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** If you don't give details, you can't expect help **

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The content of this sticky may be largely immaterial, since it seems most people don't read inside them anyway, given the number of replies ignoring the content of Ard_Choille's ***NEW*** Tech and Computers Guide announcement. That's why I tried to get the message accross in the title.




You cannot expect people to help you if you do not give details of the problem you are having.


There are some technically minded people who read this board and are generally happy to help those with problems. However, there is nothing we despise more than when people do not give any details of the problem they are having.


The thread title:


If you do not give your thread a descriptive title, people are unlikely to read it. Calling your thread "plz help" or "OMG WHAT RONG??" will only earn you castigation from the users who do read your topic and you will waste the time of a moderator who will then edit the title to something descriptive. Hardly a way to endear yourself to the people from whom you are seeking help.


Make the title descriptive of the problem. That will attract people who are knowledgeable about the area in which you are experiencing trouble.


The problem:


Describe your situation IN DETAIL. That cannot be stressed enough. If you do not make it clear what you are having a problem with, no one will help you. Saying "my connection isn't working, plz help" will get you no friends. It will only annoy the people who wasted their time clicking on your thread, and they'll generally let you know how annoyed they are. Again, not a way to endear yourself to the people from whom you are seeking help.


Describe your problem in detail.


Describe your problem in detail.


Describe your problem in detail.


If it's a connection problem, include details about your connection. What type it is (dial-up, DSL, cable, satellite), what provider you use, how many other people use it and so on. If it is a rebooting/crashing problem include when it happens, what changes to your setup you have made and what things you have done to try and solve the problem. Use your head, if you have one.


Include when you first noticed the problem. Anything you did that you think may have caused it.


Bottom line: don't expect help if you don't extend any courtesy to the people you want to help you. In fact you can expect reprobation, castigation and sometimes even fustigation.

Some people are changed by being a moderator. I wouldn't be.

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