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Powerful Names


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Maybe you could try translating that into different languages, it might sound cool then....








Here I translated "moonlight wolf" into several different languages:








Spanish: lobo del claro de luna








French: loup de clair de lune








German: Mondscheinwolf








Dutch: maanlicht wolf








Italian: lupo di moonlight








latin: moonlight lupus








Icelandic: Tunglskin ulfur












lol, I was bored, if you were wondering why i did icelandic.....well hope htis helps :thumbsup:

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My_Eggs... he is a very powerful vilian who has destroyed many cities in his past. He didn't spare anyone...except Fad... cause he wishes he was me *points to sig*

99 HP, Attack, Strength, Defence, Summoning, Ranged, Herblore, Prayer, Agility, Magic, Slayer, Fletching, Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining, and Thieving.


Jagex'd out of my untrimmed hp cape on 6/14/2011.

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I'm not that evil... I think >.< Besides, I'd rather have that name for myself and my book (when I get round to writing it).








Try something weird like Mr Blue or Mr Pineapple. Perfect villian names.


Thanks Venomai for this super sig and Kwimbob for the awesome avatar!

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nah, I like the icelandic name, but he was an extremly dark powerful magician who ruined the age of prosperity and created shadow magic.








shadow magic - the act of banishing someone to the shadowlands








shadow lands - desloate waste land with no escape








and giovanni is a pokemon bad guy name so it is copy writed

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Guest AshKaYu

You can't copyright a name! What, so I can't name my kid Giovanni or Donald now?








But what about . . .








Atrum Astrum?








Double A for initials, very easy to leave behind as a calling card, and it means Dark Star in latin according to this online English Latin dictionary.

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"whom God has strengthened"












Servant of the








Alaric Vlastslav




(Ruler of all) (power/glory)








Angra Mainyu




ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâ¦Ã¢â¬ÅMeans "evil spirit" in Avestan. In Persian mythology Angra Mainyu was the god of darkness, death and destruction, the enemy of Ahura Mazda.:





























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Actually, I've been ashamed of my nick (superfix 'the great') after I quit playing RS, some 5 years ago. It was my nickname when I played age of empires; which explains the 'the great'; a little kid wanting to top alexander by playing a game :) But this is how I'm know, although I prefer Oy instead of that being great and all.

Bill Hicks[/url]":dhj2kan9]Since the one thing we can say about fundamental matter is, that it is vibrating. And since all vibrations are theoretically sound, then it is not unreasonable to suggest that the universe is music and should be perceived as such.


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