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Seeing as how I'll be graduating/getting a job soon, I want to buy a guitar; a guitar so smokin' hot that you know it can only belong to me 8-). Right now, I've been experimenting with the Jackson Custom Shop online and came up with these two:




























I doubt they'll come cheap, so I doubt I'll be able to afford both. My question to you people is:








Do any of you have experience with Jackson's custom shop? Can you give me a good guess on how much each might cost, and (most importantly)








Which one looks nicer?


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and just for fun i decided to build my own...








what do ya think :thumbsup:








anyways, after looking at the options available, i htink if your going to have one custom built, then you can make em a bit nicer than the ones you have up there...but thats just my opinion :D

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Sorry Choco, but to completely honest: both are ugly as sin. :( And if it makes you feel better: I don't really like the Floyd guitar either.


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If you're gonna drop money on a custom guitar, make it a real custom guitar. Find a luthier in your area and come up with a design with him. I'm not a big fan of big name custom shops at all.

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