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Sketches ( Lots of files! May take a while to load!)


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Hey, uhh well I posted these in some other forums but didn't get too much response. I was hesitant to post here, because so many of you are so much better than me I'd feel pretty crap. Drawing is something I do almost all the time, I love it, yet hate it at the same time. I am not a perfectionist in any other way, only in my own drawings, and when something does not appear the way it does in my mind, I actually feel upset lol. I visit this forum so often, but I am almost afraid to put forward my critique because I am overly blunt about my own work, I do not want to offend anyone. And also, because I never post anything I draw or do, I'd feel like people are like, who are you to comment?! However, because I never show anyone what I do, I never get any feedback, and I get stuck in a rut (ruck? Sp?) because I don't want to draw because I know it won't look how I want it to, and then it will make me sad.








Hmm I just want to know how to improve, although I think I already know the answer. Practice, with reference pictures. But yeah my perfectionist side knows that my drawing will not be exactly the same as the reference picture and I'll just end up sulking about it lol.








I know these ain't perfect and most of my anatomy sucks, probably because I just do it off the top of my head and never reference back to anything. I take a huge interest in lettering, particularly graffiti lettering, so a lot of pictures are of that. Only pen and paper mind.








This one I designed for a friend of mine that has set up some customised T-shirts company ting. My other friend has photoshopped this into a logo, but he hasn't showed me it yet.








I wish the "i" wasn't so fat.












Just some random dog in the middle of taking notes. His body looks weird to me. Shading is messed too.












Some dragon with no feet. The angle of his head is wrong. It is too side on. Take no notice of that attempt to copy the picture at the bottom, that was my boyfriend. Yeah a gay cartoon lion as well.












A flying lion. I couldn't do the mane. Or the face. No shading on the face, it just looks flat.












Took this as an idea I saw somewhere, think it looks ok.












Drew this so long ago, it's so far back in my book I can't even remember drawing it.












There are so many things wrong with this picture. His nose and mouth, and the fact I couldn't draw teeth. His front paw in the shadow is at the wrong angle, The rear paw in shadow I couldn't draw at all. His paws in general. And just ugh. This picture depresses me.












This is a really messy version of something I got printed on the back of a friends shirt. Looks good on his shirt, not so good here, but still.












OK that's enough for today. I know I know they ain't brilliant, but as they say, constructive criticism is very welcome. I should really study the way things look in order to draw them more accurately as it actually really upsets me if something doesn't look the way it does in my mind lol. Argh anyway, fire away.



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Dont be so negative! :)








They are all looking good, Im sure people are jealous at the way you draw.




The best 2 are the dogs, really like those two.








Lol I honestly can't help it, it's one of those things I get so anal about, it's so against my personality to act that way, but drawing gets me so unnecessarily stressed, yet it is something I do on a daily basis! I am never picky with intricate details apart from with art, and when it is my own art, the fact I can see so many faults in something I designed, it gets me down and just frustrated. Also, obviously before I draw I can see a detailed version of it in my mind, when I begin to draw and it is not the same it irritates me. I have issues or something, lol, I know.








Arrgh! Lol.








Thanks for your comments all the same! But does anyone have any advice they can give to me to help me improve?



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Haha the thing is, I usually draw in my lectures, so I only have a black biro. I have a sketch pad, but to first draw out my idea I have to use lined paper, paper with no lines to sketch out an idea makes me uneasy and just doesn't make me draw well. I just have kinda superstitions, the openness of plain paper seems to decrease my creative flair, pfft if you can call it that, but I hope you understand what I mean. It's like all the space just makes me uncomfortable. Yeah I am very messed up when it comes to drawing.








If then I feel like the design is good enough I will copy it into my sketch pad and maybe add colour. However a lot I do in black and white, and give to my friend who likes to play around and add colour in photoshop. I have quite a few in colour pens, but I didn't want to overcrowd the thread as I wanted to show some drawings as well as lettering.








Thankyou for the comment all the same!








Anyone else? Anything? ....... Help?



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They're great.... I like the lion the most. I'm not the artist type of person lol... I was more into modern art when I did it a few years back. Stuck a *french letter* in my book :oops: was "advised" by my teacher not to carry on the course lol.








All your work looks great to me.. dont be so harsh on yourself :thumbsup:

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