raised it's hands. It spoke. "My closest followers. On the eve of our most important gathering of the year, we have run into a few small problems. The reason I called you here is to take care of two of those problems... I take it you've heard by now of my occurance at the tavern..."




Misty had to bite her lip to keep from letting out a nervous shout. It was the woman's voice from the tavern that she heard before she landed in this place. The figure belonging to the voice lifted it's hood, revealing a thin woman with jet black hair, and livid green eyes. The others did as their leader did.




Oad gasped. The four were some of his friends, his neighbors. Other figures came forward out of the shadows, and took off their hoods as well. Misty watched as people she had known, and trusted, came forward and joined the others. The leader let out a screech and cluched her neck.




"My amulet! The Mooncrest! It's not here!" The others stepped back, and whispered among themselves.




The leader raised her arms into the air. "Amulet! Come!" There was a big flash of blue light, and smoke. When the smoke cleared, a small half moon amulet hung on a runite chain around the leader's neck. Misty heard a thud behind her.

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Chapter 4




Misty wheeled around to find a young Varrock guard stuggeling on the ground mehind her. "How'd you-" she began. She didn't get far. There was a flash of red light, followed by a wicked laugh. Misty couldn't move, she was in a state of suspended animation, her mouth ajar.




The leader stood in in front of the cloaked group. "See, my followers, this is what happens when you mess with the wrong kind of people." Shaun, the guard, had backed all the way up to the wall. Oad watched angrily from behind the group. The leader pointed to Oad, Shaun, and Misty. "These three have all disrupted our Gathering plans in one way or another. And for that, they will have to pay the price. Any ideas of what we could do with our little disruptions?"




A man Oad recognized as one of his old playmates raised his hand. "Taiea, your grace, I have a suggestion." Taiea nodded. "I believe we should make them pay by throwing them into a volcano!" Other raised their hands.




"Feed them to the dragons!"




"Tear them apart!!!"




Taiea silenced the crowd, and smiled wickedly. "Have you no hearts, my followers? Have I not taught you well? The prisoners will stay here until The Gathering begins. Then, and only then, shall we decide. Besides-" Taiea smiled. "I think we could use them for a special occasion I have in mind..." Taiea waved her arms, and Misty dropped to the floor. "Come now... we have preperations to take care of!"




The group walked off out of site. Oad frantically got Misty's attention. "Misty, we need to get out of here! They're going to do something... I'm not sure what. But she said something about an occasion. Whatever it is-"




Shaun crawled forward, and helped Misty untie her wrists. "Its called The Gathering. I heared about it from an elder on a recent visit to the desert. That woman, Taiea, is the leader of a mighty clan of dark mages. Every year, they get together in a secret location to have their biggest get together of all. This year its extra special, its Taiea's thousandth birthday."




Oad gasped. "A thousand years old? Isn't that impossible?"




Shaun laghed. "Not compared to some other things she does. And those things include the sacrificing of a civilian that every gathering..."




Misty went white. "You don't mean..."




Shaun cringed. "Not sure... but I have a strong notion."




Oad went tense. "We need to get out of here... before it's too late." Misty shushed him, as a hooded person came down the hallway.




"Hello there..." even though you couldn't see the person's face, you could tell they were grinning. "Taiea told me to come and get you. She needs to get you... ready..." The person waved their hands, as chains appeared on Oad, Shaun and Misty's wrists. The bars swung open, and an unseen force dragged them down the hallway.

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Chapter 5




Taeia's thrown room was gilded with gold and ornate jewels. Hooded people attended to her every whim. Taeia smiled as the three were dragged before her. An unseen force made them bow before her. "Well hello there. How are my guests finding their accomodations?" Oad scowled.




One of the hooded attendents hit Oad on the back of the head with a platter. Taeia thanked the attendent. "Now, as you might know, our annual Gathering is coming up in just a few days, and every year, we sacrafice a civilian from the area where the Gathering is held. This may sound barberic, but it recharges our magic." she laughed. "It's what makes us tick! And these two," Oad and Shaun lifted a few inches off the ground, "Have been selected as this year's sacrifices. And the lady," Misty floated, as the other two hit the ground. "Will be a key part with our merge with the Mittus clan. She will be married off to their leader's son, sealing our deal so to speak."




Misty gasped. Taeia smiled, and gestured to the attendents. "Don't worry, they'll take good care of you. We don't want your prince to think we didn't take good care of you?" Misty floated over to one of the attendents, who grabbed her and dragged her through a door. Taeia stared at Oad and Shaun.




"Good... yes... yes... very good... you two will do just superbly. Brias! Take these two back to their cells. Mangus, ready the ceramonial sword. I want it to be nice and sharp..."

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Oooh the suspense! Good job the only thing I noticed was that you used the same phrase to describe a couple things but no big deal.

With a quill or reading spectacles, visit the Varrok Library today.

Become one of the first members of the Order of Honor!




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Chapter 6




Gobe had just finished polishing his sword when he heard a sharp knock at the door of his room. He got up quickly, and opened the heavy oak door. A small bespeckled man in long blue robes pushed his way inside.




"Name's Arius Goldman, at your service. I heard your friend is one of the three people who have mysteriously disappeared these past few days."




Gobe stuttered. "Well, yeah-"




"Your friend though did not encounter a hooded person, am I correct? I touched a half moon crest on a necklace?"




"I think-"




"See, I've been traveling the known world for quite some time now, gathering knowledge. I've been absolutly everywhere! One of my passions is studying dark magic. I spent almost a decade as part of the Dark Moon clan, the clan that took your friends and those poor other souls. Terrible people, especially their leader." Arius ran around to Gobe's table, and pulled out several scrolls, maps, and a few odd instruments.




Gobe stared at the man in disbelief. "But how did you know-"




The man didn't look up from his work. "Gobe, formally of the Shiloh tribe of Karam Ja. Best swordsman in the village. Exactly twenty four years and seven months old, dislikes lima beans. Has a strange love for monkeys."




Gobe's jaw dropped. The old man smiled. "See, I do know everything. Including where your friend is." He pointed to a map. "They're currently in Taeia, the leader's lair, somewhere in the Varrock Sewers. But it's too late to get to them now. They are probably slated to be the sacrifices at the annual Gathering. This year its somewhere in the woods below Fenkenstrain's Castle. Here," the man handed Gobe a black robe. "We'll need these to get inside the Gathering. Only then will we have a change to save them. The Gathering will be taking place in just a few days, we need to start our journey now."




Gobe gasped. "The Haunted Woods? Nuh uh, I'm walking through those. And not now, it's almost nightfall!"




The old man grinned from ear to ear. "Who said anything about walking? We'll take a teleport, naturally. We'll leave tomorrow in time for the pre-Gathering celebrations tomorrow night. Get some rest."




The man exited, and left Gobe standing alone in the room, still wondering what had just happened.

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Chapter 7




Oad and Shaun rode in the back of a cart, tightly chained together. A cloaked person walked along side them, and would hit them with a walking stick if they made noise. They were on their way to the Gathering, for some last minute preperations. Taeia rode up behind them on a black horse. "Well well well, what do ewe have here? Are our guests having an enjoyable ride?"




Shaun looked away. Taeia spoke. "Once we get to the Gathering, you two will be put on display in the main tent. You'll be one of our main attractions, of course. You'll be sacraficed in three days, at the closing ceramonies for the Gathering. Now, don't try to struggle now, but we'll need you to put these on." She held up to grey tunics, each with a blood red half moon on the front. Oad growled.




"Now, now. I guess it wouldn't be such a good idea to have you put these on yourselves..." She raised her arms, and threw the tunics into the air. When the smoke cleared, the tunics were on Oad and Shaun, the chains still secure.




Taeia rode her horse up to a carriage next to the cart, and rapped on the window. A pale hand drew back the curtain, revealing Misty in a red velvet wedding dress. Taeia smiled and looked over her shoulder at Oad and Shaun. As Taeia rode away, Misty lingered a moment before letting the curtain go. She lifted up one of her hands to the window slowly- on her finger sat a small gold ring, with a blood red stone attached to it. She dropped the curtain before she burst into tears.

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Chapter 8




Gobe and Arius stood at the entrance of a huge, makeshift fairground in the Haunted Woods. It was a few hours before the opening festivities, and people were just finishing up setting up booths, stages, tents. Gobe put the hood on his cloak up, and followed Arius into the grounds. Little kids in small black robes like Gobe's were running around and laughing, like normal kids. Their parents were conversing a little ways away, like they weren't sinister dark magicians. Gobe wanted to watch more, but Arius grabbed his arm and pulled him towards thousands of black and red tents that were set up.




"I rented one. They're for people who want to stay on the grounds while the Gathering is going on. I got a deluxe, lets go!" Gobe followed the tiny old man as they weaved through a maze of tents. Finally, Arius stopped in front of one, and recited the password. The flap fell open, and Arius stepped inside.




In the tent were two cots with lavish bedding, two chairs, a table, a small washbasin on a stand, and a gas lamp hanging from the ceiling. The ground was covered in thick Al-Karhidian rugs. Arius dumped his bag of maps and charts onto the table, along with a few measuring instruments.




Gobe sat down at a chair as Arius started explaining. "I had the idea last night. We can't get your friends out tonight, and certainly not while they're on display. To many people. We have to make our move right before the sacrifice is set to begin."




Gobe thought. "But what if we can't? It would be to late!"




The old man shook his head. "It will be fine! Theres no way it will fail."




Gobe watched as Arius went into a whirlwind of measuring on chart, recording something on another. He decided it would be best to leave his companion alone, so we put his hood up and went back to the main grounds.




A woman in a gold trimmed robe rode up from behind on the of the tents on a large black horse. She shouted something to a band of wagons and carriges that were riding in. Gobe gasped. In the back of one of the wagons sat Shaun and another man, chained together. They wore odd tunics, and looked uncomfortable. Gobe ran up to the wagonand walked alongside the attendents that stood by the wagon. Shaun looked down and recognized Gobe. Gobe put a finger to his lips to signal silence. An attendent tapped Gobe on the shoulder.




"Hey, you. You should be helping Taeia set up the altar. Don't you remember, she switched the sacrifices to tonight, to save time for the wedding on closing day."




Gobe ran off towards the tents, but didn't get far. He fainted as he watched two robed men carrying a large stone altar up the stairs of the main stage.

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My old account, chunky_monkey5 had some problems, this is my new one. :D








Chapter 9




Taeia smoothed the folds out of her ceramonial gilded robes, as the roar of the crowd grew louder and louder. As she ascended the steps from under the stage, she took smiled to herself as the chants of thousands of her followers filled her ears. With a wave of her hands, the large stage filled with a fiery stream of light, signalling the crowd to quiet.




Taeia went on to recite a speech that had been recited almost 1000 years ago, at her first Gathering. After the speech, the festivities had officaly begun. Performers took the stage, as merchants shouted their wares from their booths. In her private tent under the stage, Taeia practiced reciting the words that would finalize the sacrificial ceramonies, as outside, the sword was sharpened on a large whetstone.




Gobe and Arius ran up behind the stage quietly, their plan now in full swing. Arius drew a small ruby wand out from his cloak. Waving it around animatedly, he aimed at the man behind the whetstone. There was a small booming sound, as the man fell to the ground. Arius ran up to the dead man and touched the wand to the corpse's lips, just as Taeia called from the tent "Kibli, is the sword okay? Tell me you didn't hurt the sword!"




Arius touched the wand to his owns lips, and spoke with the accent of a man from far north. "Yes, master, the sword is untouched. You need not worry." Arius finished sharpening the sword, and then slipped into Taeia's tent. Gobe waited impatiently for what seemed like hours, until he heard a deep woman's voice.




"The time is right... send for the prisoners." That was Gobe's cue. He ran towards the cage where Oad and Shaun sat, chained together. Gobe opened the cage door, and pulled on a loose chain sharply. Oad cursed quietly, as the chains cut into his side. Gobe attempted to sooth him without giving away his identity.




Arius stood next to Taeia on the stage, as a huge wave of black hooded people stood cheering before the stand. A large stone altar had been placed in the middle of the stage, right in front of where Taeia stood weilding the sword that Arius had handed to her. Two other hooded attendents took the chain from Gobe, and yanked Shaun and Oad up the stairs. Slowly, they layed the two out on the stone slab, as Taeia began reciting the ancient words. Arius looked back at Gobe, who was turning a pale color.




Misty sat next to the stage on a gilded chair, attendend by two women in black cloaks. She was fighting a stronge impulse to run up and strangle Taeia. As Taeia raised the sword in tune with the sacred words, Misty felt her hands grip her chair tighter and tighter. Taeia was practically shouting, as the sword reached its peak height. Misty flung herself from the chair, and bolted up the stairs screaming.

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Taeia flew across the stage with the impact of Misty's small body, flung at her with high speed. Arius cursed under his breath. This would make things a bit difficult...




Gobe was quick to help untie his friends, only to be stunned by one of the attendents. Misty and Taeia fist fought down the stairs of the stage, onto the earthen ground below.




Shaun ran to help Misty, who was starting to weaken. "Misty! Let go of her! We need to get out of here!" Arius heard his shouts, and turned around. "No, boy! Keep fighting! We need to kill Taeia!"




Gobe and Oad fought off attendents who were rushing to help their Queen, as the crowd below cheered as though the whole fight had been staged. Misty fell back as Taeia smacked her on her head with the blunt side of the sword. Arius pulled out the ruby wand.




"Mortusius!" he shouted, as a glare of lighting flew across the stage, and his Taeia square in the chest. The crowd gasped as their leader was caught in suspended animation for a few seconds, then fell to the ground. Shaun grabbed the deceased woman's sword and drove it through her chest to make sure she was dead. Arius shouted to Gobe and Oad to come and place their hands on his arm, and for Shaun to grab Misty and do the same. With a wave of his wand, the stage was left empty except for injured and dead attendents, and Taeia's dead body.




Arius stood up carefully, and looked around. He pulled out a compass, and walked a few feet away. Gobe sat up and panted. "Where are we?"




Arius closed the compass and sighed. "I'm not sure. There was something with the magic at that festival that jinxed my teleportation spell. For all we know, we could be dead."




Oad looked up, and felt the ground. "Um... I think we're on an iceburg."




Shaun woke up next to him. "I think even the penguins over there know we're on an iceburg, Oad." All eyes turned to Misty, who hadn't sat up yet.




Arius kneeled by her side, and clicked his tounge. "Oh dear... oh dear me..." Shaun frantically ran over.




"What? Tell me, what is wrong with her?"




Arius' head fell. "It is a pity for one to save a life, only to have their own life to prematurely taken away."




Shaun gasped. "She isn't..."




The old man nodded. "Head trauma. Its too late. She'll be gone within a few minutes."




Gobe frowned. "But you're a magic man, do something!"




Arius shook his head. "There is nothing to be done at this point. My magic isn't strong enough to cure the girl."




Shaun turned ghostly white, and slid over to the side of the icey island. "I guess thats it then."




Arius smiled weakly. "We could always go back to Varrock! We could go back to our lives!"




Shaun shook his head. "You guys can. There's something I need to do here first."




Oad was shocked. "But you'll never get off! You'll die with her!"




Shaun nodded. "So be it. Too bad though, it seemed that those hooded folks seemed to knwo a thing or to about magic. Did you see how Taeia cured her injured attendents so fast? By magic!"




Arius sighed. "Dark magic, I'm afraid. Anyone coming to Varrock, come on over here." Oad and Gobe grasped the old man's arms. With a flash, they were gone, leaving Shaun and Misty's corpse alone.




Shaun smiled and crawled back over to Misty. "Wake up, my Queen. They have departed." Misty sat up, as a cloud of smoke enveloped her small figure. When the smoke cleared, Taeia sat where Misty once was.




"Thank you. We're lucky that body switching hex worked on the bothersome girl. Or else I would be dead, and you'd have to run off with those idiots! Now, to get off this God forsaken iceburg Shaun." Shaun laughed along with Taeia.




"To think, this whole time... ha ha. You wouldn't have really killed me up there, would you my queen?"




Taeia smiled. "Of course not, after all, you are my only son."

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