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Apathy Goes For 99 Defense (96/99) + (98/99) Prayer

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Hello, this is a simple blog of my training. It's also to help me not get so bored while training. I'm going for 99 defense by killing stuff (Duh). I'll try to update as I go. I want to get 99 Prayer before I get 99 Defense so I will take a break at 98 Defense so 99 Def will give me 126 combat. Mainly I want to put off construction as long as possible because I simply don't like construction. I'll use the rest of my bones on my altar which should give me 99 Prayer. I was going to get 99 prayer last month but it was too troublesome to find a gilded altar for extended periods of time. I will make my own this time. Also to prevent some people from annoying me, I will not post another bank pic. I'm pretty sure noone wants to see it anyhow. :-w




















As you can see I'm not much of a skiller nor do I plan to be anytime soon. Most of these were a requirement for a quest which is why I even raised some of them.




I started Killing abyssal demons at 82 defense and I plan to keep killing them til I reach my goal, I could camp at bandits or do pest control to get there a bit faster but hey, why not make some extra gee pee on my way to 99. Can never have too much money right? O:)












Here I'll be posting all of my decent drops along the way. I will try to post levels too, but I don't pay very good attention.




This is my usual inventory












Abyssal Head 1




Left Half Shield 4




Dragon Medium 4




Dragon Medium 5




Dragon Medium 6




Abyssal Whip 1




Abyssal Whip 2




Abyssal Whip 3




Abyssal Whip 4




Abyssal Whip 5




Abyssal Whip 6




Abyssal Whip 7




Abyssal Whip 8




Abyssal Whip 9




Abyssal Whip 10




Abyssal Whip 11




Abyssal Whip 12




Abyssal Whip 13




Abyssal Whip 14




Abyssal Whip 15




Abyssal Whip 16




Abyssal Whip 17




Abyssal Whip 18




Abyssal Whip 19




Abyssal Whip 20




Abyssal Whip 21




Abyssal Whip 22
















*will update as i get them*








I almost never did clue scrolls before on my main or this account. Mainly because I got stumped two or three times because of agility levels or quests. Now I think my agility is high enough to do most of them and I did RFD last month so I have a good amount of quests completed. Since abyssals drop level 3 clues, I will do them as I get them. They only take 20 minutes anyhow.




I enjoy doing clues more than killing abyssals so after the dose of super att/str wears off, I go do the clue.








































































































































































































































































*will update as i get them*












I often get asked the same questions over and over.








Q: How long did it take for you to get 85 slayer?




A: Two months, first month I just did it on the side a little by little. Then I figured I wanted some 99 capes and trained attack and strength through slayer. I was 69 slayer on Nov. 3rd and got 85 slayer on Nov. 29. The only thing I did was slayer.








Q: How many abyssal demons does it take to get an abyssal whip?




A: I can't say the drop rate for others, but I get them about 1/600.








Q: Is 85 Slayer good money?




A: In my personal opinion, No it isn't. But it is probably the best place to train efficiently and make money at the same time. DK's maybe make more money but abyssals give more exp by the hour. Pest Control gets twice as fast exp but 100x less money. It comes out to like 400k an hour which isn't bad but isn't good either. But I'm mainly here for exp, whips just come as a bonus.








Q: How hard are Abyssal Demons?




A: Their max hit is 8, they don't hit very often. I have to heal after about 10-20 I kill.








Q: How do you make most of you're money?




A: I was a pure staker. 85 Attack 95 Strength 70 Defense at 95 Combat. Turned out very nicely. I still have alot of stuff from back then which is most of my net worth. I don't do much for money now except clues and abbys. About 95% of my net worth is from staking which I don't do much anymore since I don't really need to.








Q: I saw your bank before, can I have free stuff?




A: Your eyes decieved you, I'm poor.








Q: Can I have a free whip?




A: Sure, you can have the next one. (This applies to all new drops)








Q: How long do you stay at abbys?




A: Til I run out of Super Pots or I get a clue. Clues give me a change of scenery.








Q: Where did you train to get 99 Attack and Strength?




A: All Slayer assignments were done by whip and scimitar. Whatever my assignments were, that was what I trained on.








Q: How do you train so fast?




A: It's not fast training, I waste alot of time here. Do alot of stuff you can multitask or not pay alot of attention to. That's why I quit doing barrows, too much clicking. I only have to click an abby like every 30 seconds which allows me to watch TV/HW/Eat lol.








Q: How much exp do you get a day?




A: Since I've gotten 85 slayer, this table gives you an idea.








w/o pest control








Q: Are you always killing abyssal demons?




A: If they are too crowded then I hop around for about 5 worlds, if none are empty/1 person then I go kill metal dragons. I'm either in one of those two places or doing a clue.








Q: Are you sure you don't have anything that I can have for free?




A: *Ignore List*








Thanks for looking




Feel free to post a comment ::'




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In 5 drops you have more money than I have total.... :oops:








Good luck on 99 defence, quite an achievement!


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All those nice drops =P~ .








Anyway, good luck on 99 def :thumbsup:

Strangely with WotLK so near, I wished I could delay it a bit to push through that last TBC content in MH/BT :'(.

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grats, keep on pming me when you get drops! 99 prayer in no time, after that stake it all away? or double it all then you can skil loads as well!




EDIT: im gald I know what you're bank looks like, its amazing so we all know what to say to you!








Fr33 St0f Pl0x!!!! (nah dont uys its a joke, some of you may not get!)


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ahh i get a new clue and i need to enter fishin guild <.<




off to go fly fishing for 3 levels now




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ur such a good inspiration lol




i like ur FAQ part hehe




anyway i think ur not poor lol.. and eyes dont decieve :-w




good job on ur slayer.. and heres another question:




does slayer higher than 85 make u kill abyssal demons easier?




anyway good job on ur kills and way to go to 99 def

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me: OMG! can I have a free whip tomorrow?




you: yep!




*next day comes*




me: well?




you: i said I'd give you one tomorrow! is it tomorrow yet? no.








I wonder if anyone has not figured this out yet. it's the whole "free beer tomorrow" thing, it'll never be "tomorrow". good one =P








anyways, keep up the work! since you require more than 500,000 experience to have 85 of a skill, may I assume that is for the amount you gained in one day?


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slayer higher than 85 has nothing to do with killing abbys easier








and yes the small box at the bottom of first post shows the experience i got in one day, my level on that day, and the rank shows who got the most exp for that stat in a day








unfortunately since the release of the new treasure trails, abyssal demons have become completed crowded. If they are too crowded at that time, I will go kill metal dragons or something.




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Very nice blog, goodluck with the rest :D :thumbsup:


Credits to Skully Sc for the signature.24picns.png

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Lol. Good luck and can I have a free whip? >.<




1.5m bank value after dieing with infinity boots and gloves on!





Tetris is about using the equal force of the working power to build up the glorious people's republic of Russia....

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It appears jagex murdered the clue drop rate today, as my usual clue harvest from the jellies hasn't turned up anything in 10 inventories of monkfish. On a side note, free whip please? :oops:


7 months ago, shoulen m0nk lured me for everything. If you know anything about him, pm me.

lol that was a good story but his eyesight must be poor... it's a well known fact that mods only drop garages on players. :lol:

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just thought i'd update








93 defense




+3 whips




+1 d med




clue rewards 19-31




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i hop around til i find one that isn't very crowded so it varies








94 defense




+3 whips




+1 d med




32-39 clue rewards




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