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Best trade ever?


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my best trade is 92k cannon balls plus cannon for 300k








no pic sorry, thought he was joking... so if you dont believe me no worries.


Best nest to date, two in one swing...

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3 Barrows drops: Torags legs, Dharoks legs, Veracs plateskirt

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I bought a Rune Scimitar and Battleaxe from a guy's bank sale for 40k (he said the price when I asked how much), then alched the Battleaxe for 24k, which means I got a Rune Scimitar for 16k :thumbsup:

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I suppose the best Trade was when I made my Newbie. Friend of mine owed me about 4 million Gold on an older Character, and my Newbie ended up having the Gold handed to him instead. So on the account I use now, and want to use as my new Professional-Character; had a really awesome Trade...To some manner of opinion...

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Should be when i bought 40 rune scimmys for 800k ( was f2p back then)




Sold 13 for 30k ea, traded the last 27 for a zammy plate end leggs!

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I did once buy 4k coal ores for 52k (130 each) :D.








That's 13 is if my math is ok, and I'm pretty sure it is :XD:




I didn't have much good trades. Maybe non...




Or I had, the day wizzy (g) became f2p, I bought it for 10k Feathers when they were 1.8 mill \:D/

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full dhide (g) for full rune+power ammy+rune baxe+100k, and some other stuff, quite a while ago, can't remember.




I payed 250k for the dhide (g) when I first bought it





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Not bad if you actually got it :)








Best I've gotten is a trade was recently I think, from some rich pure.








Traded a mage book for 2650k, mud battlestaff, black mystic, lava staff, and a bunch of random stuff. Made around a mil profit from it.








And how's this?
















To bad he didn't hit accept on the second screen :boohoo:

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