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if u had a chance would u rename your character


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hell yea. my actual RS name sucks, its in my signature. any other name would b better, even happy cheesey bunny! ( hell no... acutal RS name is better than that...) well... im sure i would change my RSN if i could. :uhh:

Why even try with that idiot? Honestly, there is no point whatsoever. I'd get better replies if I argued with a tree stump.
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Hell yes! I hate my name, my friend told me to choose it and i thought i could change it later, but no!


I love my noob accounts name, though, (mountain jam), becasue it's on e of my fav songs(allman Bro's band)


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Nope, I orginally wanted kaisershami and I got kaisershami, at the time I had that for all my other communication names too and I like it because it doesn't have numbers in it.




The reason why its kaisershami was because everyone in my school always thought I wanted to take over the world since 4th grade. Lol, even as a joke once I "bribed" a teacher with an offer of Hawaii and my friends and I assigned sections of the world to certain people. So thats were I got kaiser, because everyone thought I wanted to be an emperor and then Shami because thats just my name. (Strangely enough, I want to be a politicain).




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