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Having 85+ in all skills is beautiful on the stat menu, not to mention very useful to have. Good luck reaching this goal!




Thanks :D




Sweet leveling dude! :D


Keep it up! <3:<3:<3:




Thanks a lot :D I will ::'

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Gratz on 80 Farming, only 5 more <3:




Keep rockin!




Thanks a lot! :D I think I'll continue farm after 85 (It's fun :-$ )




Congrats :D Farming ftw \:D/




Yea it's the skill I like the most \:D/








Some levels I want to get:




88 Fm


75 Mining


75 Agil


80 Fish


85 Cook


85 Wc


83 Rc


81 Att


72 Slay


85 Farm




This will keep me busy for some time ::'

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Grats on 86 firemaking! Nice total :o




Thanks :)




congratulations with your 99 hunter :) now up to the next goals :P


good luck




Thanks a lot :D I'm still very proud on 99 hunter, that's why it's still on front page <3: :oops:





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Grats!!! 2 more and you caught my farming :oops: <3:


Btw, you got a very hot looking stalker :anxious:




Yeps he's very, very hot. I love him very much, couldn't live without him. But please don't tell him :-w





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