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Pking.. It kills.


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heh, hmm...








the anatomy is terable, i mean are your arms twigs? is your head a circle?








and proportion! are your arms in the middle of your torso?!








shading needs improvment, for a start there is none :-w








a background of several colours goes down better that a single colour, for when you really cba to draw something...








why is a baseballer grabing a guy with double jointed knees?








the list goes on...








you have much to improve on, i hope to see a perfect photorealistic pixel on my return, got it?








nah, im just joking, its rather cool, and i dont think ive seen the idea many times before, but wouldnt the guy just pk the cop? o0










100% my own work, i make my own brushes: set 1 set 2

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