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Daily Habits?


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Well, this is my holiday routine.. Up until this point, I've been homeschool all my life, so I'm adjusting my school day routine. School starts on Monday. >;o








Wake up, decide it's too early to get up, go back to sleep, repeat, repeat, repeat. Finally wake up because SOMEONE decided to open my curtains and door so I'm blinded by the shining light. Day-dream for a few minutes. Get up, go to the toilet, go to the bathroom (Perhaps get a tic-tac. I have horrible morning breath.), get neked, look at myself in the mirror thinking how hot I am. Have a shower (I have a routine there too, but I won't go into details.), think about how hot I am, again, get dressed, go to the toilet again (I have my reasons.). Go to the computer or watch tv. The rest depends on the day.


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Mine are; get up, grab some clothes, grab a towel, take a shower, get dressed, brush my hair, eat breakfast.








What do you do on regular basis?








Seriously, I don't know anyone else as 'out there' as you.

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The only 'daily' routine I have is in the morning.








I wake up at 6, grab my robe, take a shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, go to school. That is about it.

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1. 5 AM- Grandma calls me to wake up. I go "MRMRRAAAHHH" and sleep till 5:30.




2. 5:30 AM - My alarm clock goes off to whatever cd was in there. AIMED AT YOU WE'RE THE COWBOYS FROM HELL-- I'm awake.




3. I go upstairs, and I lay on the couch moaning and gyrating erotically.




4. Shower. With much gyrates.




5. It's about 6 now. I take a moment to think about how awesome, sexy, and steamy my shower was. I come up with a dialogue to tell all my friends of my shower.




6. I wake my mother up. She asks how my sleep was, I grunt a reply.




7. Dry hair, get on clothes (last time I went to school nekkid they became grumpy) and get on jacket.




8. Goto bus stop, get on, listen to music.




9. It's about 7:30 now. It was an hour bus ride. I'm at school.










It really has

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I do virtually the same thing every day. I even have specific times that if I haven't done a particular task by a certain time, I'm running late. The tiniest discrepancy can throw off my routine and ruin my whole morning, or day depending on how bad it is. I might be obsessive compulsive.

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Is it "mraahhh" or "maahh" or "Ug"?












Oh, and I thought it was Dirty Habits not Daily Habits :shock:












:lol: In anycase, I'm sure it can apply-








But, anyway-I suppose one of my habits is playing runescape, another drinking tea- white or green. I'm not sure if you're looking for routines.

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You didn't ask for something so in depth, but I have nothing better to do. Wow, life is the same five days a week. No wonder it's so boring. Needs more excitement!







6:00 AM - Wake Up




6:01 AM - In the shower




6:08 AM - Out Of Shower




6:12 AM - Turn on Stove




6:12 AM - Turn on the news




6:14 AM - Grab Bacon out of the fridge




6:14 AM - Cook Bacon




6:18 AM - Enjoy Bacon while browsing the forums




6:30 AM - Clean pan and plate from bacon




6:34 AM - Brush Teeth




6:37 AM - Browse Forums/Watch News




7:02 AM - Get in my car and make my way to school




7:04 AM - Sit in traffic




7:16 AM - Walk to AP Physics C




7:25 AM - Enjoy an interesting lesson in Physics as well as oldies music.




8:00 AM - Actually Wake Up




9:00 AM - Head to Economics




9:07 AM - Take part in the daily donut feast.




9:53 AM - Make my way to AP Calculus BC




9:58 AM - Listen attentively as my teacher spews words faster than any normal human can listen.




10:42 AM - Off to AP Art History




10:50 AM - The greusome note taking class begins.




12:22 PM - Shove 20 pages of notes into my backpack.




12:23 PM - Walk a half a mile across the school to my car.




12:27 PM - Arrive at home.




12:27 PM - Find something good to eat.




12:45 PM - Eat while browsing forums.




1:15 PM - Get back in my car and head back to work.




1:30 PM - Arrive at work on time and grab the tray to my register.




1:35 PM - Get paid to scan items repeatedly.




6:30 PM - Head home.




6:45 PM - Find out if my mom is cooking, if not, I find something tasty to cook.




6:48 PM - Eat food while studying over Art History.




7:15 PM - Find a semi-AFK thing to do in Runescape (woodcut/fishing).




7:17 PM - Bust out the Calculus and the Physics.




8:30 PM - Put away my homework and make my way to Castle Wars.




8:32 PM - Castle Wars until I get tired; then whatever mindless activity Runescape has for me.




9:45 PM - Guitar!




11:30 PM - Brush Teeth.




11:35 PM - Alarms set and in bed.







Times are not exact

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There's a few routines I can't break or my day doesn't feel right..








I have to get up, grab some clothes, shave, brush my teeth, and get a shower. Then before bed I have to brush my teeth, listen to some music, think for a while about the happenings of the day, and listen to music while I drift off to sleep.








If I do those, I'm just fine ::'

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As for morning habits :roll: :








6:00 Wake up




6:10 Eat breakfast (usually oat meal <3: )




6:15 Go back to sleep :XD:




6:30 Wake up again








From then I wash my teeth, take a shower, dress up, pack my schoolbag aaand finally:








leave at 7:05








While traveling I listen to my iPod ::'








Arrive at school at 7:50

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In the last months at least I've made it a habit of mine to drink an iced coffee a day. =P~ It's my substitute for a normal coffee.








I have a similar routine, although it is to drink a dragonfruit Vitamin Water each day. :P



you know there is a place called outside, better graphics 100% pvp and no fee to play :-w
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I only have a similar routine every Monday, Thursday, and Friday, because my school starts at the same times on those days.








7:30AM - Alarm Rings




8:00AM - Wake up, realise I'm late.




8:02AM - Shower




8:10AM - Wear clothes




8:15AM - Leave home




8:20AM - Reach bus stop




8:30AM - Hop on the bus




8:35AM - Listen to music on my N73 or watch a movie(Yes, on my N73).




9:20AM - Reach School




9:30AM - Reach class, awkwardly move over to my seat.
















That's usually what happens, I wake up at 8 AM, my alarm can ring for 6 times, I wake up each time, put it to "Snooze" and I finally wake up at 8 AM, when class starts at 9, and I have a 1 hour bus ride.








But other daily routines include eating the same food every day.








Every day that I'm early, I head over to the canteen, and buy a Coconut Rice meal and eat it in class, without fail, because usually when I'm early, I'm early

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Mine are; get up, grab some clothes, grab a towel, take a shower, get dressed, brush my hair, eat breakfast.








What do you do on regular basis?




































:boohoo: :wall: :pray: <3: :ohnoes: :uhh: :XD:








Same here, only I don't brush my hair -.-

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Mine are; get up, grab some clothes, grab a towel, take a shower, get dressed, brush my hair, eat breakfast.








What do you do on regular basis?
















Sorry, this is just so damn funny! :D:D


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In-depth daily basis .. sometimes its different.








7:00am My phone goes off, I wake up, wake my sister up and get out of bed.




7:15am I'm in the bathroom doing my daily process of brushing teeth, showering .. etc.




7:45am Put kettle on, plug hair straighteners in. Make coffee, then straighten my hair whilst drinking coffee.




8:00am Apply make-up, get school stuff together, do last minute homework.




8:25am Drive off to school and go to my form room.




9:05am School starts. 2 one hour lessons then break.




11:20am It's break-time, sit in library diong more homework >.<. One more one hour lesson.




12:35pm Lunch time, wait in library for my friend and go up to the shale to smoke. 2 more lessons.




3:30pm WAit in the cold for my mother to pick me up and then go home.




4:00pm Arrive at home watch W.I.T.C.H for half an hour.




4:30pm Go to the park with a few friends, usually by myself, and smoke and do other stuff.




6:00pm Watch MADE for an hour.




7:00pm Beg my brother to let me on the Wii or go on his computer.




9:00pm Go to sleep or sometimes watch US Sitcoms.



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6:30: wake up and put on my school uniform (damn uniform...) *




6:40: eat my breakfast.




7:05: brush my teeth.




7:10: go to school *




7:30: i am at school (hell ive got nuffin 2 do, theres almost no1 here) *




8:00: school classes start. *




3:20: go home *




4:00: eat




5:00: do homework <.< *




7:30: take a shower.




8:00: eat




8:30: brush my teeth




8:40: nuffin??? *




10:30: go to sleep.... Zzz.....








that freakin routine i have from mondays till fridays durin the school year... i hate it... <.< :XD: <.< :XD: then saturdays and sundays i play computer instead of doing those marked with a * yay lets dance \' \' \' \'

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6am-wake up




6:05-go back to sleep




6:30-wake up




6:31-get dressed




6:32-go back to sleep




6:35-wash my hair




6:40-brush theeth




6:41-go back to sleep




6:43-Get 13 cups of coffee












2:45-checking my myspace




3:00-wacth TV with a cold beer :)




5:00-playing Games(mostly Guitar hero and runescape)




10:00-take shower




12:00-sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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I never realised how boring my life was until I did this-








5:00 - My mom wakes me up




5:17- I get up, put pop tarts in microwave. I would eat better, but p-t's are fastest.




5:25- Finish breakfast, go upstairs and pack my bookbag of school stuff.




5:35- At this point my sister is done monopolizing the bathroom, so I go in, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, comb my hair, clean my glasses, and apply a liberal amount of acne medication to my face (I look like the epitome of nerd, BTW.)




5:40- Make my lunch for school.




5:50- Go watch the news until 6:00




6:00- Freeze my tail off waiting for the bus




6:15- sleep on the bus




7:20- Get off the bus, go to my first class




7:20 to 2:00- My schedule switches every other day- I either have all the classes I hate, or all the classes I like.




2:00- Get on the bus to go home




2:46- Get off the bus, go home




3:00- Get a snack, watch TV




4:00- Do my homework, and, if I get finished early, play RS.




6:00- Have dinner.




6:30 to 7:00- Finish dinner, clean the mess my mom makes cooking.




7:00- Resume whatever it was I was doing before dinner.




8:00- shower.




8:15- play runescape.




9:00- go to bed.








You get a cookie if you read it all.

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