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Did you miss a holiday event?


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I missed the first sycth drop because I was out all day and night during Halloween 2003. On the sycth re-drop I saw three sycthes in the members section of the dwarven mines but I couldn't reach them, so I went to the bank with telegrabs and came back only to find them gone. I had no luck finding any sycthes during the re-drop afterwards.

123 Combat / 1900 Skill Total / 99 HP / 7x 99 Stats

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Let's see... I missed the Party Hat drop on Christmas by about 2 (Which SUCKS! lol). Umm, I didn't get an Easter event item that year... So Missed that, I missed that Halloween which was MASKS, which also SUCKED. I also missed that Christmas, which was santa hats, but I got one from a friend the next day IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS. I got the bunny ears, then I missed that halloween scythe, then RS2 came out, wasn't there for a year, and made every event since. :)

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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