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Member Since 26 Jun 2006
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06 June 2012 - 08:34 AM

I've always wanted an Elsyian Sprit Shield and after staking for a little bit I was able to afford one. I'm just curious what the best places to use it at are. I'm maxed combat, 99 summon, 99 prayer, 99 range, and 99 mage. I have a Chaotic Rapier, Fury, Zerker (i), full armadyl, and the money to buy bcp and tassets if I sell the armadyl gear.

Pixel Sig WIP

03 June 2012 - 07:55 PM

It's been quite a few years since I did any pixel art but I feel I need a signature so I'm making one. I've started on this and just want some opinions on what I have so far, mostly just want to know whether you guys think I should go with having a black outline, or no black outline.

With outline:
Posted Image

Posted Image

This is really just the very start of the signature, it's only the outline of the character and the base color for each area, there is much work with shading and the background to be done yet.

My Left Hand

12 February 2012 - 07:57 AM

I've been playing on No Chaotics quite a bit lately and most of my time I've spent staking and getting cleaned. I'm getting bored of that and looking for something new to do so I decided to start a new account to stake with.

My final goal with this account will be 99 Attack, Strength, Defence, and Constitution with 1 Prayer and Summoning. I'll probably get dungeoneering up to 80 for a Chaotic Rapier.

I started the account about 6 years ago but just started playing on it 4 days ago.



Here's a pic of me killing a bunch of rock crabs. :shades:
Posted Image

Ambler was nice enough to donate 1k mind runes and 4k chaos runes so I could get my magic level up a bit. If anyone else wants to donate to help me get magic and ranged up just pm me, if not it's cool. I'm doing fine right now, I still have plenty of ranged supplies and quite a few runes left too. :thumbup:

I am currently training attack at rock crabs. I'll update this later with some level up pics as I get them.

Solo Armadyl Potions

26 August 2011 - 09:11 AM

Here's the gear that I'll be wearing:
Posted Image

I don't have a chaotic crossbow or rigour, but they are on my list of things to get so I might get them before I decide to start soloing. I'm 99 ranged, magic, HP, prayer, summoning, and herblore (about 1.1k overloads left). I also have 99 in the three melee stats, but that doesn't really do any good here.

My main question is, with bringing three overloads, how many brews and super restores (or super prayer pots, I have about 260 of these) should I bring? I'll be using a yak then summoning a unicorn for extra healing when the yak is out of supplies.

Also, with not having rigour, would it be better to use eagle eye on normal prayers, or use leach range (not sure what other curses would be good to use) and then SoulSplit on the minions?

Thanks in advance.

Boss Hunting with these supplies

21 August 2011 - 05:37 AM

I've run into some issues making money today. Yesterday I managed to make 50-60M hosting dicing games. Today I logged in to do some more dicing and there was a bit of an issue (not really a bit of an issue, a big issue). I entered my friend chat where I host my dicing games and to my surprise there were people in there already. I didn't know these people and they immediately hopped to my world. I was dicing in edgeville and they were standing there too when they got to my world. As I was advertising my game, they all stood around calling me a scammer and saying I wasn't legit (turns out they're from some dicing clan where ranks are sold for a lot of money and I was "infringing on their business"). They told everyone to go to their friend chat and after hopping worlds multiple times and trying to find customers for over an hour, I hadn't found a single person willing to dice with me. So I guess I'm done dicing cause these [bleep]s won't leave me alone. I've tried moving to hosting by the G.E. but when they don't find me at edgeville, they come searching through the G.E. to find me. I'm not sure of any other popular places to dice...

Onto the reason I started this topic though. Since I can't dice anymore, and staking hasn't proved to well today, I guess I'm left with boss hunting. What would be the best boss for me to fight with the following supplies (note:I have a very laggy internet and lose connection 3-5 times a day while playing, but I think I can handle most bosses)
Posted Image
(the ring is Berserker ring (i))
Anything there can be sold and replaced with other gear. The cash will probably be spent on sara brews and super restores if needed. I also have about 5k spec restore potions if they'll be useful.

My skills that will be useful for boss hunting are:
99 attack, strength, defence, HP, ranged, mage, prayer, and herblore.