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Fantasy Earth Zero

23 October 2010 - 03:54 AM

So, what happens when you take a RTS game, mate it with an Third person shooter, and then cross that child with an action game? You'd probably come up with something close toFantasy Earth: Zero.

Released in the U.S. by a company called Gamepot, maybe you've heard of them (don't be shocked if you haven't) , they have other great hits, like MIRII! and Bright Shadow! and, that's it.

Taking place in the world of Melpharia , a land split in a 5 way war for power, Between the nations, Netavare, Cesedria, Yelsord, Hordaine, and Gevrandia, each ruling their own continent. You take the role as a soldier in the army, fighting in wars. There's 4 classes to choose from. Warrior, Sorcerer, Scout, and Fencer. Fencer being recently added. At least 3 different skill trees to branch out on to, these can be mixed and matched any way you want.

It is a mainly PvP game, there being many different things to do it a war. The first being the objective of war, building. To win you need to gain territory, to do this you build obelisks on the edge of your territory, which is outlined on your minimap (Wow a game where the minimap serves a critical purpose!). This causes the enemy base to get damaged the duration you have this territory, so more territory = more damage = win. There are a total of 6 buildings, an Obelisk, Bulwark, Eclipse, Scaffold, War Workshop, and the Gate of Hades. Eclipse is like an obelisk except you can build it in enemy territory, which you can't with an obelisk, though it doesn't capture as much territory as an obelisk. Scaffold is a small platform, and a Bulwark is a big wall, used to wall things (ooohhhhh :lol: )

Then there is summoning, in FEZ when you summon something, you don't just summon it, you become the summon. There are a total of 5, Knight, Giant, Wraith, Chimera, and Dragon, brace yourself the Chimera and dragon are the only ones that will get a long explanation.

The knight is used for taking down enemy summons, they do low damage otherwise.

The giant is used to damage enemy buildings (sapping), again low damage for anything else, only bother with enemy obelisks.

The wraith is used for damaging infantry (foot soldiers, not summoned), used for pushing the front line.

Now to the chimera, the tide changer. A Chimera has an attack called Final Buster, it can take one full bar of HP away from your keep, out of three. So it's easy to go from winning to losing with one on the field. It loses HP over time and should always be fought against by every player to make sure it doesn't (or does if it's your side) reach the base. You must have Chimera blood in your inventory to summon it, a untradable item obtained from getting beast blood, a rare tradable item, and have a npc in your capital combine it with water (available from the local tool shop).

And the dragon, the dragon requires some things, unlike the other summons that are summoned just by crystals, you need a dragon soul, which is a semi rare item, dropped by the undead. You have to have the Dragon soul in your inventory, for it to activate you have to be losing the war by some amount (different requirements for more dragons), and you have to die, if you fulfill all these requirements you have a 5% chance of turning into a dragon on death. Multiple dragon souls give multiple 5% chances, up to a max of 3 dragons on one side.

So what are crystals you ask? in war there are a few "jobs" that the community comes to recognize, frontliner, sideliner, sapper, miner, and banker. The frontliner is what most people do, fight on the frontlines, that's it, the front line usually never moves without the aid of a wraith. Sideliners have one of the hardest jobs, they are expected to protect obelisks from being sapped, expand territory on the map, summon when needed, and at times expected to fight entire groups of anywhere from 1 person to 7 or 8 people. Usually expected to do this alone or with a small group of 2 or 3, but mostly alone. Sappers play the role of destroying enemy obelisks and replacing it with their own, not too many people do this actually. And then there is miners and bankers, these two go together, the miner mines for crystals, then trades those crystals to the bank, who then stockpiles them until their side needs them. Everything requires crystals to build (besides a scaffold) and the dragon is the only summon that doesn't require crystals to summon. So the miner and bank are some of the most important roles in a war. Which brings me to the role I didn't list that i'm just going to say, harassers, at the start of the game usually they will go up to your crystal and just try to stop as many people from mining as possible, doing a kamikaze basically, after awhile they will stop harassing and just become frontliners, knights usually taking over while the enemy has no summon.

I enjoy it a lot.

And a few last notes:

  • Fenix Soft: The game was made by a company named Fenix Soft, given to square for distribution, and then gamepot from square when square bombed with it. Square is attached to it for publicity only, they have nothing to do with it anymore.
  • Chat: In wars teammates will commonly call out when they see an enemy summon, building, or other important information, make sure you pay attention.
  • Minimap: Like i've said before the minimap has an active purpose, when teammates tell you the location of something, it will be the minimap coordinates. Make sure you watch it.

Star cannon

29 October 2009 - 02:37 AM

Well with the dawn of the new Funorb forum I thought I would post about one of my favorite Funorb games, Star cannon. It's your basic Raiden game. It has four levels and honestly I have yet to beat it on medium. Usually that frustrates me on many games but it just seems to draw me back to try again.
Anyway, questions:

Favorite gun?
usual order of powerups?
most useful powerup?
highest score?
Highest game mode beaten on?
most hated enemy?
Most hated boss?

My answers:

Feel free to discuss the other shooters here as well. Sol-knight and Steller Shard would qualify as shooters also (atleast they do to Jagex).


09 July 2009 - 06:06 PM

With the new Mobilising Armies out there are some strategical formations. I'm sure you guys don't all use starting formations. If you don't then what formation do you use?

I usually use something like this:

Posted Image

A good spread out so multiple units don't get hit from special items and good for bracing against attacks before you move out.

While we're at it what special units do you use?

I usually use the distracting unit and them a few bombs. If someone gets too close to my units but doesn't attack i'll distract them and throw a few bombs at them to teach them a lesson. Or if i'm already in battle i'll use it on other peoples forces so there's a chance they'll be weakened enough after i'm done with my battle.

Dungeon assault

20 August 2008 - 08:40 PM

For all you who don't know Dungeon assault is a new game on funorb. I have noticed it is popular with some tipiters, I have already seen playing (and I have already raided them.) Dungeon assault has been out for about a week now and besides it's flaws like no chat, cant test your own defenses, luck based system, etc, it is good. So talk about all things dungeon assault-y, here.

Some things to answer(if you want):

raid challenge

What do you use in your raiding party?

What is your title?

Do you own an orb(s) of mastery?

If so how many times was your dungeon reset?

What was your highest renown?

!~The Tip.It Teamcape Outfit Contest!~Winners F2P & P2P~!

07 February 2008 - 09:29 PM

Posted Image

Bow down to my awsomeness!