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New Players (NOOBS) Getting A Bad Rap? - Post here!!!


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and for those who say that a level defines Noob:




A wise man once said (I cant seem to recall his name) "Noob is an attitude, not a level."
















I may have said your quote at one point. I'm glad to see that there are players that are mature enough to realize that fact.



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No, i don't think you should be called a noob if you have low cmb, but high skills. But if your low in both your a noob, please get away from me.








HEY LOOK GUYS!! A LIST!! Omfgz*gasp*!!!one1!








-If you dont have a skill about 75 you ARE a noob.




-If you run from me in the wildy, i have the right to call you a noob..(dont want to be a noob?, don't run.)








lvl 90 nub:even though you were minding your own business doing a clue scroll and i came up and attacked you, PLEASE DONT KILL ME.




me: lol.. *ice bust here*








- if i say selling whip 1.6m and you offer 1.55 you ARE a noob.




-if you collapse the rocks on me at CW and you ARE ON MY TEAM, you are a noob.




-if you report me for item scamming when i pick up your d axe head and keep it, you ARE a noob. (pay attention next time)




-if you say "again" after i show you my fm emote, you ARE a noob.




-If i say saying 1m my rules. And then you change a rule, you ARE a noob. (learn to read please)




-if you eat a shark after i hi a *low* 22 on you, you ARE a noob.(wasting food too, your going to die anyway)




-this list could go on, but i got bored. >.>








I (fly_to_fall) have the right to call anyone a (noob,nub,noobcake,nubsicle,narb) whenever i feel like it. <3








Although there are some things that people shouldn't be called noobs for.




-defence levels (high or low)




-useing a dds at staking ( i will still own you)




-ancienting in the wildy/duel arena (with my x-bow in hand,you will die)




-mining better than i do. (your a bit better than me, why would i call you a noob?)








My point? IF you dont want to be called like a noob, dont act like/be one! It's just that easy..Sure all these people will say.."Nah, noone is a noob." Did you actually check the stats/qps of the people that say stuff like that? They are LOW!

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Unfortuantly the word noob is based on combat, which can be entirely wrong. There are several lvl 3 skillers out there with lvl 99 skills. So are they noobs? No! There are several players out there that just joined the game, should they have superior knowledge and know everything? No! Should we call them noob? No! :!:


Thanks Lil_Atza for the sig!

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i got called noob quite a few times in the last few weeks, for really quite silly reasons.




1. not falling for a scam




2. not wanting to sell my armour




3. not wanting to buy a dragon battleaxe




4. asking for a pricecheck




5. asking how much something heals




6. having private chat on friends




7. having private chat off




8. having private chat on




9. meleeing




my point is that the word is overused. stop it. it's not even a word anyway.

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as i am sure several other people have posted on this thread:








"Noob is an attitude, not a level."








i couldn't agree with this more. if you call me a noob because i didnt fall for your scam, didnt sell you my armour for 1gp, didnt give you my rare to try on ect. then, in my opinion, you are the noob. you can have lower level friends who own or you can find level 112 noobs walking around port sarim asking for "phr33 st00f pl0x"

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I was walking near Varrock when some high levels appeared.




High level#1:Zomg noob u need to have 70 cb to aproach us








High level#2:Get away u noob




I walk to the champions guild and enter.




High level#1:Zomg quest noob




High level#2:Now where is Karamja?

You will find all the answers in your heart,my son.

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well , noob is jus ta word, i dotn find it offensive atall, and if somebody actually has a question thats not too stupid, than yeah i'll answer it nicely, but there is a certain thing called the knowlege base, and its not just there for people to sniff, lol use it, i really dotn mind the word noob, because in my opinion, if your calling somebody a noob, your not too cool yourself

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The definition of a noob is a player who pretends to know everything, even though they don't




A new player is a newbie.




However, many people confuse these terms, and they are really noobs.

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I want to greatly vouch for noobs-


(e.g my definition of noob; a lower levelled or less experienced player)


Constantly made fun of, constantly disrespected, and yet if you get to know them they are just like you-another player just wanting to get the best out of the game. I guess there are some exceptions, but quite recently I have been astounded by the level of maturity of some "noobs".

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I want to greatly vouch for noobs-


(e.g my definition of noob; a lower levelled or less experienced player)


Constantly made fun of, constantly disrespected




Thats the reason they're there. :XD:


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When you offerbad trades they call you a NOOB



If you offer bad trades you ARE a noob.


no, if you offer a bad trade, you probobly have A LIFE, unlike some people who are 100+ combat, and do nothing but play runescape "but, but, i have a girlfriend" some high levels try to say, "I get outside" yeah, to get in your mom's car to go to school, or in other cases, to get in your moms car to go to work! But you are probobly a guy who thinks everybody who is a level is a noob, i would rather be a noob, than a huge fat nerd who lives in my moms basement... I wouldn't consider my self a noob, but I know 123yourgone is about to call me a noob for talking on and on about his thoughts, but I think that everybody who walks around calling low levels noobs, needs to get a life, or something like that... 123yourgone, i know your thinking you could own me, or you could beat me, or other stuff like that, but i dont care. well if you think that people who dont know prices are noobs, than you need a life. if all you do is memorize prices all day, than your a real life noob, your probobly a 400 pound, 16 your old, kid who is whiter than sour cream... I know your gonna reply to this, so let me say something, you think your big, and strong having 90+ attack, and other stats like that, but your not, you have a life, a runescape life, no other life.....




level 114 u got a problem ...i am a level 114 and guess what belive it or not devle has a life outside runescap =[]!!!! so before u start talking trash make sure u know what u are talking about first ok?

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almost everyone has been called a noob, most of them aren't i just think the people who call someone a noob are more noobier themselves.




however in my opinion noob can relate to beggars and people whho are too scared to leave lumbridge. these people are not disrespected!!


236qp ftw!

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Most people under level 90 ARE noobs. Especially level 40-70




Oh my God. You know what, screw you. That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen here. I'm level 70. But I have never been a noob in my entire LIFE. Call me a noob again, and I'll figure out a way to punch you in the face repeatedly through the Internet.






Woot! You tell'em. I'm lvl 63, and I am NOT a noob.


I totally agree with this topic. Noobs are not people who don't know much about RuneScape. They are "noo" people to RuneScape. So what if the person doesn't go to Rune Tips for all their questions. They ask other players, and then get their question stuffed in their face. Nobody likes someone who's being a loser.


[Potatoed0] --> [Combat 63] --> [WCing 51] --> [FMing 40]

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i'm sick of the word noob or owned everyone uses it can no1 come up with anythin more than that;and ppl wonder why zezmia turns of his chat i do it sometimes unless i'm buyin or sellin stuff i've seen him gettin followed buy like 20 ppl all callin him a noob. I bet he is quiet an ok guy if u really got to know him. ps i dont know or anything just makin a point

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id say f2p has more noob minded players than members...for example i had a lvl 43 come up to me and ask for a free rune scimmy...i refused so he started folowing me saying his main was lvl 124 and had full dragon. I asked how much full dragon cost and he replie 500k-1mill for dragon (t)!!!!


wat the heck is dragon (t)??? trimmed dragon armour....and full for 500k...rofl :lol:

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Recently i was mining when someone complained about me taking their rock, i replied for them to deal with it and they left. Then completely at random some random level 40 starts calling me a noob and starts flaming me. I reply, what are you a freshman? and he starts saying "reported!" "reported!" then clicks follow and comes up right behind me and continues. I ask him what he reported me for. He said asking personals. He then starts using the dance emote behind me. This is probably the most hilarious example of a noob i have ever witnessed. The end




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People mistake the both words every time, i myself like to give 1k or some iron armor to ppl on lummby, or for example help ppl when they are making a quest, it's rewarding lol :D




Noobs -> Ignorant people, mostly under-aged users that don't have the age to play runescape that if they are ihgh leveled think "IM KING OF THE WORLD" and flame any one




Newbs -> New people to the game .




I once got called noob by a lvl 3 that was always trading me to show his rune platebody ( I am lvl 65 and was wearing full rune ) now thats not a newb that's a NOOB. A person comes up to me and asks me where does X place stays, i ask thme to follow me and take them there.




And there's another category, Scammer, but i dont whant to get into details <.<

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My problem is the wave of people who came in with RS2, im only lvl 60 because i've been playing on and off for about 3 years, and then with RS2 came all the rude people(im not saying all the RS2 mob are rude, just alot of them tend to be the CS Z0MG! I P00N J00!!1!) I've called a noob for not being a high lvl because of how long i've been on




----------------------------------------------------------------------------------dude, guess what, i have a lv 82, ive played for 1 year about, but i also have a lv 11 *supposedly pure* and i cant even b bothered to train it, i bet u feel teh same way :)


oh and about the noob term, i cant remember the last time i ever called someone noob, cept for when their just pestering me for attention and are tellin me to do tings -.-



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