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#2290119 200M FM XP COMPLETE...What Next?...Retired.

Posted by kn1gh7_K1n6 on 07 September 2007 - 10:42 AM

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FINAL Achievement: 400M overall Exp!

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• Summoning •

Instead of trying to achieve this as fast as possible, I've decided to train summoning, in conjunction with slayer. Firstly, I do not have the resources and cash to continously ice or blood barrage rock lobsters for hours on end. Secondly, I have not achieved 99 slayer yet. And because I have 99 magic but not slayer, I think it seems wise if I were to train slayer.

Training summoning via charms from slaying will take quite a while, so I don't expect this done anytime soon. I hope to achieve 99 Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Prayer, and Slayer on the journey to 99 Summoning.

Due to the Hide Tags not working within other hide tags at present, I will show my slayer and summoning Progress in a different Tag, as it is quite lengthy.

TOTAL time spent on summoning + slayer & collecting charms: 5 Weeks

• Mining •

Most of the time, I will be powermining Iron ores at Al kharid.I originally used to powermine at Rimmington, but now that my mining level has increased, I am able to have an even better advantage amongst other miners, which means I won't get outmined as often, meaning less world hops.

Seeing as I have to be on the alert at all times in Al Kharid to prevent being outmined, I must make sure I don't lapse in concentration. This means I will be getting roughly 35 - 40K exp an hour.

I do remember gems used to give 65xp each when mined, But I seemed to get no exp when I get gems nowadays. =\ Can anybody confirm that?[/hide]
• Mining Progress •
• Summoning Progress •
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