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Whats YOUR Average Level? *Some Highscores included!*

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My average is....lets see......71.13




cool ::'


lucky barrower-dh legs,veracs skirt,karil skirt, karils top (x3), dh pl8,karils coif,half key(x2), x-bow, ahrims robetop

goodbye Piman1053 Thu Jul 26, 2007 1:05 pm

326death326 is banned~~~EVERYONE ADD MY NEW MAIN "Y0uknowwho" (first o is a zero)

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Ughh... only 63.9 for me <.<

[01:24:34] CJ Hunnicutt: it takes skill to be that [bleep]ing stupid

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581st to Cooking 99 [June 2005]-------------71537th to Hitpoints 99 [December 2009]

233rd to Firemaking 99 [February 2006]----65875th to Defence 99 [February 2010]

822nd to Woodcutting 99 [March 2006]------95249th to Attack 99 [April 2010]

576th to Fishing 99 [september 2006]-------14016th to Crafting 99 [January 2011]

83541st to Strength 99 [May 2009]----------124340th to Magic 99 [June 2011]

23885th to Smithing 99 [september 2011]--XXXXXXth to Ranged 99 [October 2012]


F2p forever ...

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84.5 ftw 8-)

racistmodhq9.png Racist Mod (may or may not have been taken out of context)

Figuring out what to put in my signature just takes too much work.

If your still reading this, your a noob.


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