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Withdrawal Symptoms, From Runescape?


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Great thread.

Would read again.

I've just read it again! I can't believe I wrote this 6 and a half years ago... I was tempted to write a new version and update as the feeling of nostalgia never leaves me when it comes to Runescape... Sadly, I don't have the patience to type as I once did.... My past self would be ashamed of me lol!
Whiterob10 was better then zorro for sure :P

Adx1's Rsc Kills


Username = adxx1

Password = read only

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Actually, the old you just made the post seem longer by having half of it as white lines...


That said, reading back some of this (including about my history as the RSC forum mod for Tip.it :o), what strikes me most is that you can actually notice how most of us have 'matured'. Most of us were teenagers or in the young 20's in early RSC. Some of the ADD-driven kids from back then I've seen grow into more sensible adult people. I like to think of myself as one of the grownups now.


As far as the nostalgia bit goes:it seems to stretch into two patterns:

- I loved the simplicity of the game back then, more straightforward, harder to achieve things - but it lead to a smaller 'top' section of players. The smaller top meant more widespread fame, and 'knowing' most of the top back then, leads to feeling your 'old self' more important then your 'current self', as far as character goes. Grabbing on to past fame and successes over remaining sensible is something to watch out for - I mean, look at Madonna these days.

- The opportunity to lash out with a childish comment at an old time enemy - regardless of whether it makes sense or not.


For me personally, I look back at this past for more then 'the game' in itself. First of all, it has largely extended my english vocabulary. It got me into coding a clan website (basic html skills), I read up on PHP to code my own calculators for ARENAscape, I've learned what to say and what NOT to say, learned to plan things ahead ('efficiency'), learned to relativate losses, ...

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